Volume CLIX: The Super Natural Son Day Edition; The ‘S’-Word is the Sword that Slays the Old King

Hello every One, welcome to the Super Natural Son Day Review, thank King You for being here. I have an amazing Edition for You today because I have made one final revelation with respect to this Mystical, Magical World We live in. I have said that We are all heirs to God’s Kingdom, few of Us have claimed Our birthright. Well, what if there is another Man sitting on the throne, an imposter Acting as King in Your stead? The young, noble Prince should slay the old, tired King and Claim his legitimate birthright to the throne. 😉

Told You this would be a Good One. And the best Part of it all, is that as My audience You get to see just ‘how’ I figure all this stuff out! Dots connect in My psyche, much of it inspired by Spiritual self work and the use of the Tarot for Spiritual and psychological exploration. The rest are epiphanies that arise from the application of lessons learned through Self exploration and discovery.

“The sign is thus a combination of energy in its most material form with the idea of authority. The sign TZ or TS implies this in the original, onomatopoetic form of language. It is derived from Sanskrit roots meaning Head and Age, and is found to-day in words like Cæsar, Tsar, Sirdar, Senate, Senior, Signor, Sefior, Seigneur.”

What I find most interesting about the Image of the Emperor is that he appears to be holding an apple. We all know the symbolism of the apple that was used to tempt Adam in the beginning. Does it perhaps represent the Birth Certficate, the ‘original sin’ Man makes when they accept the certified person from government? Do You think the symbolism in this Image would be a coincidence?

Perhaps more interesting still, is that somewhere in Crowley’s Writing, he states that the goal of the Tarot is to help each of Us realize that all of Man’s kind is both the Emperor and the Star. Well, believe it or not, the very last private read I did for My Self after Publishing My Cestui Que Vie was the same type of reading and card lay that I performed for My readers just over a couple of years ago now. The central card of the read was the Prince of Wands, My identifier in the Tarot. On it’s left was the Emperor, on the right was the Star. I knew immediately what it meant because My Wish was to know the Power of My Cestui Que Vie, ‘did I do it right?’, was what I Wished to know most.

I also Wish for You to know that this revelation did not even occur to Me until after I was reading the Words of My own Writ. I received the application for the BC on Thursday of this last week and filled it out ‘without prejudice and under duress’. I also included a letter to Canada’s Registrar General Francois-Philip Champagne to inform him that the registered birth is a fraud and being made under duress. I requested that he terminate the person Created in My name and without My consent. Well, that ‘person’ does represent government authority, it is the ‘old man’ sitting on My inheritance and claiming I have no Life and therefor no right to land, tenements and hereditaments. My Cestui Que Vie is a title Deed to the Man’s land, tenements and hereditaments. It proves I am the legitimate heir to My father’s kingdom (the state Created character) and everything that exists in that Character’s name. All I have to do is slay the old king, the imposter sitting on My throne and claim My inheretance. (Emperor)

This is the Letter that caused Me to have the epiphany, along with My Friend on My first new Podcast Episode referring to the certified person as the ‘old man’. I thought, “hmm, maybe it’s time to kill that old man.”

What’s even more interesting for Me is that killing the king is actually an ancient custom. The King is supposed to be God’s representative on Earth. So when crops fail or bad times ensue, the People would begin to believe their King was no longer following God and had exhausted his time and usefulness to the People. The king would be ceremoniously slayed and the new Prince would take his place. There is a twelve day celebration that was a traditional tribute to this ritual performed by the Roman’s, though they would not actually kill the king, they would use a ‘scapegoat’ in the king’s stead – but for twelve days or so, servants would be treated like royalty and the royalty would serve the servants; all roles were reversed for the celebration.

Remember, all of the laws in existence today were founded on Roman philosophy. Words like senate, congress et cetera are all from the Roman empire and beyond. Does it not seem logical that the same Magical custom and ritual would be worked into Man’s current system of law? A Way for the People to ‘slay the old king’ when he proves to have exhausted his usefulness to the People? The government of every country is corrupt because they are in bed with banks and it’s the banks that have committed the treason against all the world’s Sovereign nations by Way of manipulating social policy, resources, information and virtually everything else governed by industry and commerce.

Terminate the Person

Honestly, I did not even consider the implications of ‘terminate the person’ until I was rereading the Letter for a third time. Of course, there is nothing to inherit until the old man (person) is slain. The Cestui Que Vie I Created Shows I am the legitimate heir when the old man is gone. 😉

I honestly have no Idea who the Masters of Magic are, I only know they’ve been watching Me very closely and I think this Will please them very much. I can hardly wait to send the Letter off!

Another beautiful element of this realization is that it changed My Mind about another strategy I was thing King about employing. I was going to show all of You what many People are doing to take administrative control of the person created by the state which involves making an adverse claim upon the certified person and placing something of value on the offer (usually a piece of silver or gold). So one of My ‘expenses’ for this month was a piece of silver I ordered from the Canadian mint for this purpose. It hasn’t arrived yet and when it does, I know I Will not Wish to send it to government. Now I don’t need to!!!

See, the problem with making an adverse claim upon the birth certificate is that it is actually fraud – the only reason it works is because the government is committing fraud, too. So this Way they get something of an agreement from the government to continue using their wealth for nefarious purposes, the difference is the individual attains access to that wealth directly also. That entity, the person created by the state does not belong to You! Making a claim upon it is exactly what they want, it Shows that One believes it IS them! So of course they Will make an agreement with You because it’s better than charges of treason and fraud.

So these really Will be My final series of Letters to Canada’s government. If they don’t do what they are legally obliged to do, I Will file charges of treason and fraud against Canada and Will have all the proof I need to ensure a conviction.

Wow, I didn’t even get into some of the other Great news of the week. In short, Ontario Works staff members are clearly terrified. They are trying to ‘restrict’ My communications (which I Will never allow) and suggested that staff are feeling harassed. No, the staff are beginning to worry they may spend the rest of their life in a six by six concrete cell for aiding and abetting bondage and slavery with no lawful defense or excuse. But I’ll be tall King about that more later in the week.

Before I Sign off, I do Wish to Send My most sincere condolences to Her Grace, Glory and Majesty Elizabeth II for the loss of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. My heart goes out to all members of the Royal Family and I Wish for You to know You have My Blessings. The world has suffered a tragic loss. Long live the Queen, God save the Queen!!!

Love and Blessings,

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