Volume CLIII: The Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition; Fight Club, Part X

Hello every One and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition, thank King You for being here. I am excited to get back to Our Fight Club Interpret-A-Sean after something of a Writing hiatus, so let’s get right to it!

To recap, in Our last edition Our nameless Hero just experienced one of the most painful chemical burns imaginable courtesy of his new Friend and housemate, Tyler Durden. The scene concludes with Tyler commending Our Hero,

“Congratulations, You are one step closer to rock bottom.”

There is a TON of significance in the last scene, including being Present and not attempting to avoid or ignore Our pain and suffering but to face it head on, initiation and pact of brotherhood between the two men (Tyler reveals he subjected himself to the same pain and has the same scar) and above all, transcending ego or perhaps more accurately, ‘ego death’. It goes ‘Hand in Hand’ (puns always intended) with something Tyler had said to Our Hero once before – We don’t know what We are capable of until We lose everything. Now Our nameless Hero knows he can endure tremendous amounts of pain without losing consciousness.

This may also be a Good time to remind My readers that every [Good] story is a retelling of the Story of Christ. It was a philosophy taught to Me by one of My English teachers he dared students to try to disprove over the course of the semester which included a curriculum covering over fifteen fantasy authors including Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Guy Gavriel Kay and Ursula Le Guin (just to name a few). I was not able to prove him wrong and I was determined to try. Instead, I became fascinated with the philosophy and have found it to be True across virtually every story telling media including film and television. Fight Club is no exception. Consider the ‘initiation’ something of a training session to allow Our Hero to remain headstrong and fearless against all odds.

“It’s only after We’ve lost everything that We are free to do anything” – Tyler Durden

After a brief scene Our Hero describes as ‘Magical’ where Tyler ‘sells rich women their liposuction asses back to them for $20 a bar’, We are back at the office. The boss finds a copy of the rules of Fight Club in the photocopy machine and asks Our Hero to explain it.

“If You were in a managerial position and You found this, what would You do?”

It’s rather a long monologue to re-Write the response, but to summarize, Our Hero cautions the boss that he would be very careful who he shares the information with, just in case the author happens to be the kind of Man who might shoot up everyone in the office with an AK47. He also confidently gets in his boss’s face as he’s delivering this psychotic monologue. As the subtitle suggests, Our Hero is becoming Tyler.

It’s very humorous for Me to watch again because I can’t help but feel sorry for his boss. His boss knows there is something seriously wrong with Our Hero but he legitimately does everything he can to ignore the change in behaviour because Our Hero is a Good employee and demonstrates that despite his physical appearance and change of attitude, he still delivers professional results on time. So long as he’s producing results, the boss seems Willing to overlook the other issues. Our Hero concludes his monologue by snatching the paper out of his boss’s Hand,

“Maybe You shouldn’t bring Me every little piece of trash You pick up.”

Marla calls, Our Hero tells the boss ‘I need to take this’, and the boss heads back to his office, clearly bewildered and in shock.

For once Our Hero doesn’t seem appalled or annoyed by Marla. He seems mildly disappointed that she is calling him to check a lump in her breast rather than Tyler, commenting on how this means she perceives him as ‘neutral’ rather than a romantic interest. If Our Hero has no interest in Marla, then why does he care or mention it?

If any One is reading this interpret a Sean without having seen the film, I strongly encourage You to watch it because despite some strong violence and course language, the dialogue is very witty and clever. Marla thanks Our Hero for the breast exam and says she Wishes she could return the favour. Our Hero quickly states that breast cancer isn’t really a concern for the men in his family and Marla responds equally fast, offering to check his prostate.

“No, I think I’m okay.”

Marla thanks Our Hero and Gives him a soft, sincere kiss on the cheek. There is a distinct ‘moment’ between the two and We even get a sense that Our Hero may return the sentiment before he abruptly and dispassionately ends the encounter with, ‘Are We done here?”

Marla rolls her eyes and takes her leave.

There isn’t nearly as much obvious symbolism to point out in this film as there was in the Matrix which doesn’t go more than five seconds without some kind of meaningful reference. However, 6 and 9 were continuous themes in the Matrix and I have suggested they are the same symbol reversed and together represent the Age of Pisces (69 is the astrological Sign for Pisces, representing two fish). Marla’s room number is 51 (5+1=6) and the hotel’s address is 423 (4+2+3=9). The only other serious symbolism I pointed out previously was Tyler Durden’s business card which is paper (representing Earth) and shows an address of 537 Paper Street (5+3+7=15=1+5=6).

Now, do the same thing with EVERY set of numbers on Tyler’s business card.

In Fight Club [1999], Tyler Durden's business card depicts nearly identical  figures staring at each other, alluding to split personality : MovieDetails

Here, I’ll do it for You, that is what I’m here for, after all.


555-0153=5+5+5=15=1+5=6 – 1+5+3=9 9+6=15=1+5=6



And the total Value of all numbers is 6+6+6+6=24=2+4=6

Noticing a theme? Do You really think this is a coincidence? Every single number on Tyler’s business card has a numeric Value of 6. 6 in Magic represents Peace, Family, Love, Nurturing. The Significance of 9 is that it is 6 upside down. In both the Matrix and Our Fight Club interpret-A-Sean, the use of the two numbers together represents transformation. Perhaps it is easier to say that 6 represents the ‘True’ Self while 9 represents Our distorted perception of Self, the paper ‘ID’-entity.

And when Our Hero leaves the hotel after visiting Marla, there is some very noticeable graffiti on the wall I figured was worth mentioning because it is not a coincidence, either.

Writ three times on the wall Our nameless Hero passes are the Words ‘MYSELF, MYSELF, MYSELF’. All in capital letters, too. Why three times? Mind, Body, Soul – the whole ‘E’ Trinity. Again, these are NOT coincidences, directors and producers know what they are doing and spend great time and effort to put these messages into films for Your subconscious Mind to absorb. This is a Story about a Man’s transformation from the false, paper, ‘ID-entity’ to the True Self Living a Purpose Full Life.

One last thing I Wish to point out before I Sign off for this week is that another subtle transformation We are noticing in today’s interpretation is Our Hero’s attitude toward his boss and Marla. It is exaggerated deliberately. He goes from being the ‘perfect’ employee to having absolutely no regard or respect for his boss whatsoever and from seemingly despising Marla to treating her with a degree of compassion and sympathy.

It appears as though Our Hero is losing his Mind but he is finding a Heart. This is not a small detail.

I hope You enjoyed this Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition, I Will be back next week with Part XI.

Love and Blessings,

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