Volume CLX: The Super Natural Sunday Re-View; The Devolution of Canadian Democracy and Evolution of a Police State

Hello every One and welcome to the Super Natural Sunday Re-View, thank King You for joining Me. Well, there’s plenty to review this week, that is for sure and the most eventful and tyrannical turn of events perhaps in the history of Canada’s colonization, is the emergence of police states in what were the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Canadians are so concerned about it, some were sending S.O.S. signals to the U.S. across Niagara Falls with an upside down Canadian flag (showing Canada’s government no longer represents the People).

Yeah, and all of this on the celebration of Canada’s 39th anniversary of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. No better Way to celebrate a country’s charter rights than to trample them on the anniversary People Wish to celebrate and Honour them. Very effective Way to send a message to Canada’s People though. If any One in Canada still thinks the government gives a rat’s ass about the People they are likely indoctrinated beyond the point of no return; kind of like the individual Morpheus says they refuse to unplug from the Matrix because the shock of reality would be too much for their ego to handle.

However, some Good has come from this. The corruption of Canada’s government is clearly exposed for all the world to see. Soon, it Will be proven that there is no Sars-CoV2 at all; it’s never been isolated in a lab and the entire fiasco was just a Magical, disinformation campaign perpetrated by billionaires with little regard for any One but themselves in a desperate attempt to secure their power once and for all. The only relevance to the vaccine is that People had to believe there is a deadly virus out there so that Bill Gates can begin his eugenics campaign and ‘save the world’ by killing off some 7.5 billion People or so (he thinks it’s a little too crowded down here for he and his billionaire buddies).

But the Play Will probably drag out for a little while yet. Fauci isn’t going to Wish to be exposed, nor with the CDC or WHO but there is only so long they can hide. The CDC is being sued for the fraud as We speak by a few university labs and doctors who have analyzed positive covid tests in a lab and were unable to detect any covid. When they requested a sample, the CDC admit they do not have one. It is a complete hoax and the world has been duped like never before. Do these clowns really think they Will get away with this? Nobody escapes their fate in the eyes of God, I Give You My Word on that. Oh, and the Good People always win in the end. 😉

Some Good things that are happening in My microcosm? Well, I took a nice, long walk both yesterday and today (because We were strictly told it is now forbidden to do so) and not only were Ottawa police not arresting People and performing random stops, I didn’t even see a police officer or vehicle on either of My (almost an hour long) walks! That is remarkable on a normal day!!! I’m right in downtown Ottawa so there is generally police presence everywhere – typically I see at least two or three vehicles even if I’m just on My Way to the grocery store (less than five minutes away walking).

Over 20 municipal police forces made public statements the morning the new policing powers were announced by Ford, some even quoting the Charter and stating they Will not be enforcing or acting on the new powers granted to them and Will continue to respect Canada’s constitution. This Gives Me more than a little hope because it does suggest that even the police can only be pushed so far. Unfortunately, provincial and federal police are completely on board (OPP and RCMP for those who don’t know, respectively).

As I was walking around today I wondered if maybe the absence of police presence is a quiet ‘push back’ from local departments. They’re still going to get paid, so perhaps they have decided not to patrol at all and only respond to calls? I’m just hypothesizing and being perhaps a little overly optimistic – but that’s what the Good News Journal is for. 😉

What I can tell You is that no matter how it works out, in the end the bad guys Will go down and it Will include police who follow corrupt leaders with acts that are treasonous to Canada’s People. Those who defend Canada’s charter at this time Will become the hero’s of the day and those not fulfilling their Oath to Canada’s People and Her Majesty Will eventually be tried for treason. “Just following orders” wasn’t Good enough to get the Nazi’s out of jail free, won’t be Good enough for corrupt cops, either.

If police wake up to the tyranny of Canada’s government, it could actually be the start of a brave new Canada! That’s the kind of force We need to defend the People and the People really are counting on police to do the right thing. For what it’s worth, I am very pleased with the Ottawa Police Services response to Ford’s nonsense so far – I hope to see it continue.

Love and Blessings,

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