Volume CXLIX: The Furious Free Lance Friday Edition; Suing the City of Ottawa?..

Hello every One, and welcome to the Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King You for joining Me. I do have an especially inspired edition for You today as I am routinely threatened by agencies representing the Canadian government and I have had more than enough – something needs to be done to formally and finally resolve these Matters. You Will also know that I don’t believe in coincidences and today just ‘happens’ to be the ‘Free Lance Friday Edition’ which was initially Created to Give Me an outlet to ‘rant’ about whatever I Wish.

I was so enraged by an email I received this morning I needed almost the full day to digest the information and ‘cool off’ before responding. In fact, I’m not even sure it helped to postpone My immediate reply because I could not get the email off My Mind and it seemed to agitate Me more as the day progressed.

I am genuinely sensitive to the fact that very few People Will ever revoke their consent to be governed. For that reason, I try to be patient with individuals I am dealing with as I know this is likely unfamiliar territory for them. However, it does not seem unreasonable to Me that when I show an individual a legally binding contractual obligation, they Will understand and recognize that legal obligation and act accordingly. Basically, I know ignorance of the law is not a valid legal excuse but I am Willing to at least show an individual what the law has to say about a particular Matter so the individual is Given the opportunity to acknowledge and Honour their legal obligation to Me. What I don’t have patience for, is when I have already taken the time to show an individual what their legal and lawful obligations to Me are and they continue to interact with Me as though they are every bit as ignorant of the law as they were before it was shown to them. That is called Willful ignorance of the law and it IS no excuse!!!

As a disclaimer (if You hadn’t guessed) I am especially ‘fired up’ today. I have spent a lot of time over the Holy Days considering what legal action I should take in the coming year. There’s the National Bank of Canada still to deal with and their criminal consort, Noah S. Potechin of Merovitz Potechin LLP, there’s the Ottawa Police services breach of Trust to deal with which negates the resolution agreement regarding the actions of incompetent con-stable Jenkyn’s (who received no disciplinary action whatsover for his unlawful arrest and assault, by the way), Housing Services for refusing to allow Me to dispose of My natural wealth for housing, and Ontario Works for routinely threatening to revoke special dietary allowance if I do not have the form signed by a doctor. Not ONE of these individuals or organizations have been able to provide ANY lawful excuse for trespass upon My inherent, God Given rights, they simply move forward as though they are completely unaware they are violating international law and trespassing upon My inherent rights. It is like tall King to a wall!!!

Often, the Universe tends to decide for Me. I have said here many times that I do NOT Wish to be compelled to take any Man into court EVER. I really don’t. I KNOW that if an individual cannot provide a lawful excuse to Me in an email correspondence or letter, they are not likely going to fare any better before a justice in a court of law. It’s really that simple and why silence is consent – it is presumed the individual has no legal or lawful defense and is just willfully belligerent.

Well, today it was Ontario Works. You Wish to know what it takes to Truly get under My skin? Tell Me that I MUST contract with the Canadian government or suffer consequences – whatever they may be. The situation is only made that much more infuriating because the agent who delivered the threat to Me is also the individual who has privately contracted with Me to ensure she comprehends My right of self determination and that I am the sole authority over determinations made regarding My health and well being.

Signed and stamped by Orsolya Vancsody of Ontario Works as a ‘commissioner’ of the Ontario Works Act. Not only do I advise Orsi that I Will not be subject to a doctor’s approval for determination of My health care needs, I ALSO outline the fiduciary duties and responsibilities of Ontario Works. If Orsi does not Honour this agreement, she is guilty of fraud and breach of Trust. I did not compel Orsi to Sign this document in any Way, I asked her to Sign if it resonated as True with her also. She told Me she fully supports every statement in the Mandamus and was happy to Sign and place a copy on My record. NOW, she threatens to revoke My medical dietary allowance if I refuse to see a doctor and disclose My medical records to her?

Further to this Mandamus, I also took a Letter of appointment of Power of Attorney over the state created entity commonly known as ‘SEAN VON DEHN’, advising Orsi that Lord/King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God is the Living Man in which the incorporated person has placed his ‘Trust’ regarding all legal Matters. King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God is a Living Man and the legal and lawful private attorney for the incorporated person created by the state. Orsi Signed and stamped that Letter of appointment, too, though I am not going to include it in this Post. The very purpose of that Letter of appointment was to clearly distinguish between the incorporated person created by the state and the Living Man, Sean Stephen von Dehn. They never Spell My name right, anyway, it isn’t Me. Technically, the commercial person was allegedly created for My use and benefit, but it is NOT Me – big difference. So far, it has only trespassed upon My inherent, natural wealth and seems more of a burden to remove than benefit to receive.

So what did Orsi do to infuriate Me? She told Me I Will need to apply for a birth certificate as they do not have one on file for Me!!! THEN, she goes on to tell Me I Will also have to apply for a SIN card and medical card to gain access to health care. I already know these things are false because a medical card is not required to receive care in any hospital in Canada. One could be visiting from another country, have no insurance and insist they have a right to health care and You Will receive it – they may ask questions later in an effort to recover the funds, but One Will not be denied medical care, especially if it is an emergency (at least in My experiences, doctors respect the right of self determination).

So I’m not going to include My emails here today though I Will Post them all on the public record in another section of My Blog and provide a link at a later date (date and time of emails is ON the emails themselves so it does not Matter when I publish them to the Public Record). The reason I’m not posting them is because there were probably five in total and I really was ranting!!! I don’t ever name call or do anything else that would be considered ‘dishonourable’ but I do very much assert the law and Will be as King quest-Ions like “what part of this language or law do You not comprehend or why do You believe You have legal ‘right’ to trespass upon it?”

This is truly the most insulted I’ve ever been since I claimed My right of self determination over four years ago. Not ONCE has anyone EVER refused to accept My Cestui Que Vie as lawful identification, even in Canada’s court. As far as I am concerned, this Act is officially aiding and abetting a contract of slavery and servitude by Canada’s government and in My final email I told Orsi that if they are not going to respect My inherent rights as they are legally afforded to Me in Canada, We WILL resolve this Matter in a court of competent jurisdiction. Now I just have to find a court of ‘competent’ jurisdiction which is no easy task these days…

What I may end up doing is file one final complaint against the city of Ottawa for the trespasses of each of the organizations I mentioned previously because they ALL represent the city of Ottawa and they are all registered to do business with Canada’s government, meaning they are obliged to respect Canadian law. Again, I am sensitive to the fact that many of these organizations may never have heard of the U.N. Covenant on Civil and Political Rights but as organizations doing business in Canada, THEY are the ones with the legal obligation by Way of contract. I didn’t Sign (ratify) the Covenant in March of 1976, Canada did – and all businesses in Canada are contractually bound to respect the inherent rights of Canada’s People in accordance with international law. Failure to acknowledge these rights and My right of self determination in particular, and I Will charge Canada’s ministries for aiding and abetting contracts of bondage and slavery.

Well, perhaps not as uplifting and inspirational as I generally like My Posts to be but thank King You for being here, I really needed to get this out and You are like medicine for Me – I feel much better now!

Love and Blessings,

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