Volume CLX: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; Fight Club, Part XV

Hello every One and welcome to the finale of My Fight Club Interpret a Sean, thank King You for joining Me.

In last week’s Edition, Our nameless Hero discovers he is Tyler Durden and suffers from multi-personality disorder. When he’s Tyler, he has no knowledge of being Tyler and when he’s not Tyler, he has no knowledge of what Tyler has done; and Tyler has been very busy!

He finally figures it all out by calling Marla who refers to him as Tyler in a conversation. As pleased as Tyler might be to begin making sense of what’s going on, he also broke One of the rules of his alter-ego’s Character; kind of like Fight Club, ‘non-Tyler’ is not supposed to mention or bring up Tyler in conversation with Marla – ever. Tyler shows up as an apparition after the call and tells his other self that he’s ruined project Mayhem by tall King to Marla and something Will need to be done about it. Then Our confused, no-longer-nameless hero, the genuine Tyler Durden, passes out.

When Tyler wakes up, he starts putting all the pieces together again and sets out to save Marla. Saving the princess is a continuous theme for all young princes in fantasy literature; V and Evey, Neo and Trinity, now Tyler and Marla.

Tyler [the new, ‘real’ Tyler] goes back to the house, calls all the numbers in the project files and finally finds Marla. He tries to warn all the targets of his shadow Self’s plan but the phone numbers in the project files didn’t do much Good because all the People answering the phone were part of Project Mayhem. Tyler’s alter ego had already anticipated the ‘real’ Tyler might wake up and try to compromise their efforts.

Our Hero does finally track down Marla. He also tries to apologize to her and explain what’s going on but she has determined Tyler is officially psychotic and Wishes to have nothing to do with him. The compassionate side of Our Hero’s character prevails and he finally convinces Marla to leave town and stay away from all major cities by placing a pile of cash in her hand and hijacking a bus (unarmed – he runs in front of it, forcing it to stop).

Once Marla boards the bus and is safely on her Way out of the city, the new and improved Tyler heads down to the police department and confesses he is the head and leader of a massive terrorist organization with cells all over the United States. Needless to say, they don’t have much choice but to take him seriously.

We soon learn the police chief does not seem to be involved or complicit with Project Mayhem and Tyler begins to feel a sense of relief. There was another detail I noticed about the address of the house. He tells the lead police investigator to go to 1537 Paper Street. What’s strange about that?

We reviewed the Magic of the number sequences on this card previously. Every single sequence of number on the card has a Magic Value of 6. Six represents peace, Love, harmony, family, home. There are even four sequences of numbers 6 each for a total of 24, which is also 6 (2+4). 6 is 9. This is showing Us that the Tyler Our Hero was idolizing was not the Tyler he seems to be. The ‘home’ address itself is a fraud. This is also suggested by the twins which represent these Ideas in Man’s psyche; the shadow Self and the ‘Good’ or conscious Self. These two characters appear to be staring at each other or perhaps even a profile of view of two cherubs looking into a mirror. Our new version of Tyler revealing the True address of the House symbolizes Our Hero waking up to the fraud of his alter ego (which Will use the shadow self [Tyler Durden] to justify behaviour).

The numeric Value of 1537 Paper Street is 7, and 7 in Magic represents heaven. Because heaven is not a ‘real’ physical place, it represents ‘higher ideas’ and self realization.

The new Tyler tells the police chief everything he knows, including the burial of his Friend Bob in the backyard of the house. We learn that the goal of Project Mayhem is to destroy all major credit card companies and the TCR building so that there Will be no records – the effect Will be total economic collapse, chaos – it is referred to as a ‘Global Reset’. But that’s probably just a coincidence, right? 😉

The lead investigator leaves the office for a few minutes to check out Tyler’s story. The remaining officers start telling Tyler how much they admire him for his dedication to Project Mayhem and attempt to detain him to prevent him from interfering. Thankfully, Tyler’s shadow Self taught Tyler a few tricks and he manages to pull a gun from one of the officers holsters and escapes the police station. Eventually, Our Hero returns to a large, corporate building that looks remarkably like the one He was in at the start of the film. A Good Story always ends where it starts (that’s a clue to the A.D. calendar as well, by the Way). 😉

The Vision of Tyler shows up again, trying to discourage Our Hero from interfering with ‘his most ingenious plan, the greatest work he’s ever accomplished!’. Our Hero protests, explaining that it’s wrong, People Will die, he can’t be a part of this. The other Tyler assures Our Hero that all members of Project Mayhem have ensured all buildings are completely empty and not a soul Will be harmed. It is exclusively to reset the global economy and eliminate corporate debt.

Soon, Our Hero finds himself in a bit of a conundrum. He finds a bomb and attempts to disarm it, rationalizing that if Tyler knows how to build it, then he does too. But the apparition of Tyler returns to remind him that he also knew Our Hero would panic in the last moment and made sure to reverse the wires so that whatever he thinks is right, Will be wrong. It’s tough to play chess with One’s Self – I’m not sure how Bobby Fischer did it though he was also rumoured to have gone mad in his later years so maybe playing chess with himself had something to do with it.

In the end, Our Hero decides to Trust him Self and pulls the green wire. The bomb is defused successfully, the other Tyler is not so happy about it. Before I continue, I Wish to point out that Self Trust is also a major theme and the significance of a green wire is that green represents Life, nature, reproductive Energy. The reason for this [perhaps obviously] is because the first Life forms on earth would have covered the oceans with a carpet of green algae.

Tyler and Tyler begin fighting with each other. Our Hero has the gun but after shooting [the other] Tyler in the chest, he realizes that he’s only a Vision in his Mind and bullets don’t do a Vision any harm. Bad-boy Tyler knocks the gun out of Our Hero’s Hand, strips off his jacket and assumes a martial arts style fighting stance, taunting Our unlikely Hero.

This time, Our Hero tries to run, only to realize He can’t escape his Mind that Way, either. Bad boy Tyler appears out of nowhere, knocking him to the ground. The scene is somewhat comical because We see the camera cut to the security room of the building where Our Hero is fighting an imaginary opponent. In the end, bad boy Tyler prevails, pushing Our Hero down a long flight of stairs, knocking him unconscious. We cut to the scene where Our Story began.

There is three minutes to ‘ground zero’ and Tyler pushes Our Hero up against a window of the building to show Marla arriving with several of Tyler’s soldiers as escorts. Our Hero once again becomes visibly agitated, believing he had saved Marla from his madness only to learn he can’t out-think Tyler.

He keeps as King of Tyler to stop what he’s doing, Tyler tells Our Hero ‘it’s not Me, it’s Us.’ He tries to convince Our Hero that what Tyler Wishes for is also what Our Hero Wishes for – he simply lacks the courage and confidence to do it. That’s also why Our Hero needs Tyler.

Our Hero begins to muster some sanity, convincing himself that Tyler can’t possibly have a gun to his head because he’s just a vision, ‘the gun is in My Hand’.

And the gun Magically disappears from Tyler’s and appears in the Hand of Our Hero. He begins to feel he may be gaining control of the situation. He turns the gun on himself and at first Tyler seems only mildly interested.

“Why point a gun at Your head?”

“Not My head. Our head.”


Tyler is beginning to realize he needs Our Hero as much as Our Hero needed Tyler. A few moments later, Our Hero cocks the gun, places it in his mouth and to Our astonishment, pulls the trigger, falling back into his chair.

Not a trick to try at home, but Our Hero survives and notices smoke coming out of the head of his hallucination of Tyler. The Vision of Tyler also has a major gunshot wound to the head, only he doesn’t fair so well. A moment later, bad boy Tyler slumps to the ground, Life-less.

We have a happy reunion with Marla and Our Hero assures her that everything Will be okay, just as the buildings around them light up like fireworks and crumble to the ground.

Alright, so that is the end of Our Fight Club Interpret a Sean, though I Will do a full summary of the film next week to go over all the Christ references. In case You hadn’t guessed, Our last scene here was the crucifixion and the miraculous rebirth.

Love and Blessings,

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