Volume CLIX: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition; The Immaculate Concept, Sean

Hello every One and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here. Lots of interesting things to be tall King about for this ‘Lucky’ Wednesday, the first of which might be this Magical Post. This is the first time I Will be ahead of the game (with respect to Writing a daily Blog Post) in over a year. That feels pretty Lucky even though that wasn’t the intent-Ion of this particularly Magical Post.

See, We are Living in a very Magical world. We really are Kings and Queens with incredible Magical Powers. We are Casting Spells every time We Pen-Man-Ship a Letter and with every Word We Write. The same is true of Our thoughts, though Our thoughts are changing all the time. Words We Write have permanence on the physical plane that send out a Signal like a radio frequency broadcasting. The receiver transforms that Magical Spell into new thoughts and emotions relative to the Words that were Cast. Just how Magical is the world We Live in?

So Magical that the world does not even know it is under a Spell. The exact Magic I was just describing was used by Masters of Magic in Man’s world to Create a virtual Babalon, or ‘babble on’. It was the registration of the birth of One’s child with the state that allowed for it to happen but many steps had already been taken to make the offer as irresistible as possible. Ideas like social protection, public transportation systems that operate for profit, police giving out more fines and tickets to People than the time they spend chasing actual criminals has all been going on for a long time and few of Us question it. When One comprehends that the Word ‘register’ is used for accounting property of One’s ass-ets, they may begin to comprehend why I take such exception to some One claiming I must ‘register’ My Life with them; corporation, individual or otherwise. That’s why it is associated with ‘Vital Statistics’; am I Showing any vital Signs? How many People are ‘registered’ with the Canadian government? This gives the government the ‘right’ to use Your name as the name of a business that they can then use to borrow money from private banks and the Canadian People pay it back.

The People are the source of every dime in Canada’s economy (and every other country of the world) and only because it is presumed that We have Trusted the Canadian government to use that wealth to benefit Canada’s People – but they don’t use it for that, they are Giving it to corporations and allowing Canada’s People to starve and freeze to death in the streets. None of them actually do anything to generate any actual wealth for Canada, only the People outside of government even have the capacity to do that because government salaries come from the wealth of the People.

The Magical Spell is so Powerful that everyone who reads this knows it is True. Yet the Magic is so strong, most People Will Wish to believe that it is necessary, that the world’s People need to be ‘owned’ and exploited for commercial purposes and the benefit of sociopathic corporation CEO’s. The government spends ridiculous amounts of money every day and where is it coming from? Trudeau can’t tell You even if he did answer Questions and wanted to. The People IN government have never seriously considered how the economy and banking system [should] work, they themselves have never considered ‘where’ that money comes from. Sure, One can say it is printed from thin air out of nothing but tree pulp and fancy paper and has no real value and they would technically be correct. But it is ‘alleged’ that this only works and is legal and lawful if the collateral is Good. The deal is only Good if it is consensual, and the loan would never have been granted if those lending the money were not guaranteed a return on their investment. See, the government doesn’t have a clue how much a Man is worth – but I’ll bet Your bottom dollar the banks do!

What if the world is so Magical that the financial system currently in place was in fact done not to enslave the world’s People but to expose the most sinister and corrupt? Does it really make sense that the banks would be trillions of dollars in debt to nations if they did not know there would be some kind of return on the investment? So far the debt just seems to escalate. Wouldn’t One think that one day they would like to actually get paid, rather than just a ‘promise’ on behalf of a country’s People? Remember, those who are actually printing the money have no use for it, do they? What if the banks were betting on the ‘Alpha-bet’; the Magic of the Alpha-Mail from an individual who knows their value and says they Wish to accept all debts for Honour and Order to discharge for Value immediately? That’s really what I’m trying to tell You.

It only takes One. That’s how much a Man’s Life is worth, regardless her sex; more money than could ever be printed. It’s just a big Ponzi scheme and it was inevitable that the People would one day realize that the government only has the Power to negotiate the wealth of a country’s People if they allow them to. If the government can breach its ‘Trust’ with the People by failing to use the wealth of Canada’s People responsibly, then the People can breach their Promise to pay it back and let the officials in government now be responsible for Canada’s debt as individuals. The ‘free’ ride of politicians is over as soon as the People decide it is and I am most certainly not the only individual on this planet who knows how the Game is Played.

I am only One but the reality of the Magic of this world and the Spell that was Cast on Man’s kind is becoming glaringly obvious. People can’t even seem to grasp the kind of debt Canada is in because common People can’t fathom a trillion dollars or know what kind of things a trillion dollars can do. But I bet all Canadians Will eventually realize that if Canada can borrow that much on the ‘presumption’ the Canadian People Will be happy to pay it back, how much wealth does One think a bank would be willing to print for People who do Wish to pay?

Eventually there Will be no need for cash of any kind but until then, it might be wise for People to consider revoking their registration as soon as possible and sending a Notice to Canada’s government that One does not consent to the irresponsible spending of Canada’s wealth and Will no longer act as ‘Co-Signer’ for any loans from foreign corporations usurping Canada’s government and Sovereign economic system.

Canada has backed themselves into a corner with Me because they are ‘demanding’ I apply for a birth certificate but in Order to do that, they must provide Me with full disclosure of its purpose including a legal obligation to do so. They can’t provide disclosure of the legal obligation because it does not exist, it would evidence a contract of bondage and slavery if it did. The Masters of Magic were much smarter than that, they couldn’t leave any paper trail.

Okay, I’m already at 1250 Words and I like to stay under 1500 so I’m wrapping this up for today but We Will leave that last paragraph as a prequel for next Wednesday’s Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Edition where I Will be tall King about the ‘slight of Hand’ that was performed to ensure the perfect crime or Spelling of Magic that was Cast. You Will soon see why it was in Deed an Immaculate Concept, Sean!

Love and Blessings,

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