Volume CLII: The Super Natural Sun Day Re-View; More Magic in Motion

Hello every One and welcome to the Super Natural Sun Day re-View, thank King You for being here. I have not been Writing as much this year as I had initially planned though I have had a lot on My Mind I’ve been Wishing to share. I am thing King one of the reasons I’ve been Writing less is because I feel as if I’ve been in some kind of metaphorical, mental ‘limbo’.

Most of You Will know that My Intent is to Focus (folk-us) on the Good News and despite how disappointed I’ve been with Canada’s government representatives on all levels in response to My Letters and Notices, I remain cautiously optimistic that the reason is incompetence and ignorance, not Willful malice or belligerence. I’ve been dealing with a Matter with Ontario Works since roughly the middle of January and I am thing King My hope was that they would respond in an Honourable Way to My recent emails. I feel this is the main reason for My online absence as of late; I was sincerely hoping I would have some Good News to share with You and not constantly be Writing of the incompetence of Canada’s government agencies and representatives. Unfortunately, that has not been the case and I officially lost faith in the representative I’ve been dealing with last Friday, (Anne Charette) ‘team lead’ for Ontario Works.

The ‘Good News’ today is that I no longer believe or care if Anne Charette’s negligence is the result of ignorance and incompetence or if her Actions are Willful. Every individual in society has a role to Play on the world stage and Anne’s particular role is very specific. She has a professional duty as a representative of Canada’s government to respond to My emails and her legal obligations. We ALL have a duty of care to One another, that duty of care is that much more elevated when One is Acting as a representative agent of Canada’s government in any capacity. So if Anne Charette does not know what her professional duties and obligations to Me are, it is High time she learns.

Just to Give a brief summary of the Issue at Hand, I received an email from Orsi Vancsody (case worker for Ontario Works) informing Me that she does not have any government issued identification on file for Me and that I Will need to apply for a Birth Certificate, SIN, and Health Card. This was no surprise to Me as I have filed Public Notices with Canada’s Attorney General, Registrar General (for Vital Statistics) and Minister of Justice as King for all commercial contracts created in My name to be dissolved, and provided Orsi with copies of those Notices at the time of My application (in lieu of government issued identification), explaining to Orsi that I am only applying for benefits under duress as a result of the negligence of these superior offices in restoring the commercial value of those contracts to Me so I may freely dispose of My natural wealth and enjoy My right of self determination. Orsi has also Signed a Mandamus acknowledging I am the Supreme authority over My health care needs and a Letter of appointment of Power of Attorney, advising Orsi that ‘King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God’ is the legal and lawful private attorney for the incorporated person created by the state commonly known as Sean von Dehn.

Orsi made copies of all these documents and placed them on My file – I delivered these documents by Hand to make sure of this. Orsi responded to tell Me that she has NO information on My file and did not retain copies of any documents I have Presented to her at her office! Needless to say, I was outraged. I know damn well she did retain copies of every document I have Presented to her, so if she does not have them now, then she has destroyed them which is a criminal offence – Oris does not have any ‘legal’ right to refuse acceptance of Notices I have filed with superior offices of the Canadian government or any information I provide to her requesting it be added to My file. Theoretically, I should have just filed a formal complaint the moment I received that email. Instead, My ‘Good nature’ was to assume ignorance and I simply sent Orsi an email titled ‘For Your Records’ and attached copies of the Public Notices I have filed with the superior offices of Canada’s government – now there can be no excuse. Because I am tired of dealing with this level of incompetence, I also requested that Orsi follow up with these offices to determine why My Public Notices have not been honoured and reminded her I am only subject to Ontario Works as a result of their [criminal] negligence in resolving these Issues.

First Orsi responded to tell Me she can’t follow up with the offices to which My Notices were sent because she does not communicate with those offices, does not have permission to share My personal information and does not have their contact information (yes, as ludicrous as that sounds, that was the reply). I responded with a link to each of the respective government websites contact information and advised Orsi that My request (demand) for her to follow up with these offices IS My consent to share the information I am providing to her and Will expect to be ‘cc’d’ on all correspondence so I know this is done.

This time it was Orsi’s team lead ‘Anne Charette’ who sent Me a rather cryptic email requesting that I ‘Recall: Contact Information; Vital Statistics (Registrar General), Attorney General and Minister of Justice Canada’. That was copied and pasted directly from the subject line of the email I received. I responded to Anne as King of her for clarification on the email as I’m not sure what she means by ‘recall’ contact information. The contact information is on the public record and cannot be recalled, so I was hoping for Anne to explain the intent of her email. No reply. I followed up at least twice, perhaps as many as four times imploring Anne to respond to clarify her email or I would have no other option but to file a complaint against her for incompetence. The only thing that surprises Me is that I am surprised she didn’t respond. I feel like a fool for expecting anything better from her. I gave her a full week and all I was as King of her for was to clarify her last email to Me and what she means by as King of Me to recall contact information. Apparently, that was too difficult a task for her to respond to.

So I officially filed a complaint against Ontario Works and Anne Charette specifically on Friday afternoon. I received an automated reply stating that I should receive a response to My ‘service request’ by February 25th. In My complaint to the city of Ottawa, I advised them that My belief is that Ontario Works knows that by having copies of My Public Notices to superior government offices on their records showing that I have revoked My consent for My name to be used for commercial purposes by Canada’s government and requested that the commercial value of those contracts be restored to Me so I may freely enjoy My right of self determination, they are in fact complicit in the criminal negligence of those superior offices. Now they can’t claim ignorance (despite the fact ignorance is no excuse, if one does not know a murder was committed then one can’t report it, can they?).

So to summarize, I explained to the city that I believe Ontario Works is trying to claim they did not receive documents they have had on file for over three years because they now realize that failing to follow up with these offices makes them complicit in their criminal negligence and I Wish to have this Matter formally and finally resolved immediately as I believe the Acts of the Canadian government are criminal and treasonous to Canada’s People and do not believe I may be compelled against My Will to associate with what I believe to be a criminal organization.

It Will be very interesting to see how the city responds.

The really Good News is that now that this has been done, I feel Fantabulous!!! Wow, fantabulous is not being flagged by Spell-check and I sincerely thought I made that Word up – I guess not. This means You should be reading more new Posts more frequently in the coming days and weeks.

Love and Blessings,

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