Volume CL: The Super Natural Sun Day Review; Who’s Committing Treason?

Hello every One and welcome to the Super Natural Sun Day Review, thank King You for joining Me. Well, it would appear I just can’t stop tall King about international poly-ticks. ‘Poly’ means many and ‘ticks’ are a parasite so that seems like the most accurate interpret-a-Sean of what’s going on in the world today.

Now the following video may come as a surprise to some of My readers despite having shared videos from Tucker Carlson of Fox News before. As a disclaimer, I Wish to preclude the video by stating that I am fully aware Tucker sensationalizes stories and has more than a vague tendency for exaggeration. At the same time, that’s exactly what I like about him. We live in a pretty crazy world right now; martial law, social distancing, mandated masks and tests that We know are eventually just going to escalate to mandated vaccinations nobody needs for a virus that has since proved to be virtually harmless to all but the elderly and immuno-compromised, are policies being enforced in virtually every country of the world. I can’t help but appreciate Tucker’s interpretation and satirical, comical delivery. Remember this is the Good News Journal and it’s important to maintain a sense of humour – I happen to think it’s medicine for the Soul and today I’m going to be tall King much more about the Significance of Tucker’s tall King points (in a Good Way).

Also Keep in Mind that as Will-I-Am Shake-Spear once said so eloquently, ‘all the world is a Stage’, and each of Us Play Our Part.

Of course Fox News is a U.S. News Network, and it is just another one of the main stream media networks. In order to really comprehend what is going on in the world, People need to know that nothing is happening by coincidence or accident. There is no ‘alternative’ media source. If the ‘powers that be’ don’t Wish for the world to see something, the information Will never reach You. Fox News is a great example because it suggests it’s giving You the ‘real’ story while CNN (their main adversary) reports nothing but disinformation and ‘fake news’. CNN is very much like CBC in Canada right now that Will not publish anything contrary to the popular covid-19 narrative. It is very important that everyone remain fearful of Covid, regardless how harmless it proves to be. If it is not as deadly as they once predicted it would be… Well, just wait till the second wave (or maybe the third, fourth, fifth or sixth – one of these times they Will get it right) and it Will prove to be as deadly as they once predicted, (even if they need to inject You with nanobots capable of replicating the virus to make it so).

Don’t worry, I am getting to the Good. The point I’m trying to make is that all of the things going on in the world right now are designed to divide Us. That’s the primary agenda behind social distancing. They know that together We are literally unstoppable, so they need to divide Us in as many Ways as they can. Of course social distancing, mandated masks, lockdowns and forced vaccinations are going to be controversial – that’s the point. The libertarians are already calling People who refuse to question mandated masks ‘maskers’, and their opposition call the libertarians ‘lib-tards’, or ‘anti-maskers’ and both suggest the other is going cause the downfall of Man’s kind. That makes Me a ‘covidiot’ because I don’t think this thing is any more harmful than a flu virus and I’ll never change My position on the Matter and I Will never allow My body to be infiltrated with a vaccine filled with nanobots designed to manipulate My biology.

The other reason (and potential disclaimer) I’m partial to Fox News is because I also know that Twitter is owned by the powers that be and nobody has a voice on Twitter unless they determine One should. Fox News reporters were among the first high profile followers I gained after publishing My Cestui Que Vie at a time when I still had less than 400 followers My Self. It wasn’t just that I started spontaneously gaining followers, it was that many of My first followers had millions of followers themselves and were very high profile accounts. After first presenting My position regarding the false allegations against Me by constable Jenkyn’s to Honourable Justice, Perkins McVey in Canada’s courts, I came home that day to discover she had also started following Me on Twitter within hours after I had been in court. I didn’t mention being a social media personality in court, she already knew. Even more unusual, I could not follow her back because she had a private account and was only following a handful of People herself. (She stopped following Me shortly after the charges against Me were withdrawn.)

You Will also know I don’t believe in coincidences and virtually every detail in this half hour news segment is a revelation for those with eyes to see. So I am going to review the entire video from start to finish and We’re already over eight hundred Words so if You can’t digest more than 1,000 – 1,500 Words in a single sitting, just leave the Page open, do something else for a little while and come back to it because this Post Will be as long as it needs to be. The entire global agenda is revealed in this video and much of it may seem a little daunting and hopeless which is why I’m determined to shed some Light on the subjects at Hand.

Alright, I’m posting the video again for My own reference as now I am going to officially address each of Tucker’s tall King points. 😉

The Glow Ball Agenda Revealed

The Covid Plandemic

So the video starts off tall King about how CNN has now removed the Covid-19 ‘death ticker’ from CNN. Covid is very important for the powers that be because it allows for all of the new social policies that We are seeing implemented all over the world. In addition to dividing Us amongst Our Selves, the secondary (but equally important) element of the Covid agenda is to bankrupt the world’s wealthiest countries. That’s really what the lockdowns are all about. Let’s face it, if masks were really the solution and work as effectively as Our respective health officials say they do, then there would be no reason to lockdown businesses, they could simply ensure that all People wear masks. I could go on about some of the ludicrous policies in place but I don’t Wish to get too sidetracked.

Whatever One’s opinion of Trump may be, Trump was the only national leader to openly assert that China is responsible for this virus and resolved that he Will not allow China to bankrupt the U.S. economy he worked so hard to stimulate. This was primarily why he was attacked by the democrats who suggested that his plan to reopen the economy and allow People freedom of choice with respect to masks and vaccines was contrary to the global agenda for an economic reset. If Trump succeeded in reopening the country and keep the U.S. from falling into bankruptcy, other countries would soon follow suit. It was very important for the media to suggest that Trump was responsible for the number of covid cases (and deaths), despite the fact that the WHO has recently announced that their test was too sensitive and producing far too many false positives. They would not have dared mention that while Trump was in power because heaven forbid he should be correct about anything. CNN removing their ‘death ticker’ is exactly what Tucker suggests it is – negating the importance of the number of cases and deaths in the U.S. because We would not Wish for the People to think it was the result of Biden’s incompetence. Tucker pointing out that nobody has criticized Biden for not wearing a mask after his inauguration is also significant because We all know that Trump was criticized every time he was seen without one and ‘responsible’ for the millions of covid deaths in the U.S.

Keystone Pipeline

The next big point Tucker touches on is the Keystone Pipeline. If any One knows how I personally feel about pipelines and fossil fuels in general, You Will know this is Truly an impartial review of this speech because I am happy to see the pipeline go but it does not negate the fact that now tens of thousands (perhaps even hundreds of thousands) of People on both sides of the border are now unemployed as a result of this decision. Trudeau is being equally criticized in Canada for ‘allowing’ it to happen and being too soft on Biden. It’s all just a Show, People, the pipeline is not coming back and that was a very big part of why Biden returning to office was so important. Trudeau has no clue what he’s doing and would acquiesce to anything the U.S. president tells him to do. In short, if Trump were still in power, Canada would still have its ‘Keystone’ pipeline. Pay attention People, I always tell You NOTHING is coincidence. What is a ‘keystone’? It is the stone that holds all other pieces of a doorway together. Not a coincidence. This is the beginning of the end for fossil fuels.


The next big Issue is tall King about illegal ‘aliens’. Biden has just signed an executive order that prevents the removal of any illegal immigrants in the U.S., even if they have a criminal record. If You watch the video posted You can listen to the other ‘experts’ talk about why this is ‘bad’ for the U.S. and their economy in particular, I’m not going to get into that. What I am going to stress is why this is another important part of Biden’s administration. The global agenda seeks to dismantle every single country in the world as We know it today – ‘nationalism’ Will be a thing of the past. This is all part of the globalist agenda and the ‘bright’ side of this equation is the belief that every One has the right to live wherever they Wish. I’ll touch more on this when I summarize the full video. What I Will say, is that Trudeau has been criticized for much of the same because Trudeau is also completely on board with the globalist agenda. He’s been criticized for letting in too many immigrants, accused of supporting terrorism for allowing People from Arab countries to enter Canada without rigorous screening and providing them with more financial resources upon their arrival than what are made available to citizens of Canada. Again, I’ll summarize these points later.

“It’s a pretty volatile time in U.S. history, We could potentially have real political unrest. Maybe radical change is not a Good idea right now… He’s following the orders of his corporate masters [speaking of Joe Biden]”

Tucker Carlson

Domestic Terrorism

This part of Tucker’s broadcast stems from the ‘insurrection’ and storming of the White House. CNN and other news networks suggested that Trump was responsible for inciting the violence and even tried to have Trump impeached for a second time as a result of the event. The impeachment hearing didn’t get very far but that may well be because the democrats decided that if Trump isn’t impeached they can just blame all Trump supporters and launch a new ‘domestic terrorism policy’.

I feel this part of the show is downplayed somewhat but I suppose there is only so much one can say on the topic. The fact of the Matter is this: if there was not an intent on the part of the democrats to frame Trump for inciting this violence, the event never would have happened. This is the White House for crying out loud! Does one really think it is that easy to gather a bunch of People together and breach White House security? No, of course not. But nobody seems to think critically about these events. This could only happen if security had been asked to stand down, turn a blind eye or if the secret service responsible for protecting Trump himself had been told to take the day off. Do People really believe an event like this could take place if it had been Obama in office? It was revealed later that nobody even tried to move Trump to a more secure location. Whether these individuals were perceived to be Trump supporters or not, radicals of that nature would never be allowed to get anywhere near to a president unless someone on the inside had provided intel to allow it to happen. If that’s NOT True, then the U.S. has just made an international mockery of their own security. If it’s that easy for a mob to get into the White House, how easy would it be for sophisticated Russian or Chinese spy highly trained in espionage? It was absolutely an inside job, so it is no wonder to Me that they are comparing it to 9/11. The goal of the coup was exclusively to warrant a bill on combating domestic terrorism to incite a civil war, which is exactly what is happening. The Idea of course is that anyone who openly declares themselves a Trump supporter can now be considered a domestic terrorist.

Encouraging Racism

I’m not going to say much about ‘antifa’ because I think most People know that although the group claims to stand for ‘anti-fascism’, they are in fact supporters of extreme violence promoting fascism. It’s like 1984 double-speak. But I am going to touch on the Idea that People of colour should receive two votes in an effort to achieve voting ‘equity’. If You didn’t watch the video You are probably horrified by the mere suggestion. As Tucker and the analyst on his show suggest, the Idea is preposterous and insane. The problem of course is that if an Idea like this is seriously considered by congress, they Will pitch it in such a Way that those who oppose the Idea Will be called white supremacists or racist. This is just another Idea being postulated to divide a nation against itself and fuel a fire it claims to be extinguishing.

Dollars for WHO, exactly?

This is probably one of the most important tall King points on the Show and something I touched on briefly in another Post. I have suggested that WHO is in fact responsible for the global plandemic. The Title of this Post is ‘WHO’s Committing Treason’ and this is the relevance of it. People need to Keep in Mind that WHO is NOT a government organization, they are a private organization led by a Man who was a fascist dictator before becoming head of the World Health Organization. The U.S. was the single greatest financer of the World Health Organization until President Trump rescinded their agreements with WHO and informed them they would no longer be providing them with any financial support. Biden has been in office only a couple of days and has systematically undone everything Trump did to end their relations with this corrupt organization. Without the U.S., the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is the second greatest contributor of wealth to the WHO.

Again, I find it very surprising that more People have not questioned this. I challenge anyone to do a little research into the WHO organization and their ‘leader’ Tedros Adhanom. There is NOTHING Good about this Man, he was literally a tyrant, now dictating social policy to every ‘Sovereign’ country of the world. What IS the definition of treason? To allow a foreign body to dictate the social and or economic policy of a sovereign nation to the detriment of their People. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is their second biggest financer and are also responsible for financing the corporations providing the vaccines Bill Gates has determined Will be mandatory before the world can get ‘back to normal’. Am I really the only one who identifies this as a serious conflict of interest and trespass upon the sovereignty of independent countries?

As Tucker points out, the WHO was also complicit with China’s cover up of the virus and allowed for the spread to other countries and I sincerely believe this was Willful and that greater investigation into this Will reveal that the coronavirus was manufactured in a lab in Wuhan as a biological weapon designed to destroy the economy of the world’s wealthiest nations to China could become the undisputed financial superpower. If that was NOT their intention, it has so far been the result and the longer countries remain in lockdown, the more secure China’s hold on the global economy becomes.

Good News Summary

Okay, so where is the Good in all of this? Well, remember when I recently Writ that socialism is not what People have been programmed to believe it is? Socialism means that the wealth and distribution of a country’s resources are in the Hands of the People – not government. So any One who is tall King about a ‘socialist’ government is not tall King about socialism at all. The People are in control of their nation and resources, not a private government posing as their representatives paying themselves ludicrous salaries while their poorest sleep on the streets. That’s fascism and I don’t care how many People ‘vote’ for it. Remember, the masses are asses and the People in Power know this which is why they are such huge advocates for democracy – they know the masses are of average intelligence and easily manipulated. That is what allowed for chattel property (human resources).

It is True that socialism is about the even distribution of resources among the People so someone like Trudeau would never receive a quarter million dollar a year salary until every person who is homeless has been housed. It is also true that there is no individual ‘ownership’ and that’s why the capitalists Will never agree to a True socialist system. The fact of the Matter is, the world has enough resources that every single individual on this earth can have a comfy home, be well fed, own a car, and have access to every public service and health care technology available to Man’s kind.

It is also true that competition is virtually eliminated. Instead, there would not be hundreds of types of computers ranging in quality relative to what one can afford, all inferior models would be scrapped and ingenuity would only allow for the very best of all things. Tucker even talks about the evolution of automation in industry and how most of the low paying remedial jobs Will be replaced by machines. He is correct, it IS going to happen. For any One who is thing King about this logically, the world as We know it today is NOT sustainable, not by a long shot. The problem is, the ‘have’s Will never Wish to relinquish what they have to the have nots. So this is where it all gets taken away from them, the ‘Great Reset’.

Capitalism is coming to an end and unfortunately, the capitalists are going to fight the Golden Dawn every step of the Way. Many Will be eliminated altogether for their greed. Rather than tech companies competing with each other for the best product, they Will begin sharing their technologies with one another to create only the very best as economically as possible. And economics Will have nothing to do with money. We Will all work together and the work force Will continually be reduced as Our ability to automate industry increases. Eventually, an individual Will only be required to work a few years over the course of their entire life and Will receive every benefit mankind has to offer.

There Will be no more countries, that’s why they are implementing all of these new immigration policies. If You believe You have any right to tell any One they do not belong in Your country, I am sorry to tell You, You are still a spiritual infant and many People in the world today are.

What We are witnessing is the end of an era of greed and oppression. Believe Me, even Trudeau has no clue what the end Game is, he’s just a puppet for the masters like Biden. And much to People’s dismay, so was Trump.

Trump was not ‘fighting’ the global agenda as many perceive, he was literally doing what he was told to do. He was put into power by the powers that be the very same way Biden was and his time was up. The reason he appeared to be fighting the global policies was only to reveal the nationalists and make him a poster boy against globalism. Anyone who resists the end of capitalism or the globalist agenda and their plan for a one world government will be removed from the world altogether.

It is unfortunate that they cannot just tell the world how it Will all be one day but if they did there would be mass riots in every country of the world. Most of Us identify with Our country as much as Our nameless Hero from Fight Club identified with his Ikea living room. People believe they are their stuff, that it is some kind of accolade of their achievement in Life. The Truth is, most People who have lots of ‘stuff’ Will be forgot as soon as they leave this world and Will leave no memorable legacy behind.

Yes, I may be telling You that the world is approaching economic collapse like We have never seen before but believe Me, it Will not be the doom and gloom most People suspect, except for those who are overly attached to their ‘stuff’.

Love and Blessings,

There was one thing I forgot to mention that is also of great importance. Tucker mentions the “Paris Accord” and perhaps the most Significant point of this post is to let You know that the Paris Accord IS the global agenda and a lot of People have no Idea what that is. Trudeau has Signed it, so have most other countries in the Common Wealth and Tucker mentions that Biden is ‘on board’ with it also. The Paris Accord IS the ‘Great Reset’ and if People do their homework and look into what the Paris Accord is all about, everything that is happening in the world right now Will make a lot more sense. It is NOT something the People Will willingly consent to unless there is some great global catastrophe that warrants dramatic change. Generally, it is ONLY when the world is in upheaval that People Will ask for a solution. This is the makings of the ‘tragedy’ that Will cause People to beg for the Paris Accord and global governance.

Finally, I mentioned that robots and artificial intelligence Will replace virtually every remedial job on the planet and I don’t think most People realize just how advanced A.I. has become. No coincidence, the first ‘recommended for You’ YouTube video I encountered after Writing this Post was this one where Elon Musk talks shares his thoughts on automation, A.I. and the future of energy. When People realize these things are true and unavoidable, the Significance of ending the Keystone Pipeline Will be more comprehensible.

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