Volume CLIII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Olive Branch Any One?

Hello every One and welcome to the Fabulously Fired-up Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King You for being here! And WOW do I EVER have an exciting edition for You today!!!

We know We don’t believe in coincidences here – there is no such thing as coincidence, only the illusion of coincidence for the untrained ‘I’. First and for most, Friday’s are My favourite day for Writing because I allow My Self to be tall King about anything I Wish so it’s an exciting day to begin with. It also just ‘happens’ to be My twelve year anniversary on WordPress. Hard to believe, to be honest. So I Wish to start this exceptionally Special Edition by Giving Special thanks to some of My Favourite People. (Drum roll, please…).

Special thanks to Suzie Opinions, Dining with Donald, Eco Horizons and Judy. You all know who You are and I cannot understate My gratitude for Your continued support. I really don’t need a lot of encouragement, the odd ‘like’ here and there would be enough to Keep Me going, so to have regular ‘fans’ (however modest the numbers may be) is very inspiring for Me. You have helped to Keep Me going and continue Writing when much of the time the efforts made in My microcosm feel thankless. Eco Horizons also happens to be a talented poet, so if You haven’t read any of his Magical Words they are worth checking out and can be found in the comments of various Posts. I am also very grateful for all of My WordPress, Twitter and Pinterest followers (in that Order). 😉 ❤

Okay, now that the thanks are out of the Way, let’s get into why this is such a Fabulous Friday in Deed!

I have been tall King many times about the Power of the Word and Writing a Blog. It meets all legal and lawful requirements of an International Publication. Although the content may not seem so serious, this Blog is every bit as legal and lawful as anything Published by any mainstream ‘news’ Publication (and is considerably more Truthful than most). I have also said that this is the most Powerful weapon I have in My arsenal when it comes to dealing with anything regarding the Rule of Law; this is My International Post Office.

Yesterday I was tall King about how pleased I was to know that after as King of God to provide some kind of oversight to My complaint with respect to Ontario Works, I opened My email to discover they have requested legal counsel to assist them in addressing My concerns. Naturally, I presumed this was a direct answer to what I had been as King of God for the night before. Of course, it is that – but it is also something considerably more.

Anytime I have anything even remotely serious going on in My microcosm, I see the Magic of it war King in My Blog stats. The same was true yesterday. It was clear that Ontario Works and their legal counsel were reviewing My Blog and some of the more serious legal documents I have Published with Canada’s government. When I notice this happening, I often re-read what is being viewed to refresh My memory and consider what I may be thing King if I were in their place. Here’s what I reviewed that caught My attention:

“The only Quest-Ion I didn’t ask and Wish I had, was who is providing oversight of this complaint. I know the complaint is not received directly by Ontario Works, it is received by an individual at the City of Ottawa and forwarded to the appropriate respondent (Kristine as manager of Ontario Works). I’d like to know who is tasked with ensuring she provides an appropriate resolution.”

Kristine had nothing to do with a lawyer being assigned to My complaint, this was the city of Ottawa’s doing. The city of Ottawa has been following along with what I Post here and when they discovered that I have zero confidence in Kristine’s ability to respond to this appropriately, they had a lawyer assigned to oversee her response. This is damage control.

Generally, the city does not involve lawyers until there is a Matter before the courts and that is precisely what they are hoping to avoid. I also believe the city of Ottawa knows that Kristine is in way over her head and I actually feel a little sorry for their legal counsel – but not that sorry. I’ve been cautioning Christopher Tuck, Kristine Haines-Chiarello, Orsolya Vancsody and Anne Charette for over three years on how serious these Matters are if they were to come before a Justice – they didn’t Wish to take Me seriously. I’m sure they have since been told these Matters are serious. The charge is Willfully aiding and abetting bondage and slavery, trespass upon My right of Self determination, trespass upon My right of Spiritual practice, worship and observance, breach of Trust, and to freely dispose of My natural wealth without prejudice to foreign obligations. In fact, there are probably several more serious charges if I were to really spend time thing King about it. These are not minor offences, these charges are criminal and could result in serious jail time. Every single one of these individuals would lose their job and never be able to work for government again, and that’s the very least of the consequences they would be facing if these Matters come before a court.

I’ve had more views of all the documents I have filed with the offices of Canada’s government over the last twelve hours than I’ve seen in a single day possibly EVER. The city is doing their homework and Ontario Works is beginning to comprehend just how serious this complaint really is.

The worst part (for Ontario Works) is that I also mentioned that I always try to Imagine how I would respond to My own arguments. That’s how One plays a strong game of chess, One must anticipate their opponents best response to every move. I don’t see any Good moves for Ontario Works and I can only Imagine what their legal counsel must be thing King. No wonder they requested two weeks to respond!!!

This is also why I said that I was feeling as though I was in a sort of ‘mental’ limbo last week. It’s why I sent Anne Charette at least four emails imploring her to respond, why I provide the legal foundation for all of My arguments in My emails to them and tell them from the beginning that if they cannot respond to Me in an email they are likely not going to do any better before a Justice. How much more clear can I be?! Do People really think this is the outcome I Wish to see for these People? The answer is no. This is precisely why I do NOT Wish to be compelled to file any formal legal action with the courts, even against Sean Kearney of the Attorney General’s office. I presume they are ignorant and incompetent, not Willfully malicious. Now it’s too late. Or is it?

To demonstrate the Power of the Word and My International Post Office, I am going to offer Ontario Works an Olive Branch.

“For Give Me of My trespasses, as I for Give those who trespass on Me” – My Cestui Que Vie Trust in God.

Every form of harm (tort) is a trespass of some kind. Assault is a trespass upon One’s right to not be harmed by another (for example). Every trespass is also a form of harm (tort).

I already know the city’s legal counsel Will not be able to provide any legal or lawful excuse for the criminal negligence of Ontario Works or the harm done to Me by their trespasses against Me. But I can for Give them. But they Will have to be as King of Me for it.

This is going to be very interesting because I am bound to My Cestui Que Vie Trust in God. If someone is as King to Me for Giveness, I cannot say no. However, the very last thing any lawyer ever Wishes to do is apologize because it is an admission of guilt which opens the door to a tort claim. They don’t ever Wish to admit defeat or make themselves vulnerable. Isn’t it beautiful?

So I’m just going to tell Ontario Works and the city of Ottawa right here, right now that if they Wish to be exonerated of any criminal negligence and liability for their trespasses upon Me, all they have to do is send Me an email with the Words “Olive Branch” in the subject line. I Give You My Word here on the International Public Record that You Will be for Given for all trespasses upon Me, but You Will also do as I have been as King of You to do and follow up with the offices of the Canadian government to which I have sent My Public Notices. Those offices Will be for Given, too, but once again they must be as King to Me for it and they Will also do as I have been as King of them to do (close all commercial accounts created in My name and without My informed consent and discharge My share of Canada’s debt from the unlimited commercial Value of My Life). If they do not know or comprehend how to do this, I Will teach them.

So, now We get to see just how much attention the government of Canada is paying to the Words I Write here. If Ontario Works and their legal counsel is too proud to be as King of My for Giveness then I’m perfectly fine to let them sweat it out for the next two weeks and allow them to attempt to provide a legal and lawful excuse for their trespasses.

And no, I do not believe that this Powerful Post just ‘happens’ to be perfectly synchronized with My twelve year anniversary on WordPress.

Magic Words – Olive Branch 😉

Love and Blessings, thank You ALL so much for Your continued support.

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