Volume CLIX: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; A New Conspirator to the Fraud

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thursday Thing King Edition, thank King You for joining Me. I have an interesting Edition for You today related to today’s title, “A New Conspirator to the Fraud” after I received the following email from Clara Freire titled “Letter Noting Restrictions on Communications”.

5:38 PM, April 7

Dear Mr. King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God,

Please find attached correspondence.
Clara Freire

Apparently if a biological Man self identifies as female, he has the ‘right’ to be called Miss (Canada). I have no Issue with that, as I believe We all have the right to identify with whatever resonates with Us as individuals. Yet would someone address a letter to such an individual as Mr. Miss so and so? If You are wondering what I am getting at here, Mr. and King are two worldly different titles with completely opposing implications. Mr. ‘King Sean’ further demonstrates incompetence, a lack of understanding and comprehension of titles and even if Clara were completely ignorant of what each of those titles mean, she should have a strong enough grasp of grammar to know that Mr. King doesn’t go any better than Mrs. Queen. But I digress, here is the PDF attachment as it was sent to Me.

I sincerely hope You read the letter. I’m a little disappointed with My Self for not previously suggesting that I believed the intent of Kristine-Haines Chiarello (specifically) was to harass and antagonize Me by failing to respond to simple Questions (one of the very first lines of My response to their assessment of My complaint was that I felt it was unreasonable and incorrect and Wish to know if My only recourse now is to file a lawsuit against Ontario Works or if there are other avenues to pursue – until today, no reply was provided) and ignoring My legal arguments as if they were never made or irrelevant because they simply don’t Wish to acknowledge them. Gaslighting.

Specifically, I was as King why Ontario Works feels the Ontario Works Act has the force of law to trespass upon federal and international, legally protected rights. Again, no reply which is why they were eventually placed on Notice of Criminal Liability because they have provided no lawful excuse – an Act does not have the force of law to trespass upon a constitutional right or inherent right (internationally) in Canada. It is worth noting that the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights is the contract Canada is legally bound by and it is the rights expressed in this document the Privy Council of Canada is responsible for ensuring none of the laws passed in Canada’s legislature trespass upon. This is to limit the Power and overreach of government laws and the Privy Council and Governor General have been negligent in their duties in this regard for quite some time. That does not mean the contract is any less legally binding or that they do not still have the responsibility and therefor the liability if found in breach of their Trust agreement to protect these rights.

The point to this is that I know many of You are aware of how stressed out I am in regards to this Matter. Both a manager and case worker of Ontario Works who have had pleasant, normal conversations with Me at which time We specifically discussed the obligations of Canada to the UN Charter and both Kristine and Orsi assured Me they believe We have these rights, too and Will provide whatever assistance they are able in resolving these outstanding issues with Canada’s Registrar General et al. That was the ‘resolution’ to My last complaint with Ontario Works and I was satisfied with that. Now they are telling Me that none of those Words meant anything, they do not support or believe I have the inherent rights expressed in the charter, and that the UN does not have any ‘right’ to impose these conditions on Canada. It is not an imposition when it is a consensual contractual agreement.

Believe Me when I tell You that there were several times I Wished to verbally lash out in My emails to Ontario Works, Orsi Vancsody in particular for her deliberate and Willful betrayal. I didn’t. I did say that failing to respond to important questions is rude, unprofessional and belligerent. I also said that I believe they are incompetent because they routinely fail to explain their arguments, defend their position and nobody seems to be able to clearly define the ‘Trust’ for which I am allegedly Signing as a ‘Trustee’ of. How can I be expected to Act as a Trustee if the Trust relationship is not clearly defined?

What I am accused of in the Letter to Me by Clara, is precisely what they are in fact doing to Me. They are not stating any new facts, they are asserting a position that I have proven to be unreasonable unless they can show Me that the Ontario Works Act is superior in jurisdiction and authority to Canada’s Charter of Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. They can’t do that so they are telling Me that I am repeating the same arguments? I am repeating the same arguments because they are still standing until they are proven to be irrelevant.

They were hoping I would lash out – that was the goal. They were hoping I would become so enraged with how they are treating Me that I would name call or say something inappropriate. I am not going to apologize for calling someone who demonstrates gross incompetence incompetent – it is true and factual. Also, My arguments are True and Factual, so I’m not sure what Clara was suggesting in that regard because she doesn’t qualify the statement with an example (another characteristic of gaslighting).

The ‘facts’ regarding this Matter are as follows. The Ontario Work Act does not have superior jurisdiction and authority over Canada’s Charter of Rights. The Ontario Works Act is bound by all laws of the federal government (all corporations ‘registered’ to do business with the Crown are subject to the Bill of Rights, Canada’s constitution, as well as federal and international law). The UN Covenant is a legally binding contractual obligation; it provides a Foundation for international law determining the limits of the Signatory countries legislative capacity.

So those are the ‘facts’ Clara, and it appears as though You are aiding and abetting the criminal Acts of Ontario Works and their determination to trespass upon My right of self determination and to freely dispose of My natural wealth without prejudice to foreign obligations, which is technically aiding and abetting a contract of bondage and slavery.

Fact of the Matter is this: I don’t correspond with Ontario Works unless I absolutely have to. This entire correspondence is in response to a threat to revoke My medical benefit if I do not have it approved by a doctor, contrary to My right to autonomy over My health care needs afforded by Canada’s Charter. Everything I have done since, is to defend what I already had and would not be an Issue if I had not first received the threat from Orsi breaching her Trust agreement with Me.

Love and Blessings,

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