Volume CXLIX: The Thursday Thing King Edition; Thing King about the ‘Threat’ of Socialism

Hello every One and welcome to the Thursday Thing King Edition, thank King You for joining Me. Yesterday I Promised I Will be tall King about socialism and the myths associated with it because it seems to be something that is on the Minds of a lot of People, especially in the U.S., though it is becoming more prevalent in Canada, too.

I Writ two critiques of Ben Shapiro’s definition of socialism where he claimed that voting for socialist policies is:

“like voting for the right to put a gun to a man’s head to steal his wallet.”

Ben Shapiro from his speech on ‘the Seven Myths of Democratic Socialism’ presented to UCLA students.

I Tweeted Ben Shapiro after Writing My critique with a link to it and his presentation to UCLA students on democratic socialism. Although he did not respond, he did block Me on Twitter and has since deleted the YouTube video I criticized, as well as another YouTube video I criticized where he allegedly ‘SLAMS’ Alexandria Ocasio Cortez for her ‘Green New Deal’.

The reason so many People have a skewed perception of socialism is because it has never been tried successfully. The Key Word in that last sentence is ‘successfully’.

Many of the points I Will make in this Post were already made in My critique of Ben’s video but they are worth revisiting, starting with the definition of the Word ‘socialism’.

“a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.”

Oxford [English] Language Dictionary

The very first thing to note about this definition is that there is no mention of government whatsoever! It may be a ‘political theory’, but the People own the production of their labour as a whole, not the government. This is also the primary reason socialism has never been tried or ever succeeded – it has always been left up to government to determine the production, distribution and exchange of a nation’s resources. Governments are corrupt and do not Wish to evenly distribute the nations resources among the People, they Wish for the People to be dependent on government to provide that need while paying themselves ridiculous salaries at the expense of their own People’s wealth.

Am I being too harsh? Is that not precisely what is going on in Canada? The People of Canada don’t own their production and resources, the government does. The theory of course, is that the government IS the People. Essentially, every country that believes the government represents the People IS a socialist country because they are ‘trusting’ the government (People) to control (govern) the means of production, distribution and exchange of resources. The only Way Canada would not fit the definition of a socialist country is if one can prove the government does not represent the Will of the People. In Canada, that’s pretty clear because elected officials who have placed millions of Canadians out of work depriving them of their own means of subsistence are still enjoying their quarter million dollar a year salaries, pension benefits, travel allowance and many other ‘lavish’ perks at the expense and to the detriment of Canada’s People.

It is absolutely no different from the ‘fall’ of communist Russia where the People had ‘Trusted’ government perceived to be ‘representatives of the People’ to facilitate their socialist policies, only to have those government officials prove to be corrupt oligarchs out for their own self interest. It is worthy to note that if One Wishes to do some research into the ‘fall’ of communist Russia, You Will find that many of those corrupt oligarchs were compromised by high profile foreign interests including the U.S. and Europe. BBC put out a documentary on Putin’s rise to power which included Putin’s associating with the KGB and how he used that intel to find out who had usurped Russia’s government and stolen wealth from the People, then he had them assassinated (allegedly, watch the BBC documentary for their telling of the story).

So of course they (U.S. and Britain) would Wish to paint a shady picture of Putin because it would be tragic if Putin were to disclose these corrupt individuals and how they developed their ties with Russia in the first place.

Socialism is about the People of a nation controlling their own wealth and resources. Every ‘free and democratic’ society has placed their ‘Trust’ in government for exclusively this purpose. It is presumed the government represents the People and the government controls the distribution and production of the nation’s wealth ‘on behalf’ of the People, allegedly ‘acting’ in their best interest by the ‘ACTS’ they pass in the House of Commons.

The government of Canada effectively controls all resources of the Canadian economy; they decide who can grow what, how it will be distributed, what companies will receive infrastructure projects, which ‘public services’ will truly be public and free to enjoy and which ‘public services’ People will have to pay a fee to enjoy (like public transit, for example).

So why would People ever be ‘afraid’ of becoming a socialist country? Most People are already in socialist countries. Any country with a welfare policy is a form of ‘social’ protection, a ‘socialist’ policy. Universal health care is socialist idea and yet it is perceived to be a basic right in Canada, though in the U.S. one cannot get the health care they need unless they have money or a Good health insurance policy. That’s a perfect example of government corruption, controlling the health care sector, making it ‘private’ and only available to the Common People if they have the wealth for it.

Everyone should have access to all benefits of society, including internet, hydro, a dignified home, healthy food to eat, ‘public’ transportation, recreational facilities to visit that do not require a fee to enter. The only example I can think of in Canada is a library, though all museums and other such celebrations of Canadian achievements should be free to visit also.

Capitalism destroyed socialism. Capitalism suggests that We can all amass as much personal property and wealth as We Wish, no restriction. Economists argue it has inspired more economic growth than any other economic system. Perhaps, but that’s what it was designed to do. It was not designed to provide for everyone and capitalists believe their wealth gives them special rights and privileges others cannot afford – literally.

Capitalism rewards doctors for endorsing a new vaccine, rewards corrupt politicians by ‘Gifting’ them shares in stocks for passing bills that benefit their company. Capitalism ‘rewards’ the man who steals an entrepreneur’s idea because he has the capitol to invest. Capitalism allows the artist who spends months to create a portrait eleven cents a print for distribution in Target stores worldwide. In fact, most of the world’s most renowned artists today were penniless and broke in their day because nobody appreciated their contribution to society. That’s what capitalism does.

Capitalism is the loaded gun that allows a Man to believe it is ‘okay’ that People freeze to death on the streets of their nation’s capital because they don’t have enough money in their pocket for a warm bed. Capitalism is the narcissist’s best friend and sadly, We appear to have become a narcissistic society.

Socialism is not the enemy, capitalist and the perverted belief that the money in a Man’s pocket determines her right to participate in society and to what measure is the True enemy of Man’s kind.

Love and Blessings,

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