Volume CLXIII: The Terrific Two’s Day Edition; Final Letter Finally Finished

Hello every One, and welcome to the Terrific Two’s Day Edition, thank King You for joining Me. It Will be a Two’s Day True to its name because I Will be Posting another V for Vendetta Interpret a Sean later this evening though no guarantees it Will be Published before midnight.

I was up most of last night and the better Part of the wake full hours of My day war King on My Last Letter to Canada’s Registrar General concerning the registration of My birth by My parents. That’s not normal for Me, Letters don’t usually take that long to Write.

This one however, is especially important because I do intend for it to be the Last Letter I Will Write Canada’s elected officials and representatives of Her Majesty in Canada. There are a lot of things I Wish to say and I have been as King for over four years now – it’s not like I haven’t been patient.

The main intent I Wished to communicate is that if the Registrar doesn’t know how to accommodate My request to freely dispose of My natural wealth without prejudice to foreign (Canadian) obligations, I have some suggestions. I also Wish to make it clear that what I have produced and continue to produce by Way of this Blog, Writing a Letter, or painting Portraits of the Characters in My Story, is of Value.

Is My Last Letter a great Letter and everything I was thing King it would be? Yes and no. It’s thirteen (seven double sided) Pages (Paiges) long which is much more than I had intended. I don’t ‘limit’ how long an important Letter should be but this was roughly twice as long as I had Imagined it would be. It also has a less candid and more serious tone than what I had Imagined it would. I initially Planned to Write something a little more humorous and Creative. The Spells Cast into My Letter are far more subtle than in any of My others. I’m not as ‘eager’ to Show it off as I have been to share My other Letters. Those are the things I don’t like about it so much.

Those details were initially enough that I wasn’t sure I liked the Letter at all and was thing King I might need to start over. After a Good sleep and a few hours away from the project, I decided it is the perfect Letter primarily because of all the things I initially didn’t like about it in the first place. It feels genuine and sincere, more humble than arrogant, more heart-felt than factual. It is also brutally honest. I really am tired of the games and there must be some One in Canada’s government who can accommodate My request to Live a Spiritual, not for profit Life that can co-exist harmoniously with Canada.

In addition to My Letter, I also included a proposal for the Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean to be set up as a not for profit Spiritual enterprise so that I can Write off all of My ‘doing business as’ ex-pence’s.

So I am very excited to share the Letter with You but I can’t do that today either because I neglected My phone for long enough the battery is completely toasted. What I can tell You is that there are a couple of important little ‘Secrets’ I share in My Letter to the Registrar that I haven’t shared before because I don’t think other elected officials would be knowledgeable enough to know it to be True.

One of those little ‘Secrets’ is that when One is properly addressed by their artificial ‘legal name’ (ALL CAPS) in the Common Law, it should be prefixed with the title ‘Mr. or Mrs., or Ms.’ I don’t generally allow for this because the individual Writing the Letter generally presumes that what follows is the individual’s name expressed in ‘ALL CAPS’ (which is legally defined in Canadian law to indicate a slave). The Master isn’t the slave, the Master is the slave ‘Holder’. The owner of the slave (Birth Certificated artificial person) is the state.

It might sound rather confusing but the point I’m making (and what it seems no government of any county Wishes to disclose to its People), is that the Birth Certificate is a claim of right to the registration of the birth. The certificate is proof the government is Holding Your ‘birthright’, the individual’s proof of Life and existence! When I said that the Significance of a Cestui Que Vie is that it evidences Life and that back in the day a man could not contract or engage in commerce without ‘proof’ he exists (legally) on paper, I wasn’t kidding. That would have been how birth records were used – to evidence a Living, (and therefor ‘lawful’) Man.

Every One with a Birth Certificate is holding a title claim to their [actual] birthright which has unlimited commercial Value, just like the potential of Man. It’s a Title Deed to a Trust, so it doesn’t have any commercial Value but it provides for everything else that does.

Why would One register their birth with another? Presumably One would register the Value of their Life with some One they Trust. Regis means of the King. So the King is offering protection in exchange for registration. If the registration is mandatory or involuntary, then the King is a slave trader.

Once again, all I’m getting at here is that the Birth Certificate evidences the crime of government, not the individual. The registration is evidence of an obligation the registrar has to the People, a ticket to Show that a People have placed [the Value of their Life] in Trust with the registrar. The registration is the document that Holds Value because it represents the Life of a Man (presumably). The Certificate is Created for the individual so that when He or She is ready to claim the Value of their Life they know where to go and who to be as King to for it.

Yeah, all that’s in the Letter and I’ll be tall King more about it in the future. For now,

Love and Blessings,

Post Script- Letter Will be Posted tomorrow for sure, ‘Lucky’ Wednesday. 😉

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