Volume CLVII: The Thursday Thing King Edition; Canada is not a Republic

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thursday Thing King Edition, thank King You for joining Me. I do have an informative Edition for You today as I Will be tall King about a point I am in disagreement with respect to Rocco Galati’s assertion that Canada is a republic and not a Constitutional Democratic Monarchy.

To begin, it is important to source My information as well as My movite-a-Sean for this Post which is in response to Rocco Galati’s Newsletter.

“Over the last week, in response to the interview of Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, there has been discussion in the press (CBC (the Current) and Global News) about the difficulties that Canada might face if there were to be an attempt to cut ties with the Monarchy. This debate misses an important point. There are no longer any ties to the Monarchy.”

Rocco Galati, Newsletter, March 15, 2021

I strongly encourage You to read the article defining Rocco’s position on this point which I strongly disagree with. I encourage You to read the article because it is reasonably short and to the point, and I Will not be citing many of his arguments because I believe they are mute. My arguments to the contrary are substantial and this is in an effort to Keep this Post a reasonable length.

In short, Rocco asserts that Canada officially cut ties with the Monarchy by Way of the Constitution Act of 1982. If One walks through downtown Ottawa there is a memorial to this event which shows a picture of Her Majesty Signing this Act. Obviously, I cannot speak for Her Majesty but I Imagine Her Grace finds these moments somewhat humorous.

Does a Man ask for permission to drive his own car? No, of course not. Why then would One be as King for permission to govern One’s country without interference? The Act of as King for permission to govern One’s own country is much like as King for permission to govern One’s own Life. If the decision is in the Hands of some One other than the individual, the individual is not Acting in their Sovereign capacity. But that’s only the beginning.

In Order for Canada to be autonomous and break its ties with the Monarchy, Canada must be completely independent from the Crown. This means that Canada would have its own Postal Service and print its own coin. Rocco refers to the ‘Letters Patent’ which he once again claims gave Canada the right to govern itself independently. He neglects to mention that the Powers invested in Canada by the Letters Patent had specific limitations, and that not all the Powers of the Sovereign were invested (or transferred) to Canada’s Governor General.

Rocco Galati specifically refers to the Letters Patent of 1947 which states:

“We do hereby authorize and empower Our Governor General, with the advice of Our Privy Council for Canada or of any members thereof or individually, as the case requires, to exercise all powers and authorities lawfully belonging to Us in respect of Canada.” Crown prerogatives delegated by the Letters Patent include the right to grant royal assent to legislation (the last step in creating new laws), the ability to appoint and suspend judges, commissioners and ministers, the right to grant Crown pardons for legal offences, and to administer the Oath of Allegiance.”

Letters Patent, 1947

So a couple of things to point out here. The first and most glaringly obvious, is the use of the Word “Our Governor General”. The Governor General has and always Will represent the Crown in Canada. The Word “Our” is possessive and is defined as follows:

‘Our’, definition: belonging to or associated with the speaker and one or more other people previously mentioned or easily identified.

This could easily be compared with a child as King of One’s parents for more responsibility; perhaps to take care of One’s siblings without requiring a babysitter, for example. The request was Granted. Only One with authority over another has the Power to grant or deny privileges in the first place – that must be clearly understood. That is also why I have suggested that Canada is not independent of the Crown and Her Majesty is the assurance of the inherent rights of Canada’s People.

Canada’s independence is something of a joke and probably more laughable to Her Majesty than the People of Canada who truly understand this. Canada Post is a franchise corporation of Royal Mail which is the British postal service and owned by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Canada did not create its own, Sovereign postal system, it requested permission to change the name to reflect the corporation of Canada as an independent state under the Crown; permission was granted. Canada did not ever gain the right to print or mint its own coin, it simply gained the right to print the coin of the Queen’s realm independently and without interference. Again, this might be comparable to children as King of their parents if they Promise to stay in the yard, can they play without their parents interference or supervision? “Well, so long as You Promise to stay in the yard, dear.”

Now Keep in Mind, this started over one hundred and fifty years ago when the colonists first decided they did not Wish to pay taxes and decided that they would Keep the new land and resources for themselves, claiming they Wished for independence. I have mentioned before that none of what these colonists accomplished would ever have been possible without Her Majesty and the knowledge of Her chief officers who embarked on the mission in the first place. None of these individuals would have had the first clue how to set up an economy, a court system, a postal system, nor would any of the sophisticated roadways, city infrastructure or building expertise be possible without master masons sent specifically for the purpose of accomplishing these tasks to ensure the People who colonized Canada would have all the comforts of ‘home’ as quickly as possible. When they first complained about taxes and said they Wished for independence and asserted they would fight the Queen (or King at the time), I’m sure the first thought was, “What do We do with these ungrateful sods? Do We charge them with treason and hang them all?”

Fortunately, the Crown used covert means to maintain control. The Crown has maintained control of the postal and economic system of Canada and the individuals who claimed independence and the officials representing Canada’s People as government still don’t have the first clue how a Sovereign country operates – so there is really no harm in allowing the children to believe they are all grown up and capable of governing themselves.

I’m already over 1000 Words so I’m going to wrap this up. My final assertion that Canada is still very much a Constitutional Democratic Monarchy and Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II remains Canada’s head of state is the government of Canada website and the Oath of the Canadian citizen.

If Canada is no longer under the influence of the Crown, then why do all Canadians swear allegiance to Her Majesty, Her heirs and successors? If Canada were an independent, sovereign republic, Canadians would pledge to protect a constitutional agreement determined by the People and an independent head of state.

I also Wish to suggest that this is Good News! This is one of the things that took a little ‘maturity’ on My part to fully comprehend because I once also believed the rhetoric that I would hear – that the Crown was evil and responsible for the genocide of millions of indigenous People in Canada. The Crown didn’t do that, People presuming to Act on behalf of the Crown did that and it was despicable, immoral behaviour which only demonstrated how far any of those demanding independence were from any competence or morality by which to accomplish it.

This is why the Governor General of Canada represents Her Majesty and why the Queen and Crown remain the head of state – Canada’s elected officials are completely ignorant and clueless with respect to what it means to be sovereign and are all but completely disconnected from their Divine source of morality. This is also why whenever there is a very serious Matter before Canada’s courts, it is always ‘REGINA VS. _______” or “__________ VS. REGINA”.

If elected officials fail to Honour Her Majesty’s Promise to protect the Sovereign rights of Canada’s People, it is as much an attack upon Her Majesty’s Sovereignty as it is an attack upon the Sovereignty of Canadians.

Wow, I do have more important updates for You including ‘news’ that Merovitz Potechin has tried to resend the Letter, though this time despite being appropriately addressed, it was delivered to My neighbour! I also have a sample letter/lawsuit filed by an advocacy group called ‘Action for Canada’ that cites Canada’s international obligations to the U.N. Covenant on Civil and Political Freedoms, a document I have cited in My lawful arguments several times. It is very much a legal and lawful international obligation, but I Will get into all of that in tomorrow’s ‘Free Lance Friday Edition’.

Thank You so much for being here,

Love and Blessings,


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