Volume CL: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; Fight Club, Part VIII

Hello every One and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition where I give My Interpret-a-Sean of a Holy Wood film. Last week Our nameless hero awakened to find his ‘nemesis’, Marla Singer in his home! Confused, he asks Marla what she is doing in his house and she leaves abruptly, clearly offended.

As We probably guessed, Tyler Durden is responsible for the intrusion. He picked up the phone Our nameless hero had left off the receiver after Marla had called to tell him she’d taken enough Xanax to kill herself.

This is something of an unusual plot twist as Tyler is the type of character We would probably presume to be less likely taken in by a pathetic plea for attention… Unless of course his intent is to take advantage of the situation which appears to be precisely his motive.

We’re filled in on all the dirty details by Tyler’s retelling of the story to Our nameless hero who initially seems completely unimpressed. But as Tyler implies that Our hero ‘knows what he’s talking about’ when referring to Marla’s sexual prowess, Our hero scoffs and shakes his head.

“You’ve never slept with her?!”

“God no!”

“You’re not into her or anything, are You”

“No, God. Not at all!”

“Are You sure? You can tell Me”

“I’m sure!”

Despite his appalled reaction, We do get a sense that Our hero is a little… Jealous? Maybe jealous isn’t the right word, but he’s something. He’s clearly not comfortable with Tyler and Marla becoming a thing.

“Good. Because she’s a predator posing as a house pet. Stay away from her.”

Interesting advice from Tyler considering the rule does not seem to apply to him.

Our hero is highly distressed by this new development. He comments on how first Marla invades his therapy groups, now she’s invaded his home. Marla Singer really is Our hero’s nemesis, she even appeared in his virtual cave disrupting the sanctity of his meditation. Marla seems to appear everywhere and anywhere Our hero finds peace and happiness.

Then Tyler asks Our hero to sit down and insists that he promises to never tell Marla anything about him. Again, this seems a little strange because Our hero is not the one who brought Marla into the house. Tyler makes Our hero promise he Will not tell Marla anything about Tyler or anything else that happens in the house ‘or they are both done for.’ Our confused hero agrees to keep this promise.

Our hero dislikes Marla so much, he even laments on how he should have just gone over to Marla’s place herself to watch her die to ensure she was out of his life forever! It’s becoming difficult to tell who is more morally bankrupt; the ‘cool’ Tyler Durden who steals a car when he needs a ride home from the airport, or Our nameless hero who Wishes a woman dead rather than have her continually invade his psyche.

Tyler and Marla do become a thing and Our hero is subject to listening to their sexual escapades night after night, once again depriving him of sleep. He comments on how he could move to another room where he might not hear them but refers to himself as the ‘Zen Master’ of his world. He’s ‘enlightened’ now, he can deal with anything.

Then Our hero receives a phone call from a detective about the explosion in his apartment that led to his new dilapidated house and minimalist lifestyle. As it turns out, someone used Freon to freeze the lock and smash the cylinder allowing access to his apartment, traces of potassium from the dynamite were found all over the condo.

While Our hero is clearly bewildered by these revelations, Tyler suggests telling the detective to,

“Tell him the liberator who destroyed My property realigned My perceptions.”

The detective continues to question Our hero, asking if he has made any new enemies who might have access to homemade explosives. Do We remember Tyler telling Our hero in their first meeting that he was an explosives expert?..

After being asked by the detective if he understands how serious this is, Our hero responds with,

“That condo was My life, OK! I loved every stick of furniture in that place, that was not just a bunch of stuff that got destroyed, it was Me!”

Once again emphasizing how much Our hero identifies with the material possessions he once had. No possessions means no more identity, he is redefining his Self in his new Life with Tyler.

When he asks the detective if he is a suspect, the detective implies he is by insisting he Will need to talk to him about this more in the future and to let him know if he has any plans to leave town. Our hero hangs up the phone in disbelief.

There is an interesting details to make note of. Marla and Tyler are never in the same room except when they are sleeping together. The relevance of this Will be more apparent later – for now, it’s just a detail worth paying attention to. Most of Us probably already suspect Tyler Durden is responsible for the destruction of the precious Ikea condo, though this fact does not appear to have donned on Our hero yet; that, or he refuses to acknowledge the obvious because he is enjoying the honeymoon of his new friendship so much.

Marla finally leaves and Our hero asks Tyler if he has any plans for the evening. Tyler tells Our hero he’s going to be making soap. This is the first time We’ve heard Tyler talk about his soap business since the two met, and he explains to Our hero that the first thing they need to do to make soap is ‘render fat’.

Alright, We are just about to get into another main ‘plot line’ of the film so this is where We will call it quits for today. The pace quickens somewhat from this point forward but every detail so far is relevant and all the pieces fit together for a masterful ending.

I hope You are enjoying this Fight Club Interpret-A-Sean, I Will be back next week with another install-Ment.

Love and Blessings,

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