CXLVIII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Resurrected After Three Days

Hello every One, and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King You for joining Me. Today Will be a short one just to get back into the Writing groove on one of My most favourite days for Publishing Posts, the Free Lance Friday Edition.

I won’t Keep You in suspense regarding today’s title as My hiatus from Writing was longer than I had initially planned. On the first of January I had Promised to do no ‘work’ online, to shut the computer down for the day but did take some time to read an email from mom and figured I should probably Write her back first as a courtesy. The moment I had the thought I knocked over a full mug of coffee directly into My keyboard! In fact, it soaked up so much of My coffee it saved My desk – not a drop on it!

So what does one do? Well, I don’t know what other People would do but I unplugged the computer and shut down the power (hard restart, immediately shuts down without closing any programs or saving work) then ran to grab a towel. I found one quickly and proceeded to flip the computer upside down on top of it and let the keypad rest on the towel with a cardboard box underneath. I didn’t even touch the computer for two full days, I didn’t Wish to ‘encourage’ any moisture to move around anywhere it hadn’t managed to reach. On the fourth I set it back on the desk right side up and the keyboard looked pretty clean so I decided to plug it in and power it back up. It was officially dead.

I kept wondering if I was ‘doing it wrong’. Did I have the computer off for so long I’ve just forgotten how to turn it back on? Maybe I need to hold the power button for a second?… Yeah, so endless ‘tries’ hoping it would Magically come back to Life with no luck at all.

Last night while I was out for a smoke I thought of something I absolutely needed to know. I had completely forgotten about My broken laptop and having no internet to Google. When I came inside I was so determined to not forget to look it that I went straight to the computer and hit the power button before even taking off My jacket. The moment I did so, I remembered, ‘right, You don’t work anymore.’

Then ‘bleep!’. Blue light comes on, faint whirring sound starts, blue-screen comes up and I fear the worst. The Words ‘critical failure’ were somewhere in the dialogue which was not encouraging either and I was going to need to wait for My computer to contact Microsoft to check for new updates. There was no ‘yes or no’ box to check, either, these were instructions, not options.

But updates were available, then they were installing and finally the Magical welcome screen, everything appearing in tact. Amazing. I Writ My mother first, I’m Writing the rest of You now. Some Posts and Notices I Promised to Publish have not been done yet and this is also the reason why. There are no coincidences, only the illusion of coincidence and I Will be updating You all shortly – likely for the Simple Saturday Solutions Edition tomorrow.

Till then, remember Miracles do happen. Two days ago My laptop was basically only on My desk because I refused to believe it was actually dead but it was moving toward the ‘things to dispose of’ side of My brain. It was really only there because I was in denial and literally just hoping for some kind of Miracle. Well, Miracles do happen, regardless how small, there are no coincidences. Trust Me.

Love and Blessings,

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