Volume CLIII: The Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition; Finding Friends Amid Fascism

Hello every One and welcome to the Magical Monday ‘Motive A Sean’ Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here. I hope no One feels offended by the Title of today’s Post but the Idea and Intent is to remind My readers that there is a lot of Good going on in the world despite the fascist dictates most of Us have been subject to as a result of incompetent government officials in their response to covid.

I’m often considered something of a ‘radical’ and My opinions regarding government policy are often perceived as controversial. So when I come across a video like the one I am sharing with You here today, it is very comforting and encouraging; it makes Me feel considerably less radical and reminds Me that there are plenty of critical thing King, like Minded individuals out there, it is just a Matter of connecting with members of Our ‘tribe’.

Today I am also using the term ‘tribe’ deliberately as the Word is referenced several times in the following video in regard to big tech and their influence over government and public policy. The Good, Freedom (Free-Dome/Free-Mind) Loving People of the world are a Tribe, too – and connecting with members of Our Tribe (other like Minded individuals) feels not only very liberating but also Gives a sense of comfort amidst the chaos. People who Quest-Ion the mainstream narrative are so often ridiculed and policed by members of their own community it can feel rather alienating if One allows it to. Unfortunately, the critical thing King individuals who are Willing to stand for what’s right and express their concerns in times like this are a vast minority. In fact, I believe that the possibility of being marginalized by One’s peers is one of the primary reasons more People don’t Quest-Ion the mainstream narrative or public policy – they are afraid of being alienated by members of their own community.

Today I was going to Write a ‘Part II’ to My Post on ‘Canada’s Criminal Corpocracy’ but I’m tired of Writing about the corruption in the world and I’m sure People are just as weary reading about it. So today I bring You a video where four optimistic, articulate, critical thing King individuals get together to not only talk about censorship and the importance of free speech, but also offer what I feel is a very inspirational and encouraging message. Without further ado, I bring You the Dave Rubin Report…

Optimism Amidst Tyranny

You may recognize Viva Frei as I’ve shared a couple of his videos in the past and I really enjoy listening to his legal analysis on particular issues from time to time. A couple of points I feel worthy of mention from the video are that when asked about how We can get back to some sort of normalcy, the consensus presented is “probably not without a lot of law suits” [being filed against Our government officials]. I couldn’t agree more. And the reason We need a lot of People filing law suits is two-fold. One, the more People who file lawsuits against the government, the more likely the government as a whole is likely to reconsider some of their policies, and the second reason is that corruption also has a tendency to find its Way into the courts, so it may take several lawsuits before these Issues come before an Honourable Justice. The Good News is that in only takes ONE Honourable Justice to set a precedence that Will forever change the challenged policy.

There are a lot of encouraging messages in today’s video. The individuals in the video have also set up an online community for individuals to share ideas – and that doesn’t mean individuals have to agree with the opinions expressed in the video, the emphasis is on free speech and having a place People can express themselves without having to worry about being censored. It’s perfectly ‘okay’ to disagree with someone’s opinion. I know a lot of People probably disagree with a lot of the Ideas that I share and that’s okay! I don’t claim to have all the answers, I encourage People to cross reference My ideas and do their own research, especially when it deals with Matters of importance. I’m not here to convince People of anything, I’m just here to offer an alternative perspective on what is continually propagated by mainstream media.

Another point from the video I Wish to touch on before I Sign off today relates to a comment Viva Frei makes toward the end of the video. He encourages individuals who are Questioning the government policies in response to covid and the mainstream narrative to continue doing so regardless how poorly their opinions are received. Don’t allow the determination of big tech and mainstream media to ‘radicalize’ individuals for questioning the status quo stop You from expressing Your Self – that is their goal. I’m going to remind You that an IQ of 100 is the mean or ‘average’. That means the majority of the world’s People have an Intelligence Quotient equal to or less than 100. What I’m getting at here, is that the majority of People attempting to radicalize individuals are probably not that bright. I’ve suggested before that this is perhaps the greatest flaw of a democratic system because People of average intelligence are more easily influenced than critical thinkers and that happens to be the majority of the population.

So if You are questioning the mainstream narrative and the social policies Our governments have implemented in response to covid, chances are You are a critical thinker and above average intelligence. Either Way, allowing others to silence Our opinion prevents constructive dialogue.

Another encouraging point made in the video is that as a species, Our consciousness is evolving. What We are witnessing in the world is something like ‘growing pains’ as We become more consciously aware of Our role on the world stage and begin choosing to Play a more Active Part in the global product-Ion. As unfortunate as it may seem to see so many world leaders taking advantage of the People and their positions of Power, there are no coincidences in the Universe and this is just Part of the Show. This needs to happen if only to wake Us up to the corruption of government and these are the symptoms of capitalist greed manifesting itself as a mental health crisis in Man’s kind. The Truth is, if the government was always Acting in the best interest of the People and fulfilling all of Our needs, We would never develop any sense of individual accountability or responsibility – We would just allow the government to do all of Our thing King for Us. We are beginning to realize that if We continue to Trust Our corrupt government, it Will inevitably lead to Our demise.

If You enjoyed the video and watched to the end, please join Me and the host and guests of the Show in the online community platform Dave Rubin has Created. You can find Me and connect with Me there as ‘vonDehnVisuals’.

Love and Blessings,


  1. Once , forever , and for all ,
    We just have a call ,
    To play a divinely led  role ,
    Whether big or small , short or tall ,
    To change and reset the matrix ,
    To flow with life and through it scroll,
      Speak to  the divine   as one  in all ,
    ( All are inter-connected with divine love )
    So it can listen  when you call ,
    As one group complete and whole  ,
    We are all one and one is all ,
    A good ripple effect we recall …

  2. Revive the spirit of Martin Luther whether the one originating from Germany or germinating in USA . They transitioned both but their spirits , souls , teachings and presence are there to inspire and reconside everything we know and have within and so without …
    Love and light from Lebanon to the world…

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