Volume CLVI: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; He Art in Heaven

Hello every One and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King You for joining Me. I am thing King this Post Will be one of the most inspirational and constructive I’ve Writ in some time as I Will be tall King about how recent events have been motive-a-Sean all for Me, and I am hoping to share some of that enthusiasm with You.

First, today’s feature photo is the new portrait (por-trait/for traits [of Character]) I am war King on and I Wish to talk about the Power of Art and Creation. Yesterday I mentioned that I had participated in a Zoom call with Russell Brand and members of his community which ended with a meditation session. I meditate everyday, so it’s not like it’s anything new for Me but yesterday’s experience was vastly different.

It was like I was somehow ‘connecting’ with every One else on the call, as if I could feel their Love and Energy flowing through Me. I felt more invigorated and inspired after a five minute session than I typically do after forty-five minutes of meditation on My own. When it was over, a project I’ve had in the back of My Mind seemed suddenly paramount. Perhaps it was because one of the things discussed on the call was making an effort to make one room in One’s apartment or home as beautiful and welcoming as possible. This is something I whole heartedly believe.

Well, I’ve also had a number of Issues going on with Ontario Works that are directly related to My health and well being that have somewhat consumed My Mind as of late. I am thing King this is something We are all subject to from time to time. Meditation may be a great Way of clearing the slate at the end of the day (which is when I usually meditate, just before bed) but We wake up to the same mental clutter that requires some clean up. The moment I picked up My paint brush and palette to get started, all the clutter in My Mind began to clear. Even stranger, I felt as if I was literally receiving Spiritual Energy through the top of My head that was moving through Me and into the paint and the brush I was war King with – as if I were transferring Spiritual Energy to the wall of My apartment and I am Writing to tell You this because I believe that is precisely what is happening when I do this. I’ve said before that I believe Writing and Artwork are Powerful forms of Magic and this was experiential proof of this philosophy.

Even after I had finished war King on the painting, I felt more Energized and invigorated than I had before I began. I haven’t been tall King about war King out lately, mostly because I’m not doing it. I feel inwardly guilty for breaking My commitment to make war King out a part of My daily routine and I am consciously aware of the fact it is something I Wish to resume and have been making excuses for. Primarily because I require a substantial diet to supplement the extra energy and although I acknowledge it is an excuse, it is (currently) also perfectly legitimate. I don’t have the proper nutritious foods in My home to accommodate a new work out regiment and starting now would do more harm than Good.

But I did make a commitment to resume again on April Fool’s and that is in fact largely the motivation behind My new portrait. After a month of war King out, My body basically looks spitting image to Tyler Durden’s Character in Fight Club – true Story. Even My Tuesday Tell a Vision Interpret-a-Sean of Fight Club was partially motivated by My subconscious desire to begin war King out again as it allows Me to visualize the body I could have if I were motivated to attain it. My ego struggles with this stuff, too because on One Hand My body is My temple and Kingdom so I should be Keeping it in tip top shape. On the other Hand, I was going to Show before and after pics thirty days after starting My work out regimen last year but although I have no Issues Showing a picture of My body looking frail and weak, I feel like an egomaniac when I look in the mirror and see a virtually perfect physique. Funny that, isn’t it? And that’s ALL just ego. I’m okay with the first because it is a reflection of humility and modesty but I’m not okay with the after pic because it seems vain, proud and boastful which doesn’t resonate with My ‘Spiritual’ ego. Ego is ego and it is inescapable regardless what any Spiritual master may tell You. The trick is to use it as a tool and to not be attached to it. It is not You, it is a projection of You and the Idea is to project the best Image of Self possible.

So I had these revel a Sean’s to share with You today and I feel they are important. My Mum has recently taken up a new hobby, too. She has taken to jigsaw puzzles and that brings Me tremendous joy because it is really Good for mental health to Keep the Mind active. It is also Good to hear how much she seems to be enjoying this new hobby and is now war King on her second.

Even more importantly, picking up a paintbrush and doing something to make My war King area more beautiful continues to energize Me. I swear it (the painting, even just after starting) is energizing Me. It motivated Me to take on other abandoned projects of the past, like learning a new language. I went back to My Duolingo account, logged in and decided to see if I could remember any of the Latin I had started learning. I made a number of mistakes and needed a bit of a refresher but what I’d already learned came back to Me quickly and I’m super excited to continue with that. And I really am motivated to learn a new language – in fact, I’m motivated to learn as many as I can which is One of the reasons I started with Latin; kind of the ‘Root’ of the language learning tree.

I also Wish to be tall King a little about meditation because for those of You who don’t do it or struggle with it, I have some very easy tricks for You to start with. First of all, doesn’t Matter how You do it; there really is no ‘right or wrong’ Way. Painting is in fact a type of meditation because the thought programs running through My Mind disappear and I become consumed with what I am doing. One could meditate while washing dishes just by paying attention exclusively to what One is doing and cleaning every dish as well as One can. Every Act can be a Form of Art.

The other thing about meditation is to not be too fixed on an outcome. I think this is primarily why People think they are not Good at it, they are expecting some kind of ‘result’. There Will be a result, though it may not immediately be noticeable. If there is constant chatter in One’s Mind, that’s okay! The Idea is not to put an end to the endless thoughts running through Our Mind, it is to be aware of them, to observe them, to consider where they are coming from and recognize they are not You, they are just Ideas. The more We practice the Art of meditation, the easier it becomes to be aware of One’s thoughts continuously and disregard thoughts that do not serve Our Higher purpose.

Finally, I Wish to end this Post by sharing with You a meditation technique that is the most Powerful Way of connecting with Spirit and the Universe that I am aware of and it is super easy to do. All One has to do is stand up with their feet a comfortable distance apart (usually shoulder width) and raise their Hands open to the sky reaching as High as One can. Close Your eyes and take a few breaths, feel the Grace and Glory of God moving through You. I am telling You now if You have never tried this, it is instantaneous. This meditation is especially Powerful if One does with their Hands and Head facing the Sun on a warm spring or summer day.

Alright, I’ve already Writ more than I should and Fabulous Free Lance Friday’s are My days to rant fearlessly about whatever I Wish and I haven’t ranted about anything!!! That’s a tell right there because I have plenty of things I could rant about but I am in far too High Spirited to do that today. I Will also be trying to get back to Keeping to the themes each day of the week was designed be tall King about in the Good News Journal, so tomorrow I Will share some thoughts on how I Plan to deal with events in My Microcosm for the Sensei-Sean all Simple Solutions Saturday Edition.

“He Art in Heaven = Heart in Heaven”

Thanks so much for being here.

Love and Blessings,

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