Volume CL: The Thursday Thing King Edition; Governor General Julie Payette Resigns

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thursday Thing King Edition, thank King You for joining Me. We do have an interesting edition today as I just got Word that Canada’s Governor General, Julie Payette has officially resigned her position! To put this in perspective for those who don’t know, Canada’s Governor General is the single highest position of authority in Canada! No proposed bill, statute or act can pass through parliament without the Signature (Royal Assent) of Canada’s Governor General. This isn’t big news, it’s absolutely monstrous!

The not so excellent Julie Payette was accused of harassment in the work place by staff in what was referred to as

a ‘devastating report’ that found her and her top aide responsible for harassment at Rideau Hall.

Toronto Star

Julie Payette demonstrated her incompetence as Canada’s Governor General very quickly when she spoke at a Science Center where she essentially ridiculed individuals who believe that Life is the result of Divine intervention.

“We are still debating whether Life was a Divine Intervention or whether it was coming out of a natural process, let alone (oh My goodness lo and behold) random process.”

Canada’s Former Governor General, Julie Payette

She even visibly rolls her eyes while saying the Words ‘lo and behold’. This might not seem like a big deal and perhaps it wouldn’t be for any other position of government. However, the Governor General allegedly represents the Queen, Her Grace, Glory and Majesty, Elizabeth II. The Queen’s position and authority is Given Her by God! So if Julie Payette denounces Divine Intervention, she is in fact challenging the Queen’s Divine Right to rule and negating her own position of authority! This is no small mistake and clearly demonstrates that Julie Payette was never fit to act as Canada’s governor general.

I only happened to hear about this transgression against the Her Majesty because the media was all over it, suggesting it is inappropriate for the Governor General to call People who believe in God ‘foolish’ (which she does later in the same speech), advocating that We are ‘beyond’ that now and must trust science.

It’s also something of a precursor to where We are now with respect to the government of Canada’s response to Covid-19, suggesting that everyone Will need to ‘Trust’ science and receive a vaccine, protect themselves by wearing a mask and social distancing while People like Me prefer to place their Faith and Trust in God.

But the importance of this slight does not stop there. If One reads Canada’s constitution they Will find the very first lines precluding that document state,

“Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law”

Canada’s Constitution ACT

So by negating Divine Intervention and the existence of God, Julie Payette also denounces Canada’s entire constitution suggesting that Canada’s rule of law is now founded upon the Supremacy of pseudo-science and the whims of those in positions of power. Not exactly the best Way to ‘Honour’ or represent Her Majesty, Elizabeth II.

If Canada’s Governor General does not believe in God, then who (or what) exactly is she accountable to? Nothing and no One?

The other issue with the position of Canada’s Governor General is that the position is now appointed by the Prime Minister! In theory the position is appointed by the Queen but the Queen does not interfere with Canada’s Sovereignty, so the Queen Will appoint whomever is recommended by Canada’s Prime Minister. Couple that with a treasonous Trudeau government and We have the makings of some very sinister corruption at the very highest levels of Canada’s justice system (and perhaps People Will begin to understand why Trudeau gets away with so many of his trespasses upon the Sovereign, inherent rights of Canada’s People).

I have said before that ‘inherent’ rights can only be Given by God. If there is no Divine Creator, if there is no ‘Supreme’ being, then how does one expect to ‘inherit’ rights?

This is precisely the difference between the ‘law of the jungle’ and the ‘Rule of Law’. Animals do not have remorse for their actions. They may have emotions that We can clearly identify and anyone who has ever owned a pet Will know this. But a lion does not feel guilty after hunting and killing the gazelle, it is just doing what the lion was designed (by God) to do. It keeps the gazelle population in check, just like those who place their faith in a vaccine Will be weeded out by natural selection.

God Creates all Living things, including viruses (even if they are man made because God Created Man). Viruses are designed to keep populations in check. By trying to ‘cheat’ God and natural selection, We are only cheating Our Self. If We continue to protect the immuno-compromised then it is only ‘natural’ that the immuno-compromised gene Will continue to be passed on to the next generation, continually diminishing Man’s natural immunity.

I know I Will likely by highly criticized for posts like this one because I probably sound like a heartless beast but I’m really not. We Will all die of something one day. By gracefully accepting death as a natural part of Life and allowing Our biology to evolve and adapt to the conditions of Our ever changing environment, Our DNA is upgraded to meet these challenges. By relying on synthetic solutions (vaccines for example) We are in fact ‘watering down’ Our own DNA and natural immunity. Natural selection says the strong Will survive and natural selection is God’s Way of protecting the integrity of a species.

This is a Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Thing King Edition because I said from the moment Julie Payette took office that she was unfit for the position. I have promised You that My Words Manifest and this is the most recent (and perhaps even the most powerful) example.

I have also said that over the ‘New Year’ of Heaven’s Kingdom I have been placing even more Faith and Trust in God than ever before and was as King of God specifically to remove those corrupt individuals from office. Now, Trudeau’s greatest ally with respect to passing bills and acts in the House of Commons that trespass upon the inherent rights of Canada’s People has effectively been removed. Let Us hope and Pray that the next Governor General is a God fearing Man (regardless their sex).

Love and Blessings,

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