Volume CLXI: The Simple Solutions Saturday Edition; Agreement Versus Argument and a New Website?!

Hello every One and welcome to the Simple Solutions Saturday Edition, thank King You for joining Me. I have a very exciting Edition for You today because I have officially launched a second website! I also have some simple solutions to share with You that I Will be implementing in My Microcosm next week.

So the new website was not premeditated at all; I uploaded the new episode of My Kingdom of God Podcast and as soon as the episode was Live, the Anchor program/app I’m using had a tab reading ‘Turn this into a new Blog Post on WordPress’. So I did. I thought it would just Publish a new Post to My main WordPress account but instead created an entirely new domain address under My main WordPress account which is even better for Me in many Ways. It allows Me to Keep both Blogs completely separate (which is Good because not all Podcast listeners Will be interested in My main Blog and not all Blog readers Will be interested in My new Podcast) and allows Me to track data from each of the sites independently so I know where traffic is coming from and what they are here for.

So that’s My first Simple Solution for this Saturday because I only started using Anchor a few weeks ago because it was promoted on the WordPress dashboard and I had been Wishing to start a new Podcast anyway. Now I’m just following up to tell You that I like the platform as much as I Love WordPress and believe these two are a very Good match for each other. I may not be computer illiterate but I am no computer whiz or programming expert, either. Anchor is very, very simple to use and get oriented with. It’s like Podcasts for Dummies made into a web application, basically.

The added benefit of also encouraging One to Create a website as something of a ‘storefront’ to promote the Podcast just makes it that much better in My opinion.

I’m also very pleased with the content of this week’s podcast Show and although I Will be sharing the ‘nuts and bolts’ of what We are tall King about in this Post, the show is two hours and fifteen minutes long and I feel well worth the listen. Edward challenges a couple of Ideas and philosophies I have and I think it is of great benefit for My audience to hear those criticisms even though I am not likely to change My perspective. I Will however be implementing One of Edward’s philosophies this coming week with respect to My Notices to Ontario Works and follow up Letter to Canada’s Registrar General and the Minister of Global Affairs, Francois-Philippe Champagne and Marc Garneau respectively.

One of Edward’s criticisms is that although I did establish private agreements with Orsolya Vancsody of Ontario Works, I did not have the document witnessed by other members of the community and did not publish a Notice of the Mandamus and Our agreement in the local paper. I did however, Publish it here and it has been viewed (witnessed) hundreds of times by the International community – this is one of the points upon which I am disagreement with Edward, though I am open to the possibility My assertion may be incorrect and am going to see if publishing agreements in a local paper with a few witnesses from the community makes any difference.

For the record, My belief is that Orsolya Vancsody would have been just as likely to breach her agreement with Me regardless whether or not I had taken these additional security measures but I am curious enough to find out.

So, what I am going to do with respect to Canada’s Registrar General and Minister of Global Affairs is email the individuals to advise them that their lack of response to My emails and the Notice of Default Judgment against Ontario Works is presumed to be an agreement as I have received confirmation that My emails were received by their offices and have received no reply disputing My assertions. However, this time, I am going to have five individuals from My microcosm bear witness to the email by ‘cc’ing them in the correspondence. If there is no reply, I Will publish the agreements presumed by the silence into the local newspaper and the five individuals cc’d in the document Will declare that they were witnesses to My agreement.

Again, I’m not sure if it Will make any of Canada’s elected officials any more Honourable or accountable for their actions, but it is certainly not going to harm the potential. Of course, I Will also continue to publish everything here for the International Public Record as well.

The other criticism Edward had regarding My Letters is My unusual use of capital Letters which Will not change. The primary reason for this is because the capitalization of Letters is a trick that was used to deceive Man under the presumption that any One responding to a title expressed in ALL CAPS is ‘Acting’ as an indentured slave. The reason they get away with it is because no One is compelled to do so and voluntary servitude is not a crime. See how deceptive that is? So I figure if they can use language to confound Man’s Word, I have just as much Write to use Words as I Wish, too.

Finally, the crux of Our conversation is in regards to finding peaceable remedy rather than argument. Minister Edward asserts that We are much better to move forward in agreement rather than conflict and I whole-heartedly support this notion. The reason I ‘resist’ the Idea is because of the number of agreements I have made with service providers of Canada’s government (Ottawa Police, Ontario Works, Housing Services) and in virtually every case they have only agreed under false pretenses with no intention to Honour the agreement. My Quest-Ion, is how does one deal with individuals who refuse to Honour the agreements they have made with You?

I don’t necessarily have that answer for You but I have suggested a couple of My simple solutions. The first is to file the information into the courts as affidavits of the facts regarding the Matter and either use the information in a tort claim for damages or in a private criminal prosecution for the application of justice. If neither of these avenues produces a result, I humbly suggest it is High time to Write Her Majesty to advise Her Grace of just how dis-Honourable representatives of the Crown in Canada have become. 😉

Well, that’s all for today Lords and Ladies, Queens and Kings. I hope You Will check out My new Podcast and enjoy the sunshine and Vitamin D – it is a great Way to help protect Your Self from all kinds of viruses including covid.

Love and Blessings,

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