Volume CLX: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; 6 is 9 and 0 = 2

Hello every One, and welcome to the Fabulous Friday Free Lance Edition, thank King You for joining Me. Yes, it Will be a Free Lance Friday True to its name as I Will be wielding My Words fearlessly and tall King about anything I Wish. I’ll be expanding on the Magical Ideas behind today’s title, too which are also relevant both to the world We are collectively experiencing now and Our most recent Tarot read for those who were here with Me when I Writ those Posts. For those who were not, it is today’s feature photo, also pictured below.

Lust: The Central Quest-Ion of the Matter

I am thing King the Masters of Magic of Man’s world probably enjoy this read, too. One thing I have never been Good at with respect to the Tarot is the timeline. I knew the natural sequence of events would be the Tower (WAR) and I said that in Man’s Macrocosm, this card represents the destruction of the world We know now. In My Microcosm, it represents the destruction of the Salvation Army’s proposed ‘mega shelter’. We do not end homelessness and poverty by building mega-shelters, We end homelessness and poverty by providing a dignified basic income and dignified, private housing. It’s really not brain surgery.

And this is kind of why 6 is 9. Perhaps I Will expand on some of these Ideas tomorrow for the Simple Saturday’s Solutions Edition. The problem is so clear and obvious it has been staring Us in the face Our entire lives yet somehow We have refused to see it. We all know the monetary system was Created as a means of exchange and that the intent was to simplify the exchange of natural resources between Us; not become a means of syphoning the natural wealth We’ve worked so hard to produce away from the People producing it and into the hands of private corporations that do nothing for Canada’s People or economy. Of course, the CEO’s of fortune 500 companies Will argue this point and tell You that corporations are what make the world go round but that’s only because they Wish to Keep the Wizard’s curtain drawn.

Realistically, We know that private corporations are responsible both for the wealth that enters a county’s economy at interest, already enslaving the People because they can’t ever hope to pay back more than what was borrowed if they can’t produce their own coin. The theory (the economists so naively buy into) is that the People Will take that wealth and produce ‘profits’ from it. Well, although this may be true within the economy as corporations take more money away from the People in the form of profits, it doesn’t go back to paying the debt, it generally gets transferred to an offshore tax haven somewhere, leaving the People with even less of the original currency that entered the economy and no means of ever paying it back – except to borrow more money and repeat the process until virtually every dime is in the hands of private corporations at the expense of the People’s Sovereignty. Is worshipping a corporation not technically worshipping the dead?

If a foreign country sought to invade Canada or any other Sovereign nation of the world, the People would undoubtedly Wish to defend their nation against such an invasion whether it be by covert means or by Way of military force. Why do the country’s of the world not care about allowing their nation to be invaded by corporations with no obligation to reinvest their profits into the nation’s economy? In Truth, it is the only Way such an arrangement is not treasonous to the country’s People but the world has refused to acknowledge this fact for whatever reason.

Every dollar in circulation is backed by nothing more than a Promise the People Will one day pay it back. We can agree to do that tomorrow and eliminate all the world’s debt Honourably and simultaneously regain control of every government on earth. The government’s of the world have no power without money and all that wealth comes from the Will of the People. Revoke the Will to pay for these crimes and the government is bankrupt, the People are the wealth. 6 is 9; things are not what they seem. 😉

I’m just going to let those thoughts digest for a bit and continue on with 0 = 2. Why does 0 = 2? Because 0 cannot exist without a consciousness to know it exists. Not even nothing can exist without a consciousness to know it, and that’s precisely what the ‘big bang’ was; nothing realizing it is not only something, but the only thing in existence, which happens to be everything. 6 is 9…

The rest of this Magical, Mystery tour is just the Self exploration of Nothing wondering what else it might be and coming up with You as one of infinite possibilities.

Today I also Wish to be tall King about the fall of Babalon (as it is Spelled in the Tarot) because it was foretold to Us in the read and I have said to You many times that My Words Magically Manifest. I Wish for You to know that there was an intent to destroy the economy of every Sovereign nation on earth but although there are many People with sinister intentions involved, the greater intent was to expose the fraud of every government on Earth. The world Will soon realize they are not protecting People, they are in bed with corporations and believe they are ‘above’ the People; they don’t ‘need’ the People… Until they discover We are the source of their wealth. We are what makes the world go round.

Although I’m not going to share the link (because I’m sure it Will either be removed or ‘fact checked’ by the corporate fact checkers Wishing to ensure that there is no intellectual interference of their propaganda campaign to vaccinate the world), I did hear a virologist and immunologist state for the first time today that they (his lab) reviewed samples of positive covid results and found zero signs of Sars-CoV2, only various samples of influenza a or influenza b, typically categorized as the ‘common cold or flu’. They requested a sample of an isolated Sars-CoV2 sample to compare the results with and discovered that they do not have one! Not just at the particular lab the doctor inquired at, but anywhere on earth! There is no isolated Sars-CoV2 virus! All they have are mRNA samples and spike proteins of partial samples which could easily also be influenza a or b.

My gut told Me Covid is a fraud and I believe We Will soon find out that it is, and that’s what’s really happening in the world. The Emperor is wearing no clothes. There is no scientific data that warrants curfews or lockdowns, social distancing or masks in response to a virus or even a pandemic (if it actually were one). The only pandemic happening is the fictional narrative on repeat on every mainstream media network of the world telling People to hurry up and get vaccinated when nobody needs a vaccine because there is no virus, it is completely fictitious. Well, I guess not completely fictitious because it isn’t unlike the common flu, it is the common flu.

Now, Keep in Mind, I am not sourcing this because that is more likely to get Me censored than telling You that this is My unsourced belief and what I have believed to be true from the beginning. You are absolutely free to think I am a raving conspiracy theorist and that is perfectly fine. However, before I Sign off today I Wish to share a couple of videos that I have enjoyed watching over the last week starring Viva Frei and Robert Barnes. The first video is a solo video by Viva sharing his thoughts on the situation in Montreal. I’m sharing it because he echoes a few of My beliefs in the video and even references ‘V for Vendetta’ (and one of the reasons I stopped doing My film interpret a Sean of that film is because it is too true to the real world situation right now).

The second video I’m sharing with You today because I really enjoy listening to some of Robert Barnes. Robert Barnes is an extremely unusual character because he states his opinion on judgments justices and judges make which is typically something lawyers are not allowed to do!!! This isn’t a ‘theory’, I filed a complaint against dis-Honourable Justice Herb Kreling and duty counsel was shocked when I told them that was what I was going to do (despite being in agreement with Me that the justice was way out of line). When I asked if they would not do the same, they told Me flat out they are not allowed to complain about or question a justice. That’s a big part of the problem.

Robert Barnes consistently comments on the ruling Justices and Judges make and whether or not they are Good or bad decisions (and why). The fact that he does this and works all over the world, tells Me he really understands something about international law, or the ‘real’ rule of law. Most of the time (as he discusses in this video briefly) lawyers are only competent in their jurisdiction. Robert Barnes takes cases in any jurisdiction so he knows things others don’t. I Promise You, this is a very interesting discussion on many of the lawsuits taking place in the U.S. right now.

I hope You have enjoyed this Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition. I’ll be back tomorrow with some Simple Solutions for Saturday’s Edition.

Love and Blessings,

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