Volume CLIX: The Simple Solutions Saturday Edition; God is no Respecter of Persons

Hello every One, and welcome to the Simple Solutions Saturday Edition, thank King You for being here. I am really excited to share this Post with You today as some of the things I am war King on in My Microcosm are coming to fruition, including My new Podcast launch!

The Podcast Episode was recorded on Thursday and My intent was to Host a Show every Saturday night. This proved to be a little trickier than I had anticipated because it is hard to find People that can commit to a specific date and time for a Live interview. I was also hoping to have a new Friend as something of a co-host, though really I just Wish to have a guest who is well informed with respect to Our natural rights and shares a Spiritual perspective on the Matter. Everything ‘Magically’ resolved itself, so I’m going to share that Story with You as the first ‘Simple Solution’ for this Saturday – Trust in God, have Faith…

One of the things I didn’t Write down on a List was left on a little sticky note in My brain; starting a new Podcast and making it a little more professional and organized than My last Podcasts. One of the reasons I stopped hosting My last podcast was for lack of guests. I proved I can easily fill an hour of time tall King about things My Self but it isn’t near as entertaining or engaging for listeners. I would like to have a Podcast that is well enough known that People Wish to be on it and look forward to the next one. I planned to start with One Podcast a week and build on that.

Well, shortly after the New Year the Universe began ‘taunting’ Me. My WordPress dashboard doesn’t generally contain advertisements. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve EVER seen an advertisement in My private dashboard (unless it’s to upgrade WordPress). But just after the New Year, the WordPress ‘Home’ dashboard view began promoting an app called Anchor with the following image.

So of course, I see this everyday I sit down to Write a Post, so there was a constant reminder that I should get on this. I was also hoping the Podcast might help to promote My Blog, so having an app that is in some Way affiliated with WordPress seemed like a no-brainer. It gets better…

Now when I publish a Post, I have the option to turn the Post into a new Podcast! Haven’t tried this yet but apparently it just takes all My text and turns it into audio, all automated, including promotion of My new podcast and material. So this really got Me inspired but I needed a Good, reliable guest. Some of the People I had in Mind were unavailable Saturday’s but had lots of free time if I’m flexible (which I am). Then I received a Friend request on Facebook.

I’m always a little leery about accepting new Friends. Honestly, most of the time if it’s People I don’t immediately recognize, it’s some twenty-something year old trying to promote her new webcam site (I delete and report for spam). The rest of the time, it’s usually because We have mutual Friends in the same Facebook groups – those I always accept. Within a couple of hours after accepting the request, My new Friend, minister Edward Jay sent Me an emphatic message telling Me how much he’s heard about Me and how I’m one of the only People he knows that understands the significance of the Spiritual side of things and the relevance of the (KJV) Bible to Our system of laws.

Needless to say, We got off to a great start and very shortly afterward were engaged in Our first phone conversation. After almost an hour he asked Me, “Are You recording this?”

The answer was no, despite the fact that I believe We have the right to record any conversation We have with someone whether they are aware or not – that’s where God comes in. My Friend sounded disappointed though, and assured Me that anytime We chat I am free to record the conversation. I pitched My podcast to him and told him that the kind of things We were tall King about were exactly what I Wish for the Podcast to be about. He was totally in and has lots of free time but cannot commit to any particular day or time (like most everyone else I know).

So I finally decided to set up an Anchor account, see about setting up My first Podcast and get familiar with how to use it. I guess I was expecting something more like Talkshoe because I was expecting a lobby and invite buttons for guests, that sort of thing. Anchor has none of that. Basically, it’s just an audio recorder that Publishes whatever is recorded into a Podcast and promotes the material. And, just like WordPress, it allows Me to ‘schedule’ postings. Problem solved!!!

The microphone on My laptop works very well. If I’m having a conversation on My computer without headphones, it Will almost sound like the individual is in the room with Me. So I got back to My Friend and asked him if he felt he could commit to one chat per week, whatever day and time is convenient for him and that seems to work perfectly. I recorded the first Podcast Thursday, uploaded it to My new Podcast yesterday and have it scheduled for release this morning at 7:00 avant midi. Not sure why I picked 7 in the morning for the first Show but I think it might be because I’m excited to get it out there and promote it. It was an awesome first show, perhaps as Good as My first Podcast with Bryan Parker.

So that’s one example of how the Universe just kind of ‘guided’ Me through setting up a new Podcast by ‘going with the flow’ and letting things Play out.

The second reason I’m so excited today is because of what I am war King on for Ontario Works and the application for a birth certificate. I informed Orsi that the application cannot be sent to Express Legal because they are not a government agency and have no knowledge of the birth registration, they are exclusively for issuing copies of the birth certificate (even if it is the first issue, it is still ‘technically’ a copy of the genuine article). The actual genuine article is kept somewhere very safe and nobody knows where, though there are many rumours. Some say the Secretary of State (secret of Aires), some suggest the treasury department, others suggest the Vatican vaults. I’m picking door number three for the record, though I really don’t know, either.

Wow, My Posts get so long so fast these days! I really Wish to finish up on this thought though because initially, I had been as King of Orsolya as a representative of Canada’s government to follow up with Canada’s Registrar General for Vital Statistics to find out why the accounts have not been closed in accordance with the Public Notices I Issued to them. That was probably what started this whole thing because they refused. Then they claimed they did not have any copies of the Public Notices I have filed with the Attorney General and Registrar General, or My Cestui Que Vie. In fact, it appears that every document I have Given to Ontario Works was thrown in the trash (which is why spoliation of evidence is one of the charges against them).

Then they told Me that I Will have to file for a birth certificate or benefits Will be revoked and My right to autonomy over My own health care was also revoked and the Mandamus Signed by Orsi was officially breached. I asserted that they do have a duty and responsibility to not only accept My public notices but to follow up on them as agents of the Trust (in Canada).

Now, I can’t really say what is going on but Ontario Works has now offered to send My application to the Registrar General. When I told Orsi the documents need to go specifically to Canada’s Registrar General, she acknowledged and confirmed she Will send the application to the Registrar General’s office in Thunder Bay and included the address in the email for confirmation – it is correct. However, I Will be addressing My package to the authority of that office, who is the ‘Honourable’ Francois-Philippe Champagne.

Is that not interesting? The whole thing that started this has resulted in Ontario Works doing precisely what I was as King of them to do in the first place – only difference is I’m authoring the documents they Will be sending. I suggested this previously by Way of email but they refused to acknowledge any duty or obligation to do so.

This is what Orsi Will be receiving:

I have made a few small adjustments. The pages are numbered 1-7 so that Orsi can’t separate the Letter from the application without somebody wondering where the Letter is, these must be sent together. I also left out the middle page of the application because I don’t really Wish to share some of My personal details here (mostly My mum’s address).

Anyway, this is the second solution this Saturday because I am stunned at the irony of all of this, and I am somewhat used to having things ‘Magically’ work out in My favour. I’m wondering if when they receive this at Ontario Works if they Will still Wish to send it. Orsolya is incriminating herself in the information I am sending to the Registrar General’s Office and if the Registrar General doesn’t report it, he is guilty of Treason and fraud.

Will be interesting to see how this all Plays out.

Love and Blessings,

Post Script – I Will Publish another Post today with a link to the new Podcast and I’ll have some thoughts on the Podcast for the Sunday review.

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