Volume CLVII: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; Fight Club, Part XIII

Hello every One, and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for joining Me. Last week Tyler had terrified a convenience store clerk into fulfilling his Life’s Purpose and the next scene begins with Our nameless Hero showing some compassion for Marla for a second time.

“I’ll be out of Your Way in a sec.” – Marla

“You don’t have to go.”


“No, I mean it’s OK.”

This begins one of the first conversations We’re privy to since Marla started frequenting the house to visit Tyler. Our nameless Hero asks her what it is about weak People latching onto People of strength. Of course he’s referring to Marla’s relationship with Tyler but it’s a Quest-Ion he could easily be as King of himself and perhaps that’s why he’s as King; maybe he’s trying to understand his own infatuation with Tyler Durden. Marla doesn’t answer and turns the interrogation back on Our Hero, as King what he’s getting out of it. The conversation is cut short when Tyler calls up from the basement and reminds Our nameless Hero that he’s not allowed to mention his name to Marla or discuss their relationship. The conversation is abruptly terminated and Marla makes her usual exit by storming out of the house.

There’s a young man standing on the front porch and Our Hero asks Tyler what’s going on.

“The applicant waits for three days without food, shelter, or encouragement. He may then enter and begin his training.”

“Training for what?”

The Quest-Ion is never answered but Our nameless Hero follows along telling the first applicant he’s too young and to go home. Like guards outside Buckingham Palace, the young man seems unaffected, standing tall like a well trained soldier. The berating of this young man continues and intensifies to test his resolve; hitting him with broom, threatening to call the police but nothing phases him. He endures the three days and is allowed to enter. Bob is the second applicant and doesn’t do so well.

After Tyler tells Bob he’s too fat and his ‘tits’ are too big, he is visibly crushed, grabs his belongings and starts to leave. The compassion of Our nameless Hero is exposed once again as he chases after Bob and begins whispering in his ear, presumably telling Bob it’s just a test he must endure to begin his training.

Soon there are a number of men lined up and several successful applicants. We’re not really sure what they are doing, though in one scene We can see they are working hard to plant a garden, others are tirelessly cleaning and scrubbing their filthy house. Our Hero has no Idea what Tyler up to but doesn’t seem to Mind.

“Why was Tyler Durden building an army? For what purpose? For what greater Good?.. In Tyler We Trusted.”

I placed Trust in italics because where We place Our Trust is paramount to Living a Purpose full Life and I have said that no Word or detail in a film is arbitrary.

In the next scene they are all celebrating an apartment building fire with graffiti of a large happy face on the side as the event is broadcast on the evening news. Everyone but Our nameless hero, that is.

“What the fuck did You guys do?” (Horrified)

Enthusiastic laughter ensues because they think he’s being sarcastic. When they realize he’s serious, the laughter stops and one of the men finally responds.

“Sir, first rule of Project Mayhem is You do not ask questions, sir.”

The next scene is the first time We see Tyler’s new army (including Our nameless Hero) terrorize the man in charge of the investigation.

“The People You are after are the People You depend on. We cook Your meals, We haul Your trash, We connect Your calls, We drive Your ambulances, We guard You while You sleep. Do not fuck with Us!”

Tyler Durden

The man nods his head in agreement (his mouth is gagged with electrical tape so he can’t speak), clearly terrified.

“I am Jack’s inflamed sense of rejection.”

Nameless Hero

Although Our Hero was part of this little terrorist soiree, he is not congratulated for his participation by Tyler or ‘high fived’ by the rest of the group. They all leave the hotel in a hurry and it appears they are off to celebrate but We’re not sure.

We jump back to Fight Club and it’s Our nameless Hero taking out his ‘inflamed sense of rejection’ on one of the other members. We see the more psychotic side of Tyler surface in Our nameless Hero as he beats a Man senseless. It also doesn’t help him win any favour with his peers; they remain silent with disgust, even Tyler asks, “where did You go, psycho boy?”.

This is the real internal struggle of Our Hero’s Character development. He admires Tyler for his confidence, the conviction of his actions, and his ‘bad boy’ nature. But where does One draw the line? When has One gone too far? We begin to see these Quest-Ions surfacing in Our nameless Hero. He often refers to himself in the third person, ‘Jack’s inflamed sense of rejection’; could his name be Jack?

One of the members of Tyler’s army delivers a car valet style and Our nameless hero begins to interrogate Tyler as King why he was not told about Project Mayhem. A two man choir in the back of the car respond.

“First rule of Project Mayhem is You do not ask questions, sir!”

“Why was I not included from the beginning?”, Our Hero insists?

“Fight Club was the beginning. Now it’s moved out of the basements and it’s called Project Mayhem.”

The two men begin their first real conversation since they first met and Tyler shares some revelations with Our Hero. He tells him they’re not partners, to lose his delusions about their friendship and finally asks him,

“Why do You think I blew up Your condo? Hitting bottom is not a weekend retreat, it’s not a goddamn seminar!”

Tyler Durden, Fight Club

Our Hero is initially shocked but We do get a sense that he knew it was Tyler all along because he accepts the news as if he should have known. The two bicker back and forth as Tyler complains that Our hero has still not learned to ‘let go’ and tells him to relax as he takes his hands off the steering wheel while accelerating the vehicle.

That’s a Good place to leave off for this week, though I do Wish to touch on One more detail before doing so. Keep in Mind, no detail is unintentional. The building that was set on fire is called the Parker Morris building. Significance?

Well, Sir Parker Morris led up a housing commission advocating that the standard of living of social housing needs to match the rise in living standards. Ottawa Housing could benefit a great deal from Sir Parker Morris’s assessment of living standards if they would be open to listening. My guess is that they chose the Parker Morris building to make a public statement about the deplorable living conditions of social housing units… For the greater Good. 😉

Until next week,

Love and Blessings,

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