Volume CLIV: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; Keep On as King – and You Will Receive

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition, thank King You for joining Me.

It is a Lucky and Magical Wednesday as My Wednesday’s usually are, but this one is accept Sean ally Good and Magical. The place where I Hold office (of My Keep, the Kingdom Given Me by God) is below a window looking out to the entrance of My apartment. At the end of the drive the trash is stored in its appropriate plastic bin. There are raccoons, skunks, countless squirrels in the area and it’s not uncommon to hear them knock over a bin and make some noise.

Last night, just after midnight there was really loud banging on one of the bins. It sounded more like someone was throwing them around than animals knocking them over. It didn’t last long but it was unusually loud and it sounded Intentional so I decided to go and take a look. By the time I’d grabbed My hoodie and put shoes on, the noise had stopped. When I went out everything looked perfect. All the bins were neatly arranged at the end of the drive but there was also a little ‘gift bag’ with the Words “FREE!!!” Written on the side. I figured it was probably junk I wouldn’t be interested in and was going to leave it for somebody else (or let them take it with the trash) but it was sitting beside a massive bag of garden soil. That I was interested in because I’d just been thing King about how it Will soon be time for planting new seeds. This bag was big enough it was difficult to carry and where it was placed was a virtual skating rink of ice which didn’t make it any easier to retrieve. But a peek inside the bag revealed a brand new ‘French Press’ coffee maker. Exactly the size I would want. I decided to take a closer look at this ‘free stuff’ and everything appeared brand new and in the box! Some things were absolutely new, but the gift bag included a low wat high lumen emission wall lamp that appeared to have been opened but never used. I was also Wishing for a wall lamp down here so that I can have more light for painting. There was also a plastic bag filled with some grocery items. An unopened bag of Tim Horton’s dark roast coffee, ground for the ‘French Press’ that caught My attention in the first place. An unopened, 2kg bag of white table sugar, an unopened bag containing 250 Maxwell house coffee filters for a standard coffee maker. A box of 10 Carnation Hot Chocolate packets, a coffee mug, and three boxes of clip on Christmas lights and some unboxed ones for a total of five strings of clip on ornamental lights. The low wat, high lumen wall light is the Star of the Show, though. It’s pretty much exactly what I was visualizing and is perfect for what I Wish to use it for, only 15 watts!

That was just last night but it was after midnight so that’s how My ‘Lucky’ Wednesday started. The best Part about ‘Lucky’ Wednesday’s is that I only decided to name them that because I know Our thoughts are Creative. It did it deliberately to Give Me a weekly reminder of the Power of thoughts and it never fails to disappoint. Today’s Magic and Luck continued.

My check has been late for the last three months now, usually by two or three days. This month it was supposed to arrive on the 26th of February (I received countless automated emails to Give Me this Notice). It finally arrived today. The real ‘Lucky’ Part of My day was after I left My apartment to get the groceries and whatever else done. I Noticed a few less People wearing masks on the sidewalks, though everyone still wearing them in the grocery stores. But I also passed several restaurants and pubs where People are sitting together at tables, enjoying lunch and having a few beers – no masks! (You can’t eat and drink through a mask so I guess You are allowed to take it off when You get to the table?). It is so illogical to suggest one can be safe and the other is not that People are absolutely beginning to wake up to the fraud. And I’m not saying Covid isn’t real by any means, I’m just suggesting, (humbly) that it is nowhere near as dangerous as they would Love for People to believe. If People are seriously worried and afraid and Wish to wear a mask I absolutely advocate for their right to do so and not be criticized. I just don’t believe any One should feel they must wear a mask.

I was ‘Lucky’ because I wasn’t hassled at the grocery store. I wear a scarf and keep My head down in the store but nobody said a Word and for that I am thankful. Actually, the teller at checkout did but I didn’t defend My position – she was as King of Me if I have a mask and I just said, “Nope.” (cheerfully). When I went to buy My smokes it was even better. Not only did the owner not Give Me a hard time, he was the one telling Me that it is not his policy and he does not support it, it is the government who is making him ask but he Will not enforce. He believes it should be My choice. I told him to send the police to Me for the ticket if they Give him a hassle.

I’m not going to say where this is for obvious reasons but all the staff treat Me the same Way (with Honour and respect). Even better, the owner was the One to continue the conversation and share this thoughts with Me as he was processing the commercial trans Act Sean. He began telling Me that We can’t let corporate influences or government tell Us what is right and wrong. We know what is right and wrong and We need to respect each other and work together or one day We Will all have nothing because it Will all be in the Hands of big corporations and government telling Us what to do. We need to Work together in community – then he squinted at Me and said, “Is that the right Word, ‘community'”?

I replied, “I think that it is the right Word but when I say it People call Me a communist and they don’t generally mean it as a compliment.”

He laughed and he agreed that communist is the wrong Word but community is the right Idea, whatever that Word is. One of the reasons it is particularly preposterous that I should ever be required to wear a mask is the fact that I am entirely isolated more than 95% of the time. Unless this virus is omnipresent (in which case it really doesn’t Matter what We do) and ever Present in the air outside, the chances of Me having the virus are millions of fractions of a percentage. Almost impossible for Me to have the virus if it is transmitted by interacting with others if I’ve been quarantined for the last 27 days. So People being ‘afraid’ of Me because I’m not wearing a mask really is narcissistic. If the mask works then I’m the one ‘at risk’, not them. And if they feel that Way, they can Keep six feet away from Me and I Will not be offended. If the policies don’t end in Ottawa soon, I Will Write the city and have them provide a personal shopper because I Will not be wearing a scarf when the weather warms up, and I Will absolutely not be wearing a mask in the summer.

Didn’t mean to go off on a rant but I feel it’s worthy of sharing. It was the owner who continued the conversation and said that the People need to be in charge of the resources and make sure they are distributed evenly so nobody goes hungry and nobody goes homeless. Imagine how Magical it was for Me to have a Man randomly decide to share his philosophies with Me when so much of what He said is so close to My Heart and what I’ve been suggesting here. It was like listening to My own thoughts coming out of another individual and the store was busy enough that he was making sure to speak loud enough for every One to hear. It was beautiful, Magical – especially when One considers My social interaction with others is less than three hours a month on average. The People in My Microcosm are getting to know Me and Love Me or hate Me, the places I frequent don’t usually hassle Me. That is community.

I’m also going to be receiving electronic payment and a bank card and that should be effective next month, I gave My consent for it today. They are going to be moving toward a cashless society and I really don’t have as many Issues with that as One may think because My belief is that it’s really just a Way to help People real Eyes that money is an illusion in the first place. There is no Way to make it more obvious than for it to become nothing but numbers in a digital system. All these things are happening because they Will have a profound effect on Man’s collective consciousness, this is all about waking Us up, the ‘Apocalypse’ or, ‘revealing of Heavenly Secrets’.

As far as the ‘legal’ side of all of that is concerned and Giving My consent, there could also not be a more Perfect time for Me to do so. Only the government of Canada can make deposits to the account, and only the government of Canada can remove funds from the account. I Will be Acting as the ‘Holder’ of that government account with ‘exclusive’ usury ‘privileges’. Generally, We perceive Our Self as ‘owning’ that card or account. I don’t own the account, the card doesn’t represent ‘Me’ in any Way, it’s literally a government bank account for their incorporated person, a franchise of the Crown corporation ‘Titled’, SEAN S VON DEHN (or some other all caps variation). The contract I consented to clearly Establishes all of these facts which provides legal proof of a Trust relationship (Relay-Sean-Ship). It’s the details of that account specifically that I Wish to resolve with Canada’s government anyway.

And this Post is already 1,700 Words!!! Wow, okay… I’m just getting started really, those are just the Lucky events of the day. But I’ll pick up on some of these Ideas again later because this is really what it is all about, each of Us Acting as the authority of Our own wealth. So this Lucky Wednesday also provides something of a prequel for what’s to come.

There Will be a Part II, photo forthcoming.

I hope Your Universe is feeling as Magical as mine.

Love and Blessings,

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