Volume CLXII: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; Express Sean’s of Magic

Hello every One and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition, thank King You for joining Me. Today’s feature photo is one of the forms of Magic I Will be tall King about today and One of seven canvasses I am war King on.

I have mentioned before that an ion is a unit of Energy and every Creative Act is an Ex-Press-Ion (expression) of Energy. The Spirit of Man is what Gives Man Life and is the source of all Magic. Whenever We express Our Self, We are releasing Magic into the Universe. The ‘E’ represents Energy, ‘x’ is to cross it out, press is the Act, and the Ion is Energy. Energy from Spirit Source is removed from the body and pressed onto the Universal canvas of Our Creation. Writing, painting, dancing are all examples of ex-Press-Ions of Magic being released into the Universe.

The Magic takes effect when witnessed by another Man (of either sex of Man’s kind). The Magic makes an Im-Press-Ion on the be-Holder (to be or not to be, that is the Quest-Ion). When We behold something, We are capturing the Magic of the moment, or ‘mo’ (more) Mind. Ment = Mind which is why it is the root Word of Mental. We sometime even describe these Moment-Us moments as Moving; it ‘shifts’ One’s consciousness and Spirit. I would even suggest that is where the Word ‘momentous’ comes from, an experience that shapes Man’s Mind.

I may not consider My Self a particularly talented painter but I am a True Artist. It can be challenging and frustrating for Me to have a girlfriend or even Friends who bear witness to the things I am war King on because I change My Mind so often. I can work on a painting for a couple of months and at the last moment decide I don’t like it and Wish to paint something new. Once I had somewhere around twenty or more paintings (I was working with oils at this particular time) in various stages of completion and painted a big ‘X’ across about seven of them I decided I didn’t like and didn’t Wish to waste any more time on. My girlfriend at the time got so angry with Me – apparently one of the ones I’d scrapped was one that she loved. I had no Idea, I thought it was garbage.

The point I’m making is that at the time I didn’t understand Magic the Way I do now. Now I get it. Back then it was a pride Issue and I suppose it always is. An Artist does not Wish to have something they believe to be garbage out in the Universe for People to criticize. It’s hard enough to be criticized when One does love what they Create and decide to share it with the world.

Now I don’t worry about that so much. I’m fully aware of all My shortcomings as an Artist so My ego isn’t so fragile. I only do it because I enjoy doing it and it’s not necessarily perfection I’m going for – it’s a particular feeling that lets Me know when a painting is ‘done’ despite knowing it’s not perfect.

This Will be Ottawa’s mayor, Jim Watson. It may not look like much but this is My original sketch and probably took less than forty minutes. I’m happy with it because the features are all in the right place and something like this would usually take Me hours. It’s also one of seven paintings I’m ‘repurposing’.

In My time at the shelter I would try to paint out front as much as possible when weather permit. One individual insisted on donating $10 to Me every month to encourage Me to Keep painting. Normally I wouldn’t even take it but he has serious mental health issues and would get angry if I tried to refuse and his heart was in the right place. So I offered to return the favour by painting a portrait of him. He loved the Idea, posed for a photo and then got really upset when the painting was finished.

Why am I telling You this Story on Magical Monday? Because the painting of My Friend is underneath the painting of Jim Watson and there is Magic in that, too. The Magic of the other painting isn’t ‘lost’, it’s still there – it just isn’t visible to Man’s eye anymore. The symbolism is also powerful. This is the Man who campaigned on a Promise to end homelessness in the city of Ottawa and is condoning the construction of a new mega shelter to hide the problem rather than take care of it. Masking the problem like I’m ‘masking’ the homeless Man upon which his Portrait (for traits) is painted.

I also have two Significant new Characters in My Story; Canada’s Registrar General and Member of Parliament Francois-Philippe Champagne and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marc Garneau. So I am thing King that in My spare time I Will begin war King on My Art Exhibit Sean which Will be a collection of all the Characters who have a role to Play in My Story.

I also Wish to explain that this is also why I like to Hand Write My Letters. The expression of Man’s Spirit is not the same in type, even though We are ‘pressing’ Keys. A Man’s Hand Writing is as unique as a thumbprint and also Clearly identifies a Living Will.

My next Letter Will likely be the most ‘famous’ Letter I Will ever Write and Will contain My most powerful Magic despite that it Will be delivered by Way of email. I’m giving the new Characters in My Story until Thursday of this week to respond to Me and if they haven’t done so by then, I Will compose My most Magical Spelling of Words by as King Quest-Ions in very simple, easy to understand terms any reasonable individual Will be able to comprehend. The intent is to demonstrate that none of this should be complicated.

Thanks so much for being here.

Love and Blessings,

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