Volume CLVI: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; Magic is Happening

Hello every One and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition, thank King You for joining Me. And it really is another ‘Lucky’ Wednesday because I mentioned in My Post yesterday that today I would be tall King about some of the Good things going on in the world amid these crazy times and I was Gifted with one more Magical happening to report on today, courtesy of Dave Rubin of the Rubin Report.

The Rubin Report – Gavin Newsom Recall

I receive email notifications of some of My favourite YouTuber’s and podcasts, one of which is the Dave Rubin Report. I started My [internet] day by watching the most recent Rubin Report (featured above) and one of the things Dave has been war King on promoting is a petition to recall Gavin Newsom (governor of California) for his draconian response to the covid plandemic. They required a minimum of 1.5 million Signatures on the petition and managed to exceed the minimum by over 500,000! I find that pretty impressive and very encouraging because it Shows just how many People feel the lockdowns and mandated masks are not the right call in response to covid. It is also encouraging as a reminder of just how Powerful the People really are when We are war King together.

Now, despite that Good News, the political ‘establishment’ Will always try to discredit People who disagree with the mainstream, globalist narrative and they are already suggesting the two million People who petitioned the recall are ‘racist’, ‘Trump supporters’, part of the ‘3% group’ (whatever that is) and ‘Q-anon conspiracy theorists’. All One can really do when We hear these things is laugh. Despite knowing that this kind of rhetoric Will catch on and become the main narrative for those who are buying into this covid fraud, I believe the petition Will pass and Gavin Newsom Will be removed. It’s a step in the right direction and once again, Shows what the People are capable of when We combine Our efforts. I’ll be keeping tabs on this to see how it Plays out and keep You Posted.

The other Good News article I Wish to share with You today comes courtesy of Mark Keenan, former United Nations Environmental Affairs Officer who shares his insight on the coronavirus plandemic, speaking from a perspective of first hand knowledge of his experience with the U.N.. I sincerely hope You Will take the time to read the article because You Will notice that there is a continuous theme regarding the globalist agenda and I’m going to include a quote from the article which supports an Idea I have been Writing about here for quite some time. I also think it is something most of Us are aware of at some degree though most of Us have been conditioned to accept what We know as ‘normal’, perhaps because We feel it deals with an Issue too grand for any of Us to take on individually. What am I tall King about? Well, the global economy, of course. Here’s what Mark Keenan has to say on the Matter:

“For decades, the international privately owned banking system has created debt-money from nothing and charged all governments and people often extortionist interest on it (usury). By this and other mechanisms it bled a significant percentage of the profits of the world’s nations. This resulted in immense wealth and political power for a tiny minority that own the private system of worldwide banking, but placed a financial debt burden of control on the nations of the world.”

Mark Keenan, Former United Nations Environmental Affairs Officer

And People say that I use the Word treason too loosely when I speak of government and Canada’s banking act. When a foreign power gains control of a nation’s economy, they have effectively been economically hijacked and are at the mercy of their creditors. By allowing private banks to create Canada’s money supply from nothing and charge interest to the Canadian People to pay it back, it is nothing short of a sophisticated debt slave system. The interest never enters the economy, can only be printed by the private banks that created the principal, and such a system cannot do anything but Create massive income disparity. The only Way any individual can pay back any loan is by taking the surplus interest from their fellow Man. Eventually, such a system leaves some People completely destitute which is why the number of poor continually increases and the ‘middle class’ are barely able to scrape by. The Idea that Canada’s economy can ever ‘grow’ organically from entrepreneurial ventures or wise business practices is a fallacy. The only Way it presents ‘equal opportunity’ is in its power to make all Canadians equally bankrupt.

The beauty of this is that more and more People are waking up to these facts. Another piece of Good News I have for You today is directly related to the global banking system as a private (presumably reasonably wealthy) family has filed a lawsuit against all the major world banks (IMF, World Bank and the Rockefeller family/Foundation) for their participation in the creation of a debt based economic system designed to enslave all of the world’s sovereign nations. There are numerous counts of treason (one count for every country borrowing from a central bank) and the lawsuit cites violations of all thirty of U.N.’s Declaration of Rights and Freedoms. Problem is, I’m not entirely sure how credible the lawsuit is so I’m going to continue keeping an eye on it for the next little while and see if it goes anywhere. I did view actual documents filed with the U.N. for crimes against humanity but there has been no response from the respondents and it appeared they were already in default for failing to respond to the charges so I Will wait to see if anything comes from it. So why am I sharing it with You if it might not mean anything? Because there are no coincidences and We are looking at all things here through the eyes of a Mystic. A lawsuit has identified the global, economic fiat system of currency as treasonous to all countries of the world. I have been saying this for well over ten years and I take comfort in knowing I am not the only One to feel this Way, whether the lawsuit goes anywhere or not.

Imagine for a moment if You were actually one of the individuals responsible for creating the World Bank. How much ‘money’ would You need? None. You have the power to create money for every nation on the planet. As I have suggested before, money is a control system and is exclusively for slaves.

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The article I have included today by Mark Keenan also discusses how countries controlled by economic powers do not actually have any freedom of choice, even in democratic countries because everything is manipulated by money and economic interest. Doesn’t Matter which Party You vote for because the People Giving Canada the money control the narrative. The creditor is the authority of all contracts. A debtor is a slave – PERIOD!

Wow, I’m already at 1,200 Words and I try to Keep Posts between 1,000 and 1,500 lest it be too much for the Common Man’s attention span (not a theory – I did research to find out how long a typical Post should be and it seems reasonable so I stick with it).

The ‘Lucky’ Part of this Magical Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday is that I did not know or expect David Rubin would have the recall petition submitted today despite knowing it is something he has been war King to promote on his Show for some time. Congratulations Dave and all other Californian’s who Played their Part.

Love and Blessings!


  1. The bible tells you to seek the kingdom of God first and everything shall be added unto you…
    Money is just a tool and an energy but sure we can reconnect with the flow of life and the divine spiritual aspect simultaneously within and so without to upgrade our understanding inside outside and so be the change we wish to see in the world ( according to Mahatma Ghandi ).

  2. No matter how long seems the darkness of the night,
    The sun would be definitely shining bring ,
    Not so far from our sight , things in peace are all right.

    The love of God is in everyone and everything,
    after autumn and the winter ,
    Shall come the spring ,
    Birds always travel and sing ,
    Unlimited blessings would they bring ,
    God requires from us nothing,
    Except to spread the light and allow love to brighten and spring …
    ( we shall all people on earth fill ourselves with love , forgiveness and light to allow the spirit of the divine to flow and shine through us ) .

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