Volume CLV: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Ontario Broken

Hello every One and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for joining Me. If You are curious about today’s Title please allow Me to elaborate. This quote is from the last email I received from Kristine Haines-Chiarello on February 25th.

“We are committed to the review of your complaint and will respond back to you no later than March 12, 2021.”

It is March 12, 2021, correct? I suppose there is every possibility that I Will still receive a reply sometime in the next four hours and thirty-nine minutes remaining of the day – but I have very strong doubts. Kristine is the manager of Ontario Works and now You know why the Title of today’s Post is “Ontario Broken”.

I generally do try to Give People the benefit of the doubt. I Will legitimately make excuses for People because I can’t Imagine that any One would ever Wish to be considered incompetent, dis-honourable or untrustworthy. So (usually) the only explanation I can come up with is that it must be human error. In this particular situation, even human error doesn’t explain this level of incompetence. This isn’t a ‘fumble’, this is like Giving the football to the opposing team and standing aside while they run down the field for the touchdown.

Let’s forget about the law for a moment and consider only business etiquette. I spent a number of years in the service industry from serving and bartending to management and even as a customer service representative exclusively. The goal is always the same and the first priority is to make the individual feel that their complaint is being heard and taken seriously. At the Four Seasons Hotel, they take this so seriously that no individual who works for the organization is ever allowed to say they cannot solve a client’s problem. One can literally lose their job for saying they are unable to assist a client. As an example, they said, “If a client asks if You can provide a grilled alligator sandwich, You say ‘yes, though it will take considerably more time than other options on the menu.”

No joke, that was a real part of Four Season’s customer service ‘standards’ training. You also always address an individual however they indicate to You they Wish to be addressed. What One does not want to do, is ‘gaslight’ or Give cause to the individual to feel their complaint is not valid or being taken seriously.

What’s really interesting about My complaint with the city is that I know they read this Blog, they know how displeased I am with their incompetence in general and My complaint is specifically in regards to their inability to respond to emails in a timely, appropriate manner. One would think the very last thing they would Wish to do is break their promise to respond no later than the 12th of March. Considering they also have a lawyer providing legal oversight of this complaint, there really is no excuse.

I am honestly stumped. I don’t believe for one moment they forgot about the complaint or that they had promised to respond no later than the 12th. Are they really that stumped? It’s the best answer I have. I mentioned that an although an apology is generally the right course of action when One knows they have wronged another, it is also the least likely sentiment to be heard if there is any possibility it may lead to a [tort] claim. I am genuinely thing King they may be stumped and unable to come up with any reasonable excuse for their negligence and incompetence and are wondering how they can resolve the Issue without being held commercially or criminally liable for the harm that was done. When I said these are very serious charges if they were to come before a Justice, it is no understatement.

So… I’m Publishing this to Keep all of You in the loop as much as I am Publishing this Post specifically for Kristine at Ontario Works. The last little bit is for Kristine but I’m not bothering with an email because they’re just ignored anyway.

Kristine, You’ve dropped the ball – again. I’ve shared Fred Clark’s Law before which states, “Sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice.”

I can appreciate that You made a mistake. I can appreciate You may need more time to respond to My Questions appropriately. I cannot appreciate being ignored whether it be the result of incompetence and human error, or whether it is intentionally malicious because either Way, Your inability to handle this complaint in a professional and timely manner is causing undo harm, mental duress and this is not an isolated incident. Your inability to Keep a Promise or respond to an email appears to be a characteristic of both Your Self and Your staff. At least now I know where they learn this type of behaviour and adopt this lack of professionalism.

How are You able to act as manager for Ontario Works when the example You set for Your staff is a demonstration of the same incompetence I’m complaining to You about in the first place? If You claim You ‘forgot’ You had promised to respond no later than today that tells Me You are not taking this complaint seriously and consider it meaningless. To suggest You didn’t forget but didn’t have an appropriate response prepared in time showcases Your incompetence as You should have at least contacted Me to let Me know You need more time and provided a new estimate. To leave someone ‘hanging’ with no Word is adding further insult to injury. The fact that I should have to explain these details to You is hopefully slightly more embarrassing for You than it is for Me because right now I genuinely feel ashamed for You.

[Kristine] You best respond to Me soon.

To every One else…

Love and Blessings (okay, and for Kristine, too – she probably needs them more than the rest of You!)

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