Volume CLIX: The Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition; Fight Club, Part XIV

Hello every One, and welcome to the Tell a Vision Tuesday Edition, thank King You for joining Me. In Our last episode, Tyler was just telling Our nameless Hero that he still hasn’t learned to let go as he removes his hands from the steering wheel of a car he’s driving and accelerates down the freeway. The crew members buckle up and prepare for impact.

“Haha!!! We’ve just had a near Life experience!”

Tyler Durden

They all survive and Tyler begins another of his poetic monologues;

“In the world I see, You’re stalking elk through the Grand Canyon forests around the ruins of Rockefeller Center. You’ll wear leather clothes that Will last You the rest of Your Life. You’ll climb the thick kudzu vines that wrap the Sears Tower. And when You look down You’ll see tiny figures pounding corn. laying strips of empty venison in the car pool lane of some abandoned super highway.”

Tyler Durden

These are the last Words spoken to Our nameless hero before Tyler leaves, toting a suitcase. It appears this isn’t the usual day trip for Tyler – he’s gone. The house is still filled with pledges that seem to have been left with plenty of little projects to work on in Tyler’s absence. As much as Our nameless hero would love to know what these projects are all about, “first rule of Project Mayhem is You do not ask Questions about Project Mayhem, sir!”

“I am Jack’s broken heart.” – Nameless Hero

This time We’re not really sure if We are buying into the narration of Our hero. He says he’s Jack’s broken heart but it feels empty, emotionless, like Tyler leaving was something he had been expecting.

Marla stops by and asks if she can come in. Our hero tells her that Tyler isn’t home, he’s gone. Marla looks confused but says nothing; eventually she shakes her head and walks off in typical, annoyed Marla fashion.

Our hero’s wallowing in his own pity is short lived by an emergency. While performing one of their corporate pranks, Bob gets shot in the head by police and is brought back to the house. Our Hero begins to snap. After being told by Tyler’s soldiers that those war King on Project Mayhem do not have names and to bury Bob in the yard, Our Hero corrects them and tells them that the Man does have a name, and the Man was his Friend. They acknowledge that those who die serving Project Mayhem do have a name and begin to chant ‘Robert Paulson’ (Bob) over, and over. Our nameless hero checks Tyler’s room, finds a drawer full of tickets to various cities across the U.S. and decides to try to track down Tyler.

While trying to track Tyler down, Our Hero discovers Fight Clubs in every major city – but nobody Will talk to him because We all know the first rule of Fight Club. He begins to wonder how Tyler could accomplish all of this, “Was I asleep? Had I slept? Is Tyler My bad dream, or am I Tyler’s?”

Finally, Our Hero gets a break when One of the bartenders at a club says,

“Welcome back, sir. How have You been?”

“Do You know Me?”

“Is this a test, sir?”

“No. This is not a test.”

“You are standing now exactly as You were last Thursday. Last Thursday You were here checking on security. It’s tight as a drum, sir.”

“Who do You think I am?”

“Are You sure this isn’t a test?”

“No. This is not a test.”

“Well, You’re Mr. Durden. You’re the one that gave Me this.”

And the man holds up his Hand to Show a nasty burn scar, just like Tyler gave Our nameless Hero.

And the wheels in Our Hero’s head begin to spin relentlessly – he calls Marla.

“Have We ever ‘done it’?”

“What kind of stupid question is that?”

“Stupid because the answer is yes, or no?”

“Is this a trick?”

“No, this is not a test, I need to know.”

“You want to know if We just had sex or if We’re making Love?”

“So We did make Love?”

“Is that what You’re calling it?”

“Just answer the Question, did We do it or not?”

“You fuck Me, then snub Me. You Love Me, You hate Me. You show Me a sensitive side, then You turn into a total asshole. Is that a pretty accurate description of Our relationship, Tyler?”

Marla and Tyler, Fight Club

Now this is a pretty hard conversation to Imagine from either Character’s perspective. On One Hand, Our nameless hero appears to have discovered he is Tyler Durden and has no knowledge of what happens when he becomes that Character; split personality disorder, schizophrenia. On the other Hand, We have Marla who has been having a relationship with Tyler who is completely unknown to the other personality inhabiting the same body. Not an easy conversation for either Character.

Well, if discovering One has a split personality, an entire second entity living inside One’s body with full autonomy over everything the ‘Self’ identifies with having full control over and blindfolds You while they are busy so You can’t even know what the other You is doing isn’t bad enough, Tyler appears in the vacant chair of Our Hero’s hotel room to ‘chat’ with Our Hero about mentioning his name to Marla.

Now, I Imagine this would be difficult, too. Our nameless hero now knows that Tyler Durden is a figment of his vivid Imagination that has become so real, it has literally possessed him. Now he sits across from what he must know is a projection of his own Mind. But Our nameless Hero also considered Tyler a Friend and something of a ‘Life coach’, so this is a Good opportunity for him to discover why Tyler took over.

“Why do People everywhere think I’m You?”

“Oh, come on. I think You know.”

“No. No I don’t.”

“Why would anyone possibly confuse You with Me?”

“I don’t know…” – A few flashes, memory relapse of taping a Man’s mouth shut.

“Ah, You got it.” – Another flashback of Our nameless hero acting as Tyler, intimidating a police investigator.

“Because We are the same person? I don’t understand this.”

“You wanted a way to change Your Life. You could not do this on Your own. All the ways You Wish You could be, that’s Me. I look like You wanna look, I fuck like You wanna fuck. I am smart, capable and most importantly, I am free in all the Ways You are not.”

Now Our nameless Hero, ‘Tyler’ reflects back to Marla showing up at his house and asking for Tyler. How crazy must he have looked and who could blame her for walking away?

The most important conversation comes right after this. When Our nameless hero protests and tells Tyler it can’t be true, Tyler tells Our Friend that this is something People do every single day of their lives. They believe they are something they are not. Most People have constructed only the Tyler Durden Character necessary to survive in a corporate, capitalist world. It is literally a form of psychological adaptation and it begins in school because the People who created this world understand how it all works in intricate detail, so the programs start young. We believe the Ideas about Our Self and who We are, are more ‘real’ than what is actually true.

Take for example birth registration. This is something virtually every parent in the world believes One must do yet no such requirement exists in the manifest Universe. We immediately create a false ‘I am’ doll on paper, then We Play a Part to fill that role on a Commercial stage where false profits are the star of the Show. Most People spend their entire Life being some version of Tyler Durden without ever realizing the nameless Hero that has all the Power and control. But this takes awareness and effort…

Tyler decides that now that Our nameless hero knows he’s actually Tyler Durden, it’s probably time to do something about Marla because she knows too much. Then Our Hero tells Tyler he’s not going to listen to Tyler anymore and passes out.

Alright, I Will be wrapping up Our Fight Club interpret a Sean next week, though I have a feeling I may do one final summary Post after that to go over all of Our Christ references. Essentially, what Our nameless Hero has been doing is what many devout Christians Will do in times of hardship – they Will ask Christ to Give them strength, or courage, or guidance. Our nameless Hero felt weak and insignificant, Tyler was bold, powerful and charismatic; everything Our nameless Hero was not – but he had all those qualities in him… 😉

Love and Blessings,

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