Volume CLII: The Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition; Canada’s Criminal Corpocracy

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Magical Monday ‘Motive A Sean’ Edition, thank King You for being here.

Yes, I call the Monday Edition of the Good News Journal the Magical ‘Motive A Sean’ Edition because Monday’s are typically when I Will commit to a new goal – whether it be starting a workout routine, a reading ritual, or (in this particular case) Writing more. I’m not even sure how long it’s been since I Writ My last Blog Post though I know it’s been well over a week and probably closing on two. If You were thing King that is somewhat unusual for Me and that something must be going on, You would be correct; I’ve been dealing with some adult aged children, a ‘product’ of Canada’s corpocracy.

‘Corpocracy’ definition –

  • a corporate bureaucracy
  • a company characterized by bureaucracy
  • a government run like a corporate bureaucracy
  • a society in which corporations have much economic and political power

This is the real reason the Canadian government is guilty of TREASON. I placed the Word in all capital letters to emphasize that it is treason.

‘Treason’ definition –

the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.

The crime of ‘betraying one’s country’. Trudeau has betrayed Canadians more times than I can count. Trudeau passed a bill of legislation allowing for criminal corporations to receive ‘deferred’ prosecution. Basically this means that if a corporation like SNC Lavalin commits a crime they may be ‘eligible’ for deferred prosecution which allows the corporation to pay a fine rather than face criminal charges (and potential jail time for the individuals involved). If it is not a suspicious enough bill on its own, Trudeau pours more gasoline on the fire by interfering with Canada’s Minister of Justice (the Right Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould) who had determined that SNC Lavalin did not qualify for the deferred prosecution he worked SO hard to push through the House of Commons. Trudeau KNEW of the crimes of SNC Lavalin and was employed (bribed) to pass a bill that could get them off the hook. So when they didn’t ‘qualify’, he couldn’t not interfere because his primary interest was in protecting SNC Lavalin, not the integrity of Canada’s Justice system of the Canadian People. Then he denied it all and fired the Minister of Justice to ensure no One interferes with his criminal actions ever again. That’s how a dictator gets his foothold ladies and gentlemen – fire or remove anyone who gets in Your Way. Read Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince’ and You Will see many of the tactics Trudeau has implemented to ‘take over’ Canada’s government and make it his own corporate dictatorship.

People don’t like to call the Acts of the Canadian government treasonous because it is damaging to their own identity. Fight Club is proving to be a better choice of movie than I initially anticipated because it is all about losing Our identity, Our false sense of ‘Self’ attached to ego so that We can determine who and what We really are.

Trudeau also placed an individual who does not believe in God as Canada’s Governor General to the Queen! Honestly, I don’t know if Trudeau is just so stupid he didn’t realize how inappropriate the choice was, or if it was intended as a metaphorical middle finger to the Sovereign (Her Majesty). To understand the Significance of this more than subtle slight to Her Majesty, People really need to know and understand what the Governor General’s ‘role’ is in the Canadian government. The Governor General is literally Acting in the Queen’s stead, very much like the ‘Hand of the King’ has all the powers of the king in the popular series Game of Thrones. Shortly after her appointment to the position of Governor General, Payette ridicules People who believe in God or what she calls ‘Divine Intervention’ in the face of science. Again, One would need to be completely ignorant of their duties and responsibilities as a Governor General to make those kind of statements ‘accidentally’. If Canada (or at the very least Trudeau) had Wished to exonerate themselves of any liability or accountability for the inappropriate statements made by Payette, she would have been removed from office and asked to step down from her appointed position the moment she concluded her speech. That didn’t happen, even though her comments did make front page headlines for Good reason.

The world has evolved considerably over the years and the ‘Divine Right’ of the Sovereign may seem like folklore fantasy legend, something right out of Game of Thrones. However, anyone who does NOT believe the Divine Right of the Sovereign still exists and is Given their position by God, they are Willfully ignoring the FACT that the highest authority of Man’s legal fiction in every Common Wealth country is the Queen. Did she have any special qualifications to become Queen? Of course not, Her position was determined by God before she ever arrived on this earth.

Why ‘Common Wealth’? Because it is ALL in the ‘custodial care’ of Her Majesty the Queen to ensure the greedy capitalists don’t buy it all up and leave nothing for the People. The fact of the Matter is this – nobody on this earth owns any land (with the exception of One’s physical body which is temporary). Nobody. It is not allowed!!! (Thou Shall not Covet). When I say corporations are the real false profits, it is no joke. This is why People pay ‘property taxes’. A man (of either kind/sex) does not pay taxes to live on their own land. If Her Majesty decides that one day that land should be ‘repurposed’ because that is God’s Wish, it Shall be done and there is no legal or lawful recourse for anyone holding a mortgage (death pledge). People do not ‘own’ land, they gain usury privileges of the land and it is ‘subject’ to many codes, statutes and acts. That is why in Canada one cannot just build a new structure on land they believe they own, they Will require a building ‘permit’ – permission to build something on that land. And if they don’t like Your vision, then the permit does not have to be granted.

The land belongs to the Sovereign and the Sovereign is non commercial. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II does not claim to ‘own’ Crown land, it has been placed in Her ‘Trust’ by God for the ‘Sovereign’ People. That is the reality of the situation. ‘Commerce’, as We know it today was created specifically for Spiritual infants who Wish to compete with each other for a share of God’s resources and wealth. So long as We ‘sub-Scribe’ (under-write) to this Idea, We are ‘subject’ to the commercial codes of conduct (Uniform Commercial Codes) which govern that mental ‘realm’. It is just an Idea, after all and One We can choose to Give up anytime. It is also precisely why it is said that We are ‘born into sin’, because We are raised to believe in this corporate idea that We should compete with one another for profit.

Consider as well that Queen Elizabeth also represents ‘God Head’. She is perceived to have been Given Her Divine Right by God and considered to be the Living Word of God. Think about how tremendously intimidating and overwhelming that role would be to fulfill. Consider that God must allow for free Will and that People Wished for the ‘right’ to own personal, private property. How does One go about Honouring the Wish and Will of the People without violating the Trust God has placed in the individual to Keep God’s Laws (the Ten Commandments set in stone that were Given to Moses)? Well, one comes up with a system of commerce which has evolved to become the corpocracy We are witnessing today.

Trudeau is not a traitor because he colluded with a foreign country, he’s a traitor and guilty of treason because he is a corporate pawn. Trudeau is more concerned with Canada’s corporate interests and his personal agenda (whatever it may be) than serving the best interests of the People. A perfect example was when he tried to excuse his determination to interfere with the Minister of Justice regarding the SNC Lavalin scandal because a criminal prosecution could be damaging to Canada’s economy. Of course he suggested this was in the best interest of the People and protecting their jobs – how much does Trudeau appear to care about the average Canadian’s ‘job’ now?

Clearly, We know that was not his motive, he doesn’t care of all of Canada is unemployed, so long as he keeps his promise to SNC Lavalin, (or there may be consequences – I don’t know what happens when One is bribed to produce a result and fails to do so but I Imagine there would be consequences). He’s basically saying it’s okay to commit a crime so long as it’s profitable for Canada. How many People in Canada have been told they are no longer able to ‘work’ to earn a living? What are these People supposed to do? How is Canada supposed to ever repay any of this continually growing debt if only ‘essential’ businesses can remain open? Funny how all the major corporations like Loblaws, Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart are all allowed to remain open but any mom and pop shop family business providing the same products and services have been ordered to shut down.

May be an image of 2 people and text that says '$ SNC-LAVALIN SNC-LAVALIN wins $150M pandemic contract despite citations for fraud, bribery, bid-rigging & illegal campaign contributions. SOURCE: Blacklock's Reporter, January 29, 2021'
Nothing to see here, People, move along. Just business…

Government workers do not go to the ‘office’ anymore. City councilors no longer meet at city hall, they correspond in ‘Zoom’ meetings. Courts are on pause except for ‘essential’ matters (which allegedly do not include estate matters). Even the representatives of Ontario Works are working from home and don’t have much else to do except answer the phone and respond to emails. Government employees at every level are well compensated financially and account for a significant portion of Canada’s federal budget. It also seems there are more and more government offices opening all the time. ‘Housing Services’ is a fine example. But let Me ask You this – how many of these government offices actually generate any wealth? Not ONE!

If People don’t realize that this is a very serious problem, it’s time to give this Matter some serious thought because right now, ALL these government offices are still receiving their regular pay check regardless how much less work they may be doing or how much less income they are receiving by Way of income tax required by their employees. Canada is a corporation as well as a country and Canada’s People are being treated like corporate assets, not like People with inherent rights.

Well, this long, somewhat ‘ranty’ Post was necessary. I’ve been dealing with representatives of Ontario Works who were provided (once again) with copies of all the Public Notices I have sent to the Attorney General, Registrar General and Toronto Crown regarding My change of status by Way of email. The one small thanks I have for the covid fraud is that email is now legal proof of service in Canada in an effort to maintain social distancing protocols. Initially, My case worker responded to Me to say that she does not communicate with these offices and cannot forward My concerns because she does not have their contact information. When I responded I provided a link to each of the Ministries website homepage with all the relevant contact information they Will need – I also asked if they were the type of child who told their teacher the dog ate their homework when they didn’t get it done. I also suggested there are no more excuses lest she Wishes to tell Me she does not know how to pick up a phone and dial a number, and that I Will be expecting to be cc’d on all correspondence so I know it has been done.

Well, believe it or not, Orsi’s ‘team lead’, Anne Charette replied with a cryptic email that doesn’t really make any sense but something about having to enter the information on My file by ‘accessing a technological device’. In fact, although I Will be updating My Blog with the entire correspondence eventually, I’m going to share this email just to Give You an idea what I mean by ‘cryptic’.

In reviewing your request, we have determined that should you want to share [insert what information he is asking to share] this information sharing should come directly from you. If you need to send copies of any documentation, you will need to send them through your personal device or by accessing technology. Supports to the public are available through Centre 454.

I hope I’m not the only one who finds this email poorly articulated and confusing. Is the information not already coming directly from Me? How can she simultaneously state that ‘in reviewing My request’, ‘this information sharing should come directly from You.’? I provided to her in Writing by Way of email My desire for their office to follow up with the offices to which I have sent My Public Notices to find out why those accounts/contracts have not been dissolved so that any ‘wealth’ associated with them can be restored to Me. I also let them know in the same email that I am only subject to Ontario Works under duress because these Matters have not been resolved, so it seems pertinent to Me that they should have these Notices on their record.

Well, it gets even better. In addition to the cryptic email quoted above, I also received two additional emails from Anne Charette with “Recall: Contact Information; Vital Statistics (Registrar General), Attorney General and Minister of Justice Canada”.

I have emailed Anne requesting clarification on these points because it sounds like Anne is trying to tell Me that by ‘recalling’ the contact information I provided for the Registrar General, Attorney General and Minister of Justice, they can once again presume to tell Me they do not have that contact information and cannot follow up on My request. One cannot ‘recall’ information. Legally, proof of service is required by courts specifically so that someone cannot claim they did not receive a Notice. To refuse acceptance of a document is an Act of dishonour, so if One sends something registered mail and the individual refuses to Sign and acknowledge receipt of delivery, it is considered an Act of dishonour (and registered mail allows for the sender to prove to the court it WAS sent and that the recipient refused acceptance or signature). Anne Charette has just placed in the subject line of an email to Me an Act of dis-Honour.

So part of the reason I haven’t been Writing is because the crimes of Canada’s government have been on My Mind now more than ever. If I were in the position of any of the representatives of Ontario Works I would immediately follow up on the notices given to Me by a client for two very Good reasons. The first is that I would hopefully be helping the individual resolve these outstanding issues and providing some closure. The second and perhaps even more important, I would do it to absolve My Self of any accountability or liability for the negligence of the other offices. What does Ontario Works have to lose?

“We have an individual who has provided Us with copies of the Public Notices attached in this email and would like some closure on this Matter. I look forward to a reply at Your earliest convenience, We consider this a Matter of urgency regarding the individual’s identity and status.”

In fact, they could probably just call, ask for an appropriate email address and forward My emails to them without Writing another Word themselves – it’s pretty clear in My emails what it is I Wish to have resolved.

Instead, not only do I not have something positive to report at this time but Ontario Works appears to be digging a grave for themselves. Although the subject line suggests that Anne Wishes for Me to recall the contact information of the respective offices, I think (belief, speculation, not certain) what she is really trying to communicate to Me is that they Will not receive the Notices themselves. The contact information can’t be ‘recalled’ even if I Wished to do so, it is on the public domain, I just took the time to look it up so that My case worker wouldn’t have to (and would have no more excuses).

So the reason I called this Post ‘Canada’s Criminal Corpocracy’ is because it is beginning to look as though the government is colluding to commit crime. Ontario Works is essentially trying to wash their hands of any knowledge of the public Notices I have sent to their superior offices. The whole reason I gave copies of these documents to Ontario Works at the time of My application was to explain why I don’t have any government issued identification. So when Orsi said that she didn’t have any copies of any of the documents she Signed at her office, I knew she was lying.

What I really think is that they are beginning to understand the Magic of those documents. I think Orsi was specifically instructed to tell Me she has no record of any documents signed at her office and I don’t imagine it was an easy email for her to author because she knows it’s a lie. In fact, Anne Gives it away somewhat in her email by including “[ask what information he is asking to share]”. This indicated that Anne’s email was intended for someone other than Me initially or it would read “[the information YOU would like to share]”. Orsi knows I can see through a lie and am tired of excuses so I think she refused to send the email and told Anne to do it herself. Anne forgot to make a few necessary editing changes before sending it off.

I think they finally understand that to have knowledge of My efforts to resolve these issues with Canada’s government on their record and to NOT have done anything about it for over three years is criminal negligence. So once again, rather than actually do something to resolve the issue, they Wish to pretend they have no knowledge of it whatsoever. It IS the last straw and I Will be filing a complaint but I am going to wait to see what Anne Charette has to say first. I’m going to give her one last chance to make this right before I begin an official legal proceeding against Ontario Works, and that is My Motive a Sean this Monday.

Sorry this one is so long folks but I really do Wish to be tall King about all of the Good in the world and the childishness of representatives of Ontario Works is just beyond My comprehension. It is seriously well beyond what I ever imagined would be the worst I could expect from People. All I’m asking One to do is pick up a phone and find out why a Matter has not been resolved. I honestly did not believe that if I asserted it needs to be done that there would be any argument – what would be the reason for it?

Yet here We are, a government office ‘afraid’ to call another government office? What could they possibly be afraid of? Do they not understand that by failing to help Me resolve these issues when they are clearly known and understood is to aid and abet a crime of government? Well, if they don’t, that’s the Truth of it. So Anne Charette gets one more chance and I Will keep You Posted and hope to update the full email correspondence later this week.

I do hope You are all well, We Will get these criminals out of office, I Give You My Word on that – I just don’t know how long it Will take. God Speed. 😉

Love and Blessings,


  1. This is why central banks and large corporations or capitalists, or the shadow governments, keep printing money on and on to keep financing their growing expenses and retain their power …
    Just be the change you want to see in the world and keep planting seeds of more righteousness, justice and love praying that these may grow into sustainable green trees of prosperity and righteousness to all …
    Let the will be done al-mighty God …

  2. Here in Lebanon , just as in the US , European Union and Japan , the central banks have been printing tons and billions of dollars in money …
    Financial education and good investing should be taught whether in school , houses or even everywhere for prosperity, more justice in sharing wealth ( resources ) and sustainability …

  3. These large corporations or capitalists have influence over the world politics and serve possibly as shadow governments but the politicians are somehow actors performing the movie the matrix or the scenes .These politicians are executives in one way or the other of the true world elites or global shadow governments…They plan secretly sometimes behind the scenes and hide their agendas …
    Look at the international tribunal of Lebanon starting from 2005 and how it cost the world more than 1 billion dollars without probable achieving much …
    Wow … God bless you …
    Yes …The world vision …blessings and all the best …

    1. I’m just reading through these comments now and I always enjoy Your insight but especially so today. You are SO spot on with everything You have Writ. I felt My post was somewhat ‘negative’ today and I really like to maintain a positive perspective but I needed to get all that out. I’ll probably do a part II to elaborate on some of the unfortunate consequences of living in a world motivated by [false] profits and corporate fictions. Blessings to You and Yours in Lebanon, thanks for being here. 🙂

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