Volume CLVII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Thy Kingdom Comes, Thy Will is Done

Hello every One, and welcome to the Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King You for being here. Once upon a time I Writ a short series of Posts that were something of a Magical Story where the reader would find their Way to a Magical room I Created in My Mind Called ‘the Temple of Equated Forces’. The Good News Journal is that new Temple of Equated Forces.

Perhaps the most Magical aspect of Writing is that it is an invitation to visit a Man’s Mind (regardless her kind/sex). That is also why the Word ‘House’ represents the Mind of Man and the Sir name of the Man’s Father. The father’s Ideas are passed onto the Son. This is true with respect to the moral Values One may Establish for their family and to the information contained in the DNA the father Gives to the Mother when fertilizing the egg. The Mother is exclusively responsible for the Creation of the physical body in its entirety, which is why the Mother represents the Land and all things physical in the Universe. Boats, for example, are always considered feminine and Given names accordingly.

I could get even deeper here if I were to get into detail with respect to the Birth Certificate, the piece of paper many use to identify their Life in this world. It is feminine by nature as it is an inanimate, physical object. It also has no father. So any One who claims to be the [birth] Certificated person is also a bastard, at least legally. Sounds nasty but all One has to do is be familiar with Game of Thrones or watch a few episodes to know how that bastards had very few rights back in the day because children born out of wedlock were considered to be an abomination in the eyes of God. Times have changed but the Laws have not, contrary to what many People may think. Those who know the Truth know that slavery was never abolished, they just made everyone slaves to preserve the illusion of equality. Similarly, bastards were never Given the rights of those with a Father; instead they declared all certified persons fatherless, bastards in the eyes of God. The bastard children (all certified persons by Way of Birth Certificates) are adopted by the Roman Catholic Church. Does it now make sense why the Head of Roman Catholic Law is called the “Pope” (which means papa, or Father)?

So the Mother of Law is the Queen, responsible for the physical Matter We use to identify Our Self, and her consort is the Pope who represents the Highest authority of Law on Earth. This is why I say that the Father and Mother of Man’s Macrocosm are the Pope and the Queen, regardless how One may feel about it. That’s also why the Bible is so important and relevant to Our system of Law. If One really Wishes to know and understand the Law, read the Bible; it is the only Book One needs. There have even been cases where People have entered the entire JKV Bible onto the court record as their defense and it is always accepted. (Most of the main world religion’s primary Book of teaching can be entered onto the Court of Record, this does not apply exclusively to the Christian doctrines – but the laws of Our current world were founded upon the RCC’s version of the Bible, which is also why there was a collective decision to use the Christian, Anno Domini calendar.)

I didn’t even mean to get off on this tangent but that’s the freedom I Give My Self on Free Lance Friday’s. What I really Wish to be tall King with You about today are the Good things going on in Man’s Macrocosm and some of the things I am war King on in My Microcosm.

For starters, I discovered yesterday that Merovitz Potechin LLP has tried to resend the Letter previously returned to sender for incorrect ‘D.B.A.’, and it sounds as if it was properly addressed. I received the news from My neighbour yesterday who told Me it had been placed in his drop box by mistake. He also said it was “addressed to church of God or something?”.

I laughed and confirmed, “‘Kingdom of God’, is what it should read.”

“Yeah, something like that. I knocked on Your door but You didn’t answer so I dropped it back in the mail box.”

Unfortunately, My neighbour is also a very heavy drinker and although he appeared to be only mildly under the influence when I saw him yesterday, his memory of the event seemed poor and he did not confirm if he had Writ on the envelope to return to sender or just dropped it back in the mail ‘as is’. Either Way, I emailed Noah again to explain what happened and assured him I am anxious to receive his letter and Will confirm when I do.

So that is something to be looking forward to because I find it very interesting. It’s not a lawsuit filing or it would be sent by some means that requires proof of service, and because it’s not a lawsuit filing, I can’t Imagine what else they may have to say that they cannot express in an email (which was how We were routinely communicating for all previous correspondences, and is also considered proof of service due to covid precautions). Nothing in the mail today but perhaps I Will have that to look forward to early next week.

No Word from any One at Ontario Works or the city of Ottawa in response to My second complaint or the Notice of Criminal liability that was served to them on March 22. I did follow up with Ottawa Health and advised them that the request by My case worker is incorrect and unreasonable, subjecting Me to potentially Life threatening harm (if We believe what Health Canada and mainstream media are telling Us about covid and the risks) and asked for an extension of My health benefits. They responded today with some nonsense about how I can visit with a ‘virtual doctor’ online for the approval. Again, how insane is this? A doctor can assess My health ‘virtually’ and determine My needs for a dietary allowance necessary for My health? No, of course not. The doctor is only going to endorse what I tell the doctor to endorse. Because I know this Will be the outcome anyway, it is ridiculous that I should need the doctor to endorse anything. The only reason they are requiring Me to do this is so that the doctor can bill Me for doing so and charge it to Canada’s health insurance plan. It’s all about money, folks, nothing to do with what is in the best interest of My health and well being, much less My right to autonomy over My own health care needs which is protected by Canada’s Charter. In fact, case law on the Charter’s website Gives an example of this exact right being trespassed upon by the Director of Child and Family services:

“Section 7 also protects a sphere of personal autonomy involving “inherently private choices” that go to the “core of what it means to enjoy individual dignity and independence” (Godbout v. Longueuil (City)[1997] 3 S.C.R. 844 at paragraph 66; Association of Justice Counsel v. Canada (Attorney General)2017 SCC 55 at paragraph 49). Where state compulsions or prohibitions affect such choices, s. 7 may be engaged (A.C. v. Manitoba (Director of Child and Family Services)

“…Where state compulsions affect such choices,” is directly relevant to My current situation.

Again, I took the liberty of sending a copy of this paragraph to Orsolya and OW but they are not budging on their decision and there is no doubt in My Mind I Will Win when I Present this Matter to a Court, so I Will be as King for criminal prosecution for ignoring the case law and precedence cited (because it indicates they do know how a Canadian justice has ruled on this issue in the past and are STILL Willfully trespassing upon My rights – so this shows intent to violate charter rights and cause Me harm by Way of mental and economic duress.)

Also, another rights advocacy group Called Action4Canada has posted a Freedom and Rights Notice and it reads ‘front line workers, first responders and law enforcement’. The video they have Created is excellent so I’m sharing that with You today and they also have something of a ‘sample notice’ for rights violations.

There is a lot of Good information in the sample Notice and overall, it is reasonably well done. The main Issue I have with it is the very first line:

“Freedom and Rights Notice: First Responders – Law Enforcement – Front-Line Workers Coalition”.

This makes it sound like the Notice is for first responders, law enforcement and front line workers, though after reviewing the website and reading the notice in its entirety, this is a notice from individuals represented by one of these groups to provincial and territorial premiers in Canada and their health officers.

What I like most about this and the main reasons I’m sharing it with You today is to show You how many People are war King to protect the rights of Canada’s People (I’ve also previously mentioned Rocco Galati and Ezra Levant), and because they cite the U.N. Covenant on Civil and Political Freedoms in their Notice. I have suggested many times that the U.N. Covenant is a very powerful document and that all countries that have ratified the Covenant are legally bound by it – it essentially determines the limitations of the government of Canada’s legislative capacity. This is how it reads in the Notice prepared by Action4Canada:

“AND WHEREAS the Governor in Council, in taking such special temporary measures, would be subject to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Bill of Rights and must have regard to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, particularly with respect to those fundamental rights that are not to be limited or abridged even in a national emergency.” – Action4Canada

Obviously, Ontario Works and their representatives are also subject to the Charter, Bill of Rights and Covenant, they are not above the law, regardless what is Writ in their Act. So when I file My lawsuit against OW for these trespasses, not only does it stand to provide an avenue for justice for Me, it stands to change the Act itself as all parts of the Act are subject to these laws and their legislation is negligent, as are the agents who fail to acknowledge or protect these fundamental rights. Keep in Mind, ALL of Canada’s laws are allegedly legislated to provide protection of Charter rights – nothing else. Politicians have just been having a party celebrating the ignorance of the average Canadian.

So it was very encouraging for Me to see others citing the U.N. Covenant on Civil and Political Rights in their legal arguments.

Wow, once again I’m Way over My usual Post length but one more thing I Wish to say before I Sign off today is that I received a Notice of copyright violation for downloading some video data. I download just about everything and this is only the second official notice I’ve ever received but it came within minutes of downloading the data in question. My service provider Will not provide My IP address to the company who sent the notice unless they are ordered by a court to do so, so the notice wasn’t technically served to Me. Funny thing is, I kind of Wish it was so that I could Show You how to respond to such a Notice.

It is highly unlikely they Will file for a court order to obtain My IP address simply because it costs corporations to do so and they Will Wish to ensure they can recover the costs for filing. In Order to have any ‘real’ case against Me, they Will also have to prove that the copyright violation was malicious or caused them harm in some Way. Virtually impossible. Finally, there are absolutely no laws preventing an individual from ‘fair use’ for sharing material for educational or informational purposes. Fight Club would be an example of a film I downloaded for My Fight Club interpret-a-Sean. Whoever owns that film would have to show that My downloading the film caused them harm. Even if they were to suggest that I should have purchased a dvd of the film if I Wish to analyze it for My audience, I could easily argue that My interpretation of the film provides free advertising and is likely to result in more sales. They would have to prove that’s not true, which would be virtually impossible.

Alright, that’s it for today’s Free Lance Friday. What I’m noticing most is that People are beginning to wake up to the corruption of government in growing numbers every day and more and more lawsuits are being filed against the Canadian government and their agencies everyday. This is how positive change happens! How should We govern Our Self in these treacherous times?

“Thy Kingdom Comes, Thy Will is Done – On Earth as in Heaven.” – The Rule of Law

Love and Blessings,

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