Volume CLX: The Thursday Thing King Edition; More Magic in Motion

Hello every One and welcome to the Thursday Thing King Edition, thank King You for joining Me. I have a Thrilling Thing King Edition for You today because more Magic was Cast in Motion; My Letter to Canada’s Registrar General was mailed, along with an email follow up with a link to the Letter online requesting confirm a Sean of delivery.

Even more interesting for Me is that I figured a week would be more than sufficient time for the Letter to be delivered so I requested that if the Honourable Francois-Philippe Champagne has not received My Letter by this time next week to let Me know – I Will include a copy of the Letter as an attachment. The reason that’s interesting for Me is because one week from today is also the day Ontario Works Will be guilty by default for failing to provide any lawful excuse for breach of Trust, fraud and spoliation of evidence. It also just happens to be the 22nd, and 22 is also a Magical number.

Why is 22 Magical? Well, 2 is a Door, for starters. II Doesn’t it look kind of like a door? In proper Roman numerals the tops and bottoms would each have a horizontal line connecting them, Giving them even more of a door-like appearance. So 22 is two doors and the Magical Value of 22 is 4. Four is foundation. The two doors provide foundation for something else (and four represents foundation because it represents stability, like an animal on all fours or a house with four corners).

There are also two potential outcomes of the Spell that was cast. The Honourable Member of Parliament can be complicit with the fraud and treason of Ontario Works and their representatives, or he Will officially terminate the false persona and imposter of My Character created by the state. Hallowed be My name.

I also had the wonderful pleasure of not only confirming that I have in fact helped People in other parts of the world with the Words I have shared here, I was Blessed with the opportunity to speak with one such individual her Self! Not sure if I can convince her to be a guest on My Podcast yet but I did get another episode recorded to upload for this coming Saturday’s new edition with minister Edward Jay. I still have not heard the full story yet because I am hoping it might be one I can share on My podcast but My Friend did confirm that she used the Words of the Lord’s prayer in a Letter to a utility company in place of payment and it took care of her hydro. Again, I don’t have the full story yet but I Will be chatting with her again within the week and was very pleased to hear of her success and Wished to share that with You today, too.

The only other really Good News I have for You today is that although Canada appears to be one of the most draconian countries in the world right now in response to covid, it does appear to be waking People up. I am hearing whispers of numerous protests taking place all over the country, business owners banding together to reopen their shops in mass numbers… The kind of peaceful protests the government Will not be able to ignore for long (though I’m not saying anything more about that right now, either).

Some of the other less favourable News I do not Wish to breathe Life into right now are having an overall positive effect on the consciousness of Canada’s People. That’s really what I Wish to emphasize because things are getting pretty ridiculous here. I am thing King We Will soon reach a point of real critical mass with respect to Man’s consciousness overall and what many of Us forget is that on some level We are all suffering together. We are One singular consciousness experiencing Our Self subjectively from billions of alternate perspectives.

Essentially, what I’m trying to say is that major events like 9/11 are felt by the whole of Our species, even those who had no Way of knowing it was happening felt something that day. This is the effect these ridiculous policies are beginning to have, there is a serious stirring of Man’s consciousness like matter in a mortar and pestle, mixing Magic. We’re not quite sure what the result Will be yet, but We somehow know it Will be spectacular.

I hope You are all having an equally Thrilling Thursday,

Love and Blessings,

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