Volume CLXII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; Words are Weapons, Sharper than Knives

Hello every One and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition, thank King You for joining Me. Well, today is one of the first Wednesday’s in a long time where nothing notably ‘Lucky’ seemed to happen – it was a relatively uneventful day. However, I did receive a package yesterday that infuriated Me and it wasn’t until today that I realized how beneficial the arrival of that package was to My current situation.

The package was sent by the city of Ottawa’s ‘Housing Services’ and was addressed to ‘VONDEHN, Sean’. No other expression of My name only ‘VONDEHN, Sean’ with the rest of the address beneath. I’ve mentioned before that the law is very precise, every Word means something and the Spelling of a Word is no different. In law, Sean von Dehn is not the same as VONDEHN, Sean. It’s not even close. For those that don’t know, ‘von’ actually means ‘Sir’; it’s not technically part of My name, it’s a title – a great, great, great grandfather of mine was ‘knighted’ and ever since, the ‘Dehn’ family has had the Honour of ‘Sir’ added to their name.

I didn’t really think this would be a big deal. I did what I would do with any mail that is not addressed to the correct individual, I returned to sender indicating it was made out to the wrong ‘person’. Person is also a very specific term in law which is why You Will notice I only refer to Man’s kind as ‘People’. I actually think that when Trudeau made his embarrassing ‘People-kind’ comment when an individual in a press conference referred to the collective as ‘mankind’, what he actually meant to do is distinguish between People and persons. Mankind is correct and refers to Man’s ‘kind’ as a whole (both masculine and feminine). Person is an artificial legal entity created by the state and most of Us are subject to personage, which is a form of bondage typically reserved for prisoners of war. It indicates a degradation of status, when an individual loses all of their rights and enters into bondage.

So I followed up with Sana Abou-Arraj at the city of Ottawa by Way of email and indicated to her that I do not respond to My name expressed in all capital letters and provided the correct address. My email reads as follows:

Tue, Apr 27, 10:07 AM

Dear Sana,

A package arrived in My mailbox today from Your office.  It was addressed to VONDEHN, Sean.

I do NOT respond to My name in all capital letters – it (legally) represents a degradation of status.  You Will spell My name correctly if You Wish to address Me, proper mailing address is 

King Sean,
House of von Dehn,
Hand of Stephen,
Kingdom of God,
3-396 Kent St.
Ottawa, Ontario

Thank You,
Package was returned to sender.

(And be sure that applies to all instances of My Calling in all information contained in the package.  There has been no change to My living situation and I have a letter from Your office that no change Will be made to My subsidy unless I inform You otherwise – once again, there is no change if that saves You time.)

Thank You,

King Sean,
House of von Dehn,
Hand of Stephen,
Kingdom of God.

I didn’t even anticipate a reply. The same package was sent out to Me last year, I figured it was the renewal form for housing subsidy, and last year the address was hand Writ and made out to Sean von Dehn. Absolutely no reason they can’t send it the same Way again this year. But that’s not the response I received:

Tue, Apr 27, 4:08 PM

Good afternoon Sean,

Thank you for your email. I understand you returned the annual review package to sender (The City of Ottawa). Once our office receives the returned package, we will be re-sending it to you. The package is addressed to your legal name. If you choose to not complete your annual review, you will no longer be eligible effective July 1, 2021 as we will not have the required documents to determine ongoing eligibility.


Sana Arraj

Rent Supplement Agent/Agent Supplément de Loyer

Housing Services/Services de Logement

Community and Social Services|Services sociaux et communautaires

City of Ottawa|Ville d’Ottawa

Can any One tell what is wrong with this reply? “The package is addressed to your legal name.”

My ‘legal name’? Interesting, no? I have had People try to tell Me before that the name expressed in all capital letters means nothing. Really? Then why is it so important to the city of Ottawa that I respond to a ‘legal name’ that is clearly not My name? Is ‘Sean von Dehn’ not a legal entity? They are proving what I am telling You to be True and painting themselves into a corner. This is a Willful attempt to make Me accept a version of My name that has no inherent rights, or legal status. In fact, I Will Show You specifically what that legal name represents according to Canadian law very shortly, as it is part of My reply to this email.

Apr 27, 2021, 6:26 PM


VONDEHN, Sean is not MY legal name!!!  It is an artificial person and legal entity Created by the state, owned by the state and created without My consent or full disclosure of any obligations associated with using it.  I am war King very hard to have this artificial person terminated to avoid such confusion in the future.  If You Wish to address Me, the individual, You Will address the form as I have indicated in My email to You.  I may NOT be compelled against My Will to answer to an artificial entity which has no rights.  I also have Your last letter to Me which clearly states that unless I indicate to You that My living situation has changed, You Will continue to provide the subsidy.  As mentioned in the previous email, there is no change, You can continue to provide the subsidy as per Your letter of agreement to Me.

If You continue to threaten Me and compel Me to use an artificial creation owned by the government of Canada, I Will charge You with trespass upon My right of Self determination.  You do NOT get to determine what My name is or how it shall be ‘legally’ expressed.  Do You understand?  I am not a bonded slave, thank You.  You are bastardizing My last name, My property and You do not have any right to do so.  If You do it again, I Will charge You $100,000.00 and if You address Me again in ALL CAPS (any part of My Calling), it Will be presumed You agree to pay the fee of $100,000.00 for the trespass upon Me.

You have a duty and obligation to acknowledge My rights as per the U.N. Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.  As a service provider for Canada YOU are legally bound to Honour the U.N. Covenant on Civil and Political Freedoms, that is the Law!  Take a look at Part 1, Section 1, Article 1 and 2.  You (city of Ottawa) are trespassing upon My right to freely dispose of My natural resources without prejudice, claiming I am dependent upon You to access housing and now threatening Me with economic duress if I do not consent to using a title created and owned by Canada’s government?

I am getting really sick and tired of service providers in the city of Ottawa believing they have no Duty or Obligation to Honour the U.N. Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.  It was ratified by Canada in 1976, it IS the Law!!!  It is a legally binding contractual obligation.  Read it carefully – all of it.

“In no case may a people be deprived of its own means of subsistence.”


That’s THE LAW!  You are breaking it which IS a CRIMINAL offence.  A copy of this email Will be sent to Canada’s Registrar General to show how Canada is threatening Me with economic duress for failing to use the artificial person and legal entity created by the state and solely OWNED by the state.  I am not a legal entity.  You MAY acknowledge that King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God is the lawful entity who is requesting a full audit of the certified person Created by the state in My name and without My consent.  Clearly, You identify both of these entities as representing the same individual, claiming I am ‘bound’ to this fictional creation in some way.  I am NOT a bonded servant or indentured slave!

King Sean, 
House of von Dehn,
Hand of Stephen,
Kingdom of God,

I did Promise to Show You how Canada defines the name of a Man expressed in all capital letters and I have to say, this is part of the ‘Lucky’ of this Wednesday as I have known what Capitus Diminutio Maximus, Medius and Minimus mean for a considerable amount of time now. What was expressed on the package I received is an example of capitus diminutio medius, which represents a ‘medium’ loss of status in law.

I decided to look up these definitions and see if I could find something specifically pertaining to Canadian law (most of the definitions above are from Black’s Law, Ballentine’s or Bouvier’s – I have a pdf copy of each including all the editions of Black’s Law on My hard drive). What I found was Truly a Gift.

This first link is an interesting read because it explains how the Style of capitus diminutio maximus is specifically used to identify ‘officers’ of Canada’s income tax act.

“Officers are artificial legal persons that individuals choose to represent and thereby gain the powers, privileges and duties of that office, since the officer and the office are legally indivisible. The ITA “office” is identified with a nine-digit number (“SIN”) used as a “social insurance number” instead of as a Social Insurance Number. Income for the office/officer is Canada’s public money and is no longer the individual’s private property.”

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

The Key Words above are “that individuals choose to represent”. A Man may not be compelled to represent that office and what it means is that it is presumed the individual has invested all (natural, inherent) wealth into the public Trust and no longer has any right to hold private property – ‘and is no longer the individual’s private property’.

I could go off on a really long tangent here but this is what I mean when I say that nobody owns anything! People only gain ‘custodial’ rights to property which are governed by the state. But I’m not going to go off on a long tangent, I’m going to finish by including Canada’s ‘legal’ definition for the use of capital letters in a name and what they mean.

This is from the government of Canada’s own ‘Terminology and Linguistic databank‘.

“There were three changes of state or condition attended with different consequences, maxima, media and minima. The greatest, capitis deminutio maxima, involved the loss of liberty, citizenship, and family (e.g. being made a slave or prisoner of war).”

Government of Canada’s Terminology and Linguistic Databank

So there You have it folks! Never in My Life did I expect to find such a comprehensive and proper definition of the Words (or term) on Canada’s government website of terminology and linguistics. As I have suggested before, Canada’s People are ‘captured’ criminals of war by covert means for the Act of Treason that was committed against the Crown when Canada initially declared independence. The financial and legal system put in place was to maintain control of the colonies and I don’t think that any elected officials understand it. They are getting an education today every bit as much as anyone else reading this Post.

I know I’ve gone long today but before I Sign off, I Wish to let You know why I feel “Lucky” today. Yesterday this all just annoyed Me. But the above definitions and the city of Ottawa’s legal obligations to the U.N. Covenant on Civil and Political Rights was not just returned to Sana at the city of Ottawa, it was also ‘cc’d to Francois Philippe Champagne, the Mayor of Ottawa and Canada’s foreign affairs minister Marc Garneau.

What I am presenting to these individuals is a threat of economic duress now coming from a second city service provider suggesting I am compelled to use a legal title that diminishes My legal status rather than My proper name. Like I said, this year Will be the unveiling.

“Truth is like a lion; just let it loose and it Will defend itself”


There is nothing wrong with One choosing a position of office that diminishes One’s legal status, but compelling a Man to answer to One or take up a position of office against his Will is a very serious crime – they call it slavery or bondage.

Love and Blessings,

Post Script – As per usual, I Will upload the entire correspondence on a separate Page within the next couple of days if People Wish to review the entire correspondence. (There has been no reply to My last email, as per usual.)

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