Volume CLVII: The Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition; Unrealistic Dreams are Unrealistic

Hello every One and welcome to the Magical Motive a Sean Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here. As promised, I said I would be making an effort to stay True to the intended themes of My daily Posts and Magical Monday’s were originally intended to motivate Your week, so that’s what I am hoping to do today. I’m going to start this Monday by tall King about unrealistic dreams and sharing some of Will Smith’s wisdom in this regard.

Will’s Wisdom

“I Love Living! That’s infectious; it’s something You can’t fake”

Will Smith

This is the main reason I chose to start My revamp of Motivational Monday’s with Will Smith’s inspirational message. This Blog is all about Living a Purpose Full Life. You only get one chance at Life, so You best make it count! This doesn’t mean that I Love every event that takes place and it most certainly does not mean I do not encounter hardships and challenges; those are the things that make rewards and Victories more meaningful. It isn’t half as rewarding to receive a promotion at a job You don’t like in the first place and that’s something I have considerable experience with.

Like many People, I’ve had to take jobs out of necessity to provide for My Self and if I make a commitment to someone, I do everything I can to Keep it. That means that if I take a job, even one I’m not particularly enthused about, I Give it My all. I’m reliable, I show up on time, I almost never get sick anyway so I don’t call in at the last minute saying I can’t come in, and I endeavor to fulfill the expectations of My employer to the best of My ability. Despite the fact that I don’t ever commit to employers for longer than two years as a maximum, I’ve been promoted to leadership positions in almost every single position I’ve ever held. Most of the time I don’t even want the promotion but I’ve usually accepted the position because I don’t Wish to let My employer down and often know that I’m probably the best individual for that role. Generally, that would also be when I would start looking for something new. There is no Glory in advancing in a position that has nothing to do with One’s True Purpose in Life.

“Greatness is not this wonderful, esoteric, elusive, uh… ‘God like’ feature that only the special among Us Will ever taste. It is something that Truly exists in all of Us”

Will Smith

So wise, so True. It has been difficult for some People to understand why I have such a bleeding Heart for People subject to homelessness, poverty and mental illness. It’s because I believe that We are all the Hero and the Star of Our own Story and that these individuals have some wondrous Gift that has not yet been tapped into, or is underappreciated by society. I believe with the right support and encouragement, We all have a Wondrous Gift to share with the world. When We discover what that is, We Will find Our True Purpose.

“It’s really simple. This is what I believe – and I am Willing to die for it. Period. It’s that simple.”

Will Smith

Remind You of any One? It should. It’s the main message Christ was trying to deliver to Man’s kind. Christ knew what he believed, he knew what was right and He was Willing to die for it. And in doing so, He was Gifted eternal Life; His Spirit exists in all of Us, which is why Greatness is not this elusive, esoteric feature – though I Will suggest it is God like, it does exist in all of Us.

“We had this belief growing up that where You were didn’t Matter because We were becoming something greater.”

Will Smith

Climbing Mount Everest would not feel like much of an accomplishment if You started at the top, would it? Same Idea. In fact, the more ‘hopeless’ One’s situation appears, the greater the triumph for reaching One’s goals. This directly relates to My Fight Club interpret-a-Sean where Tyler Durden encourages Our nameless Hero to hit rock bottom so he can re-invent his Life and Purpose.

The only thing that I see that is distinctly different about Me is, I’m not afraid to die on a treadmill. You might have more talent than Me, You might be smarter than Me… But if We get on a treadmill together there are only two things; You are going to get off that treadmill first, or I am going to die. It’s really that simple!”

Will Smith

I’m going to comment here again because I can totally relate to this. Will’s wisdom in this regard may not prove to be True on the first try, especially if the guy on the treadmill with him is an accomplished marathon champion – but the Mindset is correct.

One of the sweetest and most supportive women I ever dated knew these things about Me. I Love cycling and for Me it’s not trails or downhill obstacle courses, it’s the thrill of speed fueled by Me – road cycling, getting to a destination faster than People in cars. I mentioned once to My girlfriend that racing bicycles would probably be a lot of fun. “Too bad You’re too old for that now,” she replied. (I was 31 at the time.)

Well, that was it – the bet was on! I told My girlfriend that I could school People half My age if I wanted to and told her I would win the [open] novice category local club race. (One can also choose to compete exclusively within a ten year age group, the open category is all ages and typically much younger riders, at least in the novice division).

This wasn’t something We wasted any time putting to the test, I Signed up online that night and went out to the very next club race. Thirteen laps of a 1km course (which is basically a sprint, a very fast race). I didn’t know a thing about racing, I wasn’t part of a team and My brother who won the Ontario cup in his category for cross country racing, advised Me the best thing to do was sprint ahead of the group right out of the gate and hold Your lead ’till the end. That strategy is great for single track racing but is the polar opposite of what One should do in a road race.

I was humiliated. I started off strong and thought I was doing great until the peloton passed Me like a freight train. People were pointing and laughing, I could hear My girlfriend cheering Me on but I couldn’t even look at her I was so embarrassed. But I didn’t quit. I was determined to complete the thirteen laps regardless and was lapped a second time before it was over. I realized this was not going to be anywhere near as easy I thought it would be. However, the People who had been pointing and laughing when I was first lapped also began cheering Me on. When I finally finished, I made Friends with My first competitive rider and We began training together – hard!

The next year I destroyed the field in the novice category and won the club race I had set out to win the first year. That included a two week vacation where (obviously) I won no points because I wasn’t there. I needed to win both the race and what they call a ‘prime’ lap to win the season. For the ‘prime lap’ they ring a bell and the first person to cross the line on the following lap gets an additional two points. I needed it all to win by one point or My nearest competitor would have taken the title. On the way to the final race My girlfriend said to Me, “Do You think You Will win?”

“I did not work this hard to lose!!!”, and I sped off to the race, furious. She was an angel – she knew that was exactly the question she needed to ask Me to put Me in the mindset to win.

“Don’t ever tell Me there is something You can’t do!”

Will Smith

“You don’t set out to build a wall. You don’t set out to build the biggest, baddest, greatest wall that’s ever been built! You don’t start there. You say I’m going to lay this brick as perfectly as a brick can be laid, and You do that every single day – and soon You have a wall!”

Will Smith

Okay, I’m well over 1,000 Words already so I might actually touch on some of Will’s other points in the next Motivational Monday Edition because all of it is Gold. It is one of My favourite motivational videos of all time because all of it is True. Keep in Mind, You’re reading a Blog Writ by a Man who has been telling his family and Friends for the better part of My Life that One day I Will accomplish peace in the world. I’m sure You can Imagine how many People told Me My Dream is ‘unrealistic’. Well, when One begins to Truly comprehend the Power of Our thoughts and Ideas, they Will also begin to understand that the Idea that something is unrealistic, is unrealistic.

More on that next week. I hope You enjoyed the video and found something of Value to Motivate Your Monday – make it Magical, it’s all up to You.

Love and Blessings,

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