Volume CLIII: The Sensei Sean All Saturday Edition; Exposing Bill’s Gates to Hell

Hello every One and welcome to the Sensei Sean all Saturday Edition, thank King You for being here. I have another interesting and informative Edition for You today because I Will be tall King about a couple of very serious topics. One is important and relative to all of Us regardless which part of the Earth You are reading from, the other pertains specifically to Canada’s People and an elected ‘leader’ determined to convert Canada into a fascist dictatorship (which appears to be about the only thing Trudeau has any talent or affinity for).

I’m also going to share a couple of videos with You today to support My perspective on these Issues. Again, I have a few reasons for sharing these videos with You. The first is because I do like to provide references to source the information I’m providing and generally People are more likely to watch a ten minute video than they are to link to a page filled with dry reading material individuals Will have to sift through to get to the ‘Good stuff’. People are more likely to just ignore the link altogether if the information it links to seems overwhelming or overly complex. The second reason is to introduce My audience to some of My sources; both with respect to entertainment and with respect to staying informed without relying explicitly on the narrative perpetuated by mainstream news networks (like the Toronto Sun). Finally, I am often perceived by My peers to be ‘intelligent’ and although I would never Wish to be perceived as stupid, I also don’t like to be perceived as smarter than the average individual because I genuinely don’t perceive My Self that Way. I don’t believe that any of the Ideas I share should be difficult for the average reader to comprehend or digest. I do have very strong logic and reasoning skills but I believe that by exposing Our Self to alternative perspectives and opinions We all have the capacity to apply Our own logic and reason to any situation and Will inevitably arrive at the same conclusions, even if it takes some a little more time than others. I sincerely believe that most of the individuals I admire and respect are far more intelligent than I am. If I am above average intelligence, I don’t Wish for People to think it’s because I was Gifted with a better brain, it’s because I don’t feel very intelligent when compared with the People I admire and respect (even when I don’t necessarily agree with their opinions), so I am continually trying to educate My Self and stay informed. Ben Shapiro is a great example because I certainly would not suggest he is not intelligent. I dislike much of what Ben propagates because I feel he uses his intelligence to manipulate his audience and dumb People down for a capitalist narrative he’s paid to endorse – that’s just My opinion.

At any rate, I’ve been watching a few of Russell Brand’s videos recently and he is a great example of an individual I admire for his ability to simplify controversial and otherwise complex issues in a short period of time. I’ve been tall King about My concerns with respect to Bill Gates for some time and I don’t think I would ever have been capable of compiling all the red flags into a single ten minute video as effectively as Russell does here. Please take ten minutes out of Your day to decide for Your Self (he also has a fairly strong British accent (think it’s British, anyway) which I find refreshing and enjoyable to listen to).

Russell Brand on the global influence of Bill Gates

For My second video today, We jump back to the mainstream media to see what they’re saying. By looking at problems from both sides of the equation We are that much more likely to arrive at the appropriate solution – or at the very least determine the True nature of the problem and why things don’t add up. I am as King of You to pay particular attention to Trudeau speaking of his ‘admiration’ for not just China, but Chinese dictatorship specifically. He does not say anything arbitrarily. In all likelihood, not one Word coming out of his mouth is his own Idea. When Trudeau makes statements like this and the People tolerate it, it is presumed the Canadian People are perfectly fine with it. This is literally a public announcement of his political opinion and agenda. This is why nobody in Canada should be surprised that Canada is beginning to look like communist China because he already told Canada’s People how much he admires Chinese dictatorship and nobody complained. Silence is consent. Notice the Title of the video “NO CHINA SURPRISE”. All in caps which implies the media is YELLING at You to get Your attention. If You do not Wish to let Trudeau march Canadians into a fascist dictatorship, now is the time to respond to this announcement (specifically for People who Self identify as ‘Canadians’).

If Bill Gates gets his Wish and the entire planet receives a vaccine, he Will become the undisputed wealthiest Man on the planet by not millions or billions, but trillions. But Bill Gates isn’t interested in profits, right? He has no interest in money, power or controlling his assets – this is all for the Good of Man’s kind, right? In the first month of vaccine distribution, over 40,000 People filed complaints to the CDC of mild to serious side effects and it is estimated only ten percent of People who experience side effects report their symptoms to the CDC.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to find the data showing how many People experienced side effects but I AM able to provide to You the ‘medical’ advice from the CDC as it relates to allergic reactions after receiving the vaccine.

If you have a severe allergic reaction to a COVID-19 vaccine

If you had a severe allergic reaction after getting the first dose of an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, CDC recommends that you should not get the second dose. CDC has learned of reports that some people have experienced severe allergic reactions—also known as anaphylaxis—after getting a COVID-19 vaccine. As an example, an allergic reaction is considered severe when a person needs to be treated with epinephrine or EpiPen© or if they must go to the hospital. Learn about common side effects of COVID-19 vaccines and when to call a doctor.

If you have a non-severe allergic reaction to a COVID-19 vaccine

If you had an immediate allergic reaction after getting the first dose of an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, you should not get the second dose, even if your allergic reaction was not severe enough to require emergency care. An immediate allergic reaction happens within 4 hours of getting vaccinated. Your doctor may refer you to a specialist in allergies and immunology to provide more care or advice. CDC has also learned of reports that some people have experienced non-severe allergic reactions within 4 hours after getting vaccinated (known as immediate allergic reactions), such as hives, swelling, and wheezing (respiratory distress).

Notice how the bottom line of the first paragraph related to ‘Severe Allergic Reaction’ provides a link to ‘common side effects of COVID-19 vaccines’? It is right there in black and white, they are telling You that one of the COMMON side effects is SEVERE allergic reaction and anaphylaxis shock. This is precisely why I advised My mum not to get even the first dose of the vaccine because My mum is highly sensitive to allergies. I told her if she thinks I’m a conspiracy theorist to ask her doctor about the possible side effects for People who suffer sensitivities to allergies because they are legally obliged to provide full disclosure of the risks involved. Now You know too.

For more information regarding the serious risks associated with vaccination, visit the CDC website and stay informed. Remember, if You take this and suffer serious health complications as a result, You have NO recourse, the vaccine producers are immune from liability (lie ability).

Love and Blessings, stay safe.

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