Volume CLVIII: The Terrific Two’s Day Edition; An Email From Orsi

Hello every One and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Terrific Two’s Day Edition. Can’t guarantee I Will have two Posts for You today as I am war King on a lot of personal projects in My Microcosm so not sure if I Will make the time for a Fight Club Interpret-A-Sean tonight but I can Promise to have the next install-Ment (Mind) later in the week as I am officially back to Writing regularly. As always, thank King You for joining Me.

My sleep has been highly erratic this last month as a result of all the things I am war King on in My Microcosm and trying to figure out how I Will survive this month with My dietary allowance being revoked by Ontario Works. I really have exhausted every resource available to Me in hopes of resolving that Issue ‘under duress and without prejudice’ but it simply wasn’t possible. Walk in clinics were requiring appointments and I haven’t activated My phone in months, (also because I really can’t afford to) so I wasn’t even able to get the form Signed ‘under duress’.

I share these stories with You because I know there are so many others who are far worse off than Me and far less able to advocate for their rights than I am, so My intent is to share with You the reality of what it is like for People dependent on government for support, and most of these individuals do not have a choice about their situation.

When I was as ‘plugged in’ to the Matrix as every One else, I would always Give a toonie to as many as I was able on My Way home from a bartending shift and would constantly reflect on how disgusted I was with Canada’s government. I had no Issue with paying taxes if those taxes were taking care of those less fortunate but I was always painstakingly aware that was not the case and I always felt powerless to do anything about it. I once believed that One Man could never really make a difference, now I know better.

I always say that We are all Actors Playing a Part on the world’s Stage, each of Us have Our Role in the Program. I even remember telling My Brother once that I don’t regard Life the Way many People do, I Imagine that I am something of a comic-book Hero and My special, Secret Super Power is that whatever I Visualize in My Mind Manifests. I don’t just believe I can make a difference, I know I can and I’ve already proven that to be True.

I also knew this when I started Writing this Blog, despite having no Idea how My Dreams would come to be – that was the point of Writing this Blog; to tell You about the world I am Creating for Man’s kind by Way of My Book, and an accompanying ‘journal’ to document how I make it happen.

One of the things I was (and occasionally still am) criticized for is that I do have a lot of skills and talents; I have two crane operator licenses that are Good for Life, I can do just about any kind of flooring or landscaping project, I have experience as both a cook and server in some of the world’s most prestigious restaurants, I have managed bars, coffee shops and restaurants, worked as a collection officer and an award winning sales representative and coach – when I’m forced to do manual labour, I am a virtually tireless employee, punctual and reliable. As You might Imagine, I would often have People say to Me, “why don’t You just go out and get a job?” (often followed by ‘You lazy bum’ – even if the sentiment was not spoken it was clearly implied). I’ll tell You why. Because this is My Great Work and contribution to the Universal Product-Sean. ūüėČ

So I didn’t even sleep last night, which is partially why I can’t guarantee a second Post today because I also can’t sleep when the sun is shining and it’s been a beautiful day. I was too worried about what foods I would buy to survive this month while still accomplishing everything else I Wish to do. Although it doesn’t cost Me anything to file documents into the courts, it does cost Me to print the information I Wish to file and I certainly could not survive on what I would be receiving without the dietary allowance for any longer than a month – I need to get this Matter taken care of!

It also interferes with other plans to improve My own health like getting back to war King out. I can’t work out while simultaneously depriving My body of essential nutrients, I would only be compounding My problems. So I was as King of God for guidance and help which I very rarely do. A girl I dated for almost four years and knew experientially how Good God is to Me when I am as King for something once asked Me why I don’t just ask for a million dollars or something. I told her that I don’t need a million dollars and if I ask for a million dollars, I am telling the Universe I need money and that is contrary to what I am manifesting for Man’s kind which is a belief We do not need money at all. She understood this because she knew Me well and said, “but what about just as King God for enough to tide You over until money disappears from the world?”

Because it would be Given to Me and I can’t know how it would be done, I can only know it would be done. I said to her “and if the cost is a tragic accident that kills a family member or friend, how do You think I would feel about receiving the million dollars?”.

Careful what You are as King for and be sure it is what You really Wish to have. All I really was as King God for last night was to Give Me guidance, to let Me know how I would survive this coming month. I gave up on trying to sleep at just after nine o’clock in the morning and heard the ‘ping’ of an email message chime on My phone. It was Orsi from Ontario Works:

9:19 AM

Good morning 

In order to reduce your possible exposure to covid in the community and to consider your health and well being.

I wanted to let you know that a Ontario birth certificate application has been mailed to you to assist you and to reduce your need to go into public spaces at this time due to covid. Please return this application to the office at 370 Catherine st Ottawa, Ontario K1R 5T5 by mail once you have completed it.   Once received by our office we will mail the application for you.

Due to covid current monthly protocols by the province your diet for April 2021 along with your monthly benefits  will be issued on the Reloadable payment card for you on 31 March 2021 hopefully you received your card in the mail.

Thank you and Have a nice day

Orsi Vancsody

Um, yeah… So that’s why it is a Terrific Tuesday for Me and although it is only for the next month, that allows Me to take care of the other details I need to take care of to handle this Matter appropriately (and I think I may even be able to manage to start My work out routine again).

As much as I appreciate the gesture and sense they (Ontario Works) may be back pedaling to save some face knowing they are in the wrong, I did My best to return the gesture as kindly as possible while maintaining both My position and integrity:

10:13 AM

Good morning to You, too.

I am pleased to hear this news from You.¬† I do Wish for You to strongly reconsider Your position on both the Birth Certificate application and in regards to the requirement to visit a doctor or receive a doctor’s approval for My continued dietary medical benefit.¬† Until Your requirement for Me to do so is officially revoked in Writing permanently, I Will still be proceeding¬†with criminal prosecution against You specifically for breaching Your Trust agreement with Me on April 22nd.¬†

I am also happy to know I can send the hard copy application to Your office as I had intended to have the Registrar General return the Birth Certificate to You directly as it really does not have anything to do with Me, it is government property and should remain in Your custodial care if I am obligated against My Will and under duress to use one.  You should also be informed that I Will be resending the original notices sent to the Registrar General with My application and it Will clearly state that I am making the application under duress and without prejudice for threat of further economic duress and Will expect that You send the package I am preparing for the Registrar General as is.

Once again, should You choose to retract Your belief I am required to use foreign property to identify My Life and retract Your Order to infringe upon autonomy over My personal, private health care needs in violation of Canada’s Charter Rights, Section 7 a, I Will be happy to remove the International Public Notice for Your criminal trespasses upon Me and Will not prosecute on April 22nd.¬† Ball is in Your court and I really do not Wish to be compelled to file criminal charges against You.¬† As stated in My previous email, SCC has already ruled on this Matter with respect to similar requirements imposed upon individuals in receipt of the Ministry of Children and Day Care Act, and I have Noticed You are a commissioner for that Ministry also.

I can be very agreeable when People do not believe they can use Words on paper to trespass upon My rights, and the Ministry of Community and Social Services is very much SUBJECT to Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms at both the provincial and federal level.¬† The Supreme Court rulings on this Matter were sent to You in previous emails so I am not repeating them today.

Blessings, enjoy Your week,

King Sean,

House  of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God.

This Post is a little lengthier than usual so I am thank King You for bearing with Me, it really has been a Terrific Tuesday and I do have lots of exciting things on the Way for You I am war King on in My Microcosm. I may even transcend My ego and Post before and after pics if I start My workout routine!

Love and Blessings,

Post Script – One of the projects I am still war King on in My Microcosm:

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