Volume CLVIII: The Sensei Sean All Simple Solutions Saturday Edition; Home at Heart

Hello every One, and welcome to the Simple Solutions Saturday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here. My Simple Solution this Saturday is expanding on some of the other Ideas I’ve been tall King about this week to improve One’s Life. ‘Home at Heart’ specifically relates to improving One’s Living environment but on a deeper, perhaps more metaphysical or esoteric Nature, it pertains to the body that Houses the Mind and Spirit, for the Heart dwells in the body of Man. If Home is where the Heart is, then We ought take care of that Temple, too.

The Tarot Magic Trust

Today’s Post Will be a shorter one or it may not have been Writ at all. Being the Fool I am, on April 1 I decided to start a new thirty day challenge to improve My physical health and get back into war King out again. I also made a number of other commitments and Writ them on a ‘Deed List’ for the day. I became so distracted with accomplishing Deeds on My List that I lost track of the time. This meant I had failed to accomplish a Deed on My List because I didn’t Write a Blog Post before midnight. It’s the only time sensitive Deed on My List and I hadn’t really prioritized it because I’d been so Good about Writing every day that week anyway, it wasn’t a ‘new’ task, My Wish was to build upon what was already done.

The point is, I considered it a fail and went back to accomplishing the other Deeds on My List to compensate. I did get them all done – except the Blog Post and there was no real reason not to. It’s True, there was nothing I could do about getting one published before Friday midnight but there was nothing stopping Me from publishing early for Saturday. If I had, it would also have guaranteed My success when I put the same Deed on List for today.

I almost didn’t Publish a Post again today for the same reason. So there are really two Simple Solutions this Saturday.

The first solution is that I have been feeling Great about war King out again, forcing My Self to paint everyday, starting seeds for My garden, planning meals and when I’m going to eat them in relation to My workout. I made a List of Deeds that I thought might even overwhelm because there was so much on it, but only proper meals and war King out had been priorities, the rest were just ‘suggestions and goals’.

The more I got done, the better I felt and that’s why I got distracted from Writing My Blog Post in time for midnight. I also have a lot of really interesting stuff coming up in My Microcosm in the very near future that I Wish to be tall King with You about, so it wasn’t a short blurb of a Post I Wished to Write. My Wish was to emphasize how great it feels to start something like this and the kismet irony is that it has been so Good, it kept Me from telling You.

So I’m on day three now of My new workout and Self improvement routine and there really is nothing like it. Even a List with just one thing on it Will make One feel a certain sense of accomplishment when Crossing it off. The more conscious One is of how these things Will improve One’s overall Life, the better it feels. I also need to make a correction because I had said that ‘Lucky’ Wednesday was officially two consecutive weeks of daily Latin lessons on Duolingo. Turns out that’s not True, the fourteenth day was yesterday (Friday) and I have to publish this within the next few minutes so I don’t miss My lesson for today.

Secondly, Home is where the Heart is, so it only makes sense that the more inviting and beautiful One’s Home is, the better One Will feel. So My simple solution this Saturday is to put just one thing on a list that One Wishes to make a new habit that Will improve their overall quality of Life. Next, number the List and make a new one every day with the same item on the List until One reaches day thirty.

The reason a thirty day challenge is [rumoured to be] so successful is because it is long enough to develop a new habit (or at least start). So if One likes the new habit and feels their quality of Life is better for it after thirty days, it is easier to maintain without having to consciously place it on a list.

Okay, I’ve gotta get to My Latin lesson, I’ll be back tomorrow.

“He Art in Heaven” = “Heart in Heaven”; Home is where He Art.

Love and Blessings,

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