Volume CLI: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; Fight Club, Part IX

Hello every One and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition and the second Post of this Terrific ‘Two’s Day’, thank King You for joining Me. Last week We were just about to make some soap, so let’s get right back to it.

Tyler tells Our nameless Hero that to make soap they must render fat. The salt content also has to be just right, so the best fat comes from humans. Our nameless Hero looks a little concerned and asks where they Will be getting the fat – a liposuction clinic.

They break into the garbage area of a liposuction clinic and steal a number of bags of human fat. Neither of Our main characters seems to have much of an issue with this. Should they? It’s gross for sure but I’m not convinced there is anything morally wrong with it, they’re not hurting anybody and repurposing something nobody else would want. Soon they are back at home, boiling the fat in pots on the stove.

Tyler explains how as the fat renders, the tallows float to the surface and as the tallows cool in the fridge, they form a layer of glycerin that can be skimmed off the top. Tyler then goes on to explain that if One were to then add nitric acid to the glycerin, they have nitroglycerin; add sodium nitrate and sawdust and One has dynamite.

“With enough soap, One could blow up just about anything.”

Tyler Durden, Fight Club

Our nameless Hero does not seem at all offended by Tyler’s knowledge of explosives, he comments on how “Tyler was full of useful information”. I placed ‘useful’ in italics because most of Us would probably consider this to be useless information, lest one is interested in blowing things up…

Tyler then tells Our nameless Hero how lye is an important ingredient in soap that helps to make clothes cleaner. He explains how when it is added to the fat it produces a milky discharge (though he does not say what the use or purpose of the milky discharge is). Instead, he casually asks Our nameless Hero if he can see his hand for a moment, ‘please’. Our trusting Hero Gives Tyler his hand. Most People would probably ask Tyler why he wants their hand, especially considering Tyler puts on industrial rubber gloves before even touching the container of lye. But not Our nameless Hero. He is very soon to realize he should have.

Tyler kisses Our nameless hero’s hand. If any One knows anything about the properties of lye, they Will know it creates an exothermic reaction when mixed with water. The kiss is the catalyst for what Tyler does next, which is to pour a generous amount of lye on Our nameless Hero’s hand creating what Tyler describes as

“A chemical burn. It Will hurt more than any burn and it Will leave a scar.”

Tyler Durden, Fight Club

Tyler is holding Our Hero’s wrist so he cannot pull his hand away and Our Hero begins screaming in agony. Despite the fact that Tyler has already betrayed Our Hero’s Trust, this is actually for his own Good. The first instinct would be to run to a sink and douse One’s hand with water, which would only amplify the chemical reaction.

Our nameless Hero reflects on his days in cancer therapy where meditation was used to deal with the pain and tries to visualize his cave sanctuary. Tyler tells him to stay with the pain, not to shut it out. He tells Our Hero that the first soap was made from the ashes of hero’s. That’s the significance of this scene, this is Our Hero’s initiation and transformation from no body to some body (or no one to some One).

“Without pain or sacrifice, We have nothing.”

Tyler Durden

Our Hero keeps trying to take his Mind away from the pain, to not think about his ‘searing flesh’ while Tyler shakes him from his meditation and tells him to deal with what is in front of him.

“This is Your burning hand, this is Your pain. Right here!!!”

“No, I’m going to My cave to find My power animal.”

“No. Don’t deal with this the Way those dead People do! Come on!!”

“Okay, I get the point.”

“No, You’re feeling premature enlightenment. This is the greatest moment of Your Life and You are off somewhere else! Our Fathers were Our models for God. If Our Father’s bailed, what does that tell You about God?”

Fight Club

Our Hero is still trying to escape his pain (as most probably would) and this time Tyler slaps him across the face – hard!

“Listen to Me. You have to consider the possibility that God does not like You! He never wanted You, in all probability, He hates You. This is not the worst thing that could happen. We don’t need Him!”

“I agree!!!” (now it seems Our nameless Hero Will agree with just about anything to escape his agony – very reason why a confession made while under duress or torture is not legally binding).

“Fuck damnation, fuck redemption!!! We are God’s unwanted children? So be it.”

(Frantic and hysterical now) “I’m getting water!”

“You can get water and make it worse, or… You can use vinegar to neutralize the burn.”

“Please let Me up!!!”

“First You have to give up. First You have to know, not fear. Know that someday You are going to die.”

“You don’t know how this feels!!!”

(Tyler shows his own hand with a horrendous burn scar, Our Hero seems to calm and center his energy.)

“Only after We’ve lost everything, are We free to do anything.”

(Calmly) “Okay.”

Fight Club

Tyler lets go of Our Hero’s hand and Our hero remains where he is, watching the lye burn into his skin. He waits patiently as Tyler grabs a jug of vinegar and pours a generous amount on Our Hero’s hand, ending his pain.

“Congratulations. You are one step closer to hitting bottom.”

Tyler, Fight Club

Wow, 1001 Words which is absolutely perfect. Gives Me another 500 to summarize the importance of this Scene and why I saved it especially for a Post of its own. Believe it or not, I went through a similar ritual with My best Friend when I was roughly fifteen years old, except not with lye and We did it together. We each lit a wooden match and placed it on Our wrist, allowing it to burn until it went out on its own. Not a coincidence that he is still My best Friend today.

But what I Wish to emphasize is the importance of this to the Spiritual quest. Just the other day I said that the world We Will soon know Will be very difficult for People who are attached to their stuff. When I awakened Spiritually, within a half hour after My experience I had quit My job, Given My notice to end My tenancy and had everything of value posted on Kijiji. It scared the hell out of Me, and that was the Idea. I don’t like to be scared of anything so I was determined to face My fears. Probably sounds crazy, right? What could that possibly do to benefit Me?

Well, I’m not afraid to drop everything and move on if that’s what I have to do. I know no matter what, I Will prevail. It gave Me the courage to leave My apartment in Guelph and move to Ottawa with nothing more than a backpack, laptop and briefcase to take on Matters that are of far greater importance to Me than just getting by.

There is great wisdom and Truth in this Scene for those with eyes to see. A Man (of either sex) Truly does not know what they are made of until they have nothing and start from scratch. I can tell You from experience, there is nothing more liberating.

Love and Blessings,

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