Volume CLVI: The Sensei Sean All Simple Solutions Saturday Edition; Trust In God

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Sensei-Sean-all Simple Solutions Saturday Edition, thank King You for being here. I am thing King I have an interesting and exciting edition for You today. The theme is Trust; Trust We place in elected officials, the Trust We may (or may not have) in Our Justice system, and above all (pun intended), Trust in God.

It can be difficult to articulate the importance of God for those who don’t believe in God. One does not necessarily need to believe in some omnipotent Divine Creator to believe in God, One only has to agree that there is ‘right action’ and ‘wrong action’. Where does this belief come from? What determines moral Goodness? Where does One’s conscience come from? And why do We call People who seem to have no conscience or remorse for what We consider to be an immoral act, sociopaths?

Well, I would suggest it is best summarized and simplified by the Idea that ‘God = Good’. We feel Good when We are Good to others. We feel bad when We are betrayed by others. If I were to be as King of One if they prefer to feel Good or bad, I am thing King it is reasonably safe to say almost every One would say that feeling Good is preferable to feeling bad. In fact, I would suggest it is Common sense and a reasonably self evident Truth. So why do People believe that Words on paper Give them the Power to cause harm to others, to negate what the moral conscience of the individual knows to be right or wrong?

“I say ‘Your’ civilization because as soon as We began thing King for You, it really became Our civilization.”

Agent Smith, Matrix

In My Matrix interpret-a-Sean I suggested that the Matrix actually represents the commercial world, capitalism; the Idea that a Man’s success is a measure of how much wealth she can covet from the collective. I find it rather interesting that many perceive this to be the ‘evolution’ of Man when I would suggest it represents the devolution of Man into chaos. One of the very first rules We are taught in elementary school is to ‘share and share alike’, the ‘Golden Rule’. We are taught that greed is selfish, anti-social behaviour. Yet We praise and admire the greediest, most selfish People on the planet for their incredible ability to covet resources sufficient to end all of Man’s suffering tomorrow if they could only learn to share. Why do We allow such archaic and destructive behaviour to prevail and ensue? Because We have commercial codes of conduct, Words on paper intercept Our own moral conscience and reason.

It seems sad and perhaps even a little hopeless, especially now when We see the globalist agenda tightening its stranglehold on Man’s kind, securing the last of the world’s most important resources and controlling any information that suggests this may be immoral or unethical. However, I am here to remind You that the Rule of Law is founded in the belief in God and God is Good. Without God, there is no right or wrong, there is no Good or bad, there is no consequence for immoral acts. Fortunately, the Rule of Law does exist (as does God) and it is not only a significant element of the Law, it is the very Foundation of all laws on earth.

Many of You Will know that a pastor in Canada was arrested for preaching at his church and defying the unconstitutional lockdown and mandated mask orders. The arrest attracted international publicity because the right to freely practice, worship and Trust in God is considered Sacred in all parts of the world – even for those who are not Christian. The pastor spend a month in maximum security prison for what should have been a fine. Viva Frei explains a little more and the Good that Will come from this.

Pastor Coates is being defended by the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms and You can read their full statement regarding the Pastor’s release by clicking on this sentence. As Viva Frei points out in the video, this is another example of the Good that can come from adversity. I feel for the Pastor because as much as I’ve been hassled by police for advocating for My rights over the years, I’ve never been to jail (only police holding cells and the longest was roughly sixteen hours in Toronto – believe Me, that was horrid enough!).

The Good News is that this Will be going to trial and now the onus is on the state to prove that the actions of the Pastor placed individuals at risk of serious harm. The state Will be compelled to prove beyond any shadow of doubt that lockdowns are scientifically proven to be effective, as well as the other arbitrary social policies like social distancing and mandated masks. They Will not be able to do this, so it may well be a Sign of lockdowns in Canada coming to a close. If that does prove to be the case, it will also open the doors for other lawsuits that Will be able to charge the Canadian government with criminal negligence causing harm to Canada’s People (socially, economically, mentally, whatever).

Trust in God

And, no coincidences, a Friend of mine was sharing this on Facebook recently and tagging Me in the Post. It links to ‘My Story, the Last Chapter’ and includes and excerpt from that Page:

“Kingdom Comes!!!***It is also a Trust***. Keep in Mind, I am Writing this to teach Canada’s elected officials who Will be responding to My next series of Letters, every bit as much as I am Writing to Show and inform You. In the Lord’s Prayer (no coincidences, the Name of this Prayer is Significant), the Original, ‘Thy Kingdom Comes, Thy Will is Done, On Earth as in Heaven’, is a Promise to God to Steward God’s Kingdom. A Promise does not come without Trust. A Man is not as King of some One to Promise something without One placing Trust in the individual. More importantly, it is a Covenant Man has with God – both in the Microcosm and the Macrocosm. The Ministries are bound to this ‘Trust’ every bit as much as Man, and it is this Trust the governments of Common Wealth countries are bound to Honour above all others!!! Trust Me. 😉“Canada’s constitution is Founded upon the belief in the Supremacy of God, and The Rule of Law”.

I stand on every Word of this document and every Word I have Writ in relation to it. I said that I Will be Showing You some Simple Solutions for the Saturday Edition and today in particular My intent was to share with You the legal Foundation for some of the arguments I Will be Presenting to Ontario Works with respect to their recent breach of Trust and the Willful deception of one of their case workers in particular, Orsi Vancsody. Here’s what Canada’s criminal code has to say with respect to Orsi’s breach of Trust and deception:

Criminal breach of trust

336 Every one who, being a trustee of anything for the use or benefit, whether in whole or in part, of another person, or for a public or charitable purpose, converts, with intent to defraud and in contravention of his trust, that thing or any part of it to a use that is not authorized by the trust is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years.

  • R.S., c. C-34, s. 296

I did caution the representatives of Ontario Works on several occasions that these Matters are serious and criminal if they ever come before a Justice. Now, in the event that Orsi were to claim that what she Signed is not a legally binding Trust agreement (despite those Words being used in the document), this is what Canadian law has to say about Willfully deceiving an individual or misrepresenting their intentions:


  • 380 (1) Every one who, by deceit, falsehood or other fraudulent means, whether or not it is a false pretence within the meaning of this Act, defrauds the public or any person, whether ascertained or not, of any property, money or valuable security or any service,
    • (a) is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to a term of imprisonment not exceeding fourteen years, where the subject-matter of the offence is a testamentary instrument or the value of the subject-matter of the offence exceeds five thousand dollars; or
    • (b) is guilty
      • (i) of an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years, or
      • (ii) of an offence punishable on summary conviction,where the value of the subject-matter of the offence does not exceed five thousand dollars.

This is not My Wish for Orsi Vancsody or the agents of Ontario Works, this is what Canada’s criminal code has to say on the Matter for falsely representing One’s Self and engaging in fraud with intent to deceive.

I don’t know, maybe they thought it was a joke when I placed them on Notice of Criminal liability but I’m not so sure they Will be laughing when this Matter is brought before a Justice.

So what is the summary of today’s Simple Solutions Saturday Edition? We inherently know right from wrong. Orsi knows she betrayed Me, Kristine knows Orsi betrayed Me and is asserting her criminal behaviour and breach of Trust. The simple solution, is Trust what You know to be right and do no harm. I shouldn’t need to Show Orsi that what she has done is a criminal offence, she should know right action from wrong action and that willfully deceiving an individual is both harmful and (as far as Canada’s criminal code is concerned) criminal.

Follow Your Heart, know that Man is endowed with reason and conscience and We are ‘Trusted’ to know right acts from wrong acts and there are consequences for failing to do so – whether those consequences be of this world or the next. 😉

Love and Blessings,

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