Volume CLXIII: The Simple Solutions Saturday Edition; Keep On As King and You Will Receive

Hello every One and welcome to the Simple Solutions Saturday Edition, thank King You for joining Me. I have a ‘Sensei-Sean’ al Edition today, as I Will be tall King a little more about the recent Letter of Reply I received from the senior advisor to the Deputy Officer of Ontario’s Registrar General today. I also have a new podcast episode published today and Will be tall King about that, too. My guest, minister Edward has a difference of opinion with Me on a couple of critical points that prove to be terminal to further discussion. However, it does amplify the importance of this Simple Saturday Solutions Edition.

To be clear, I received the Letter of Reply a couple of days ago now, I’m just going to be tall King about it more today. My podcast episode begins to fall apart when Edward states that We must make a claim upon the registered birth record and I tell him that he’s wrong, ‘it’s the wrong Play.’

The reason this is so important is because Edward is very well versed in both the Bible and some of the more critical and important elements of Canadian and international law. In fact, in many of these regards he is far more well versed than I am which is why he was a great guest for My Show. He specifically states that the state has a claim upon every individual that is evidenced by the Record of Live Birth Registered with the state – that is the common presumption even for People who have studied the law extensively and understand the difference between a People and person. Minister Edward is one of those People.

I never believed this could be True because every Birth Certificate would then be ‘prima-facie’ (first face) evidence of a bondage and slave contract. It is not ‘unknown’ to People in Law that the name expressed in all capital letters represents a corporate fiction and artificial person, that is how it is specifically Styled in Man’s legal fiction to distinguish between individuals and corporations. Lawyers and People in the profession understand it represents a position of office an individual is holding, not the individual themselves. It’s the nuances of that relationship and how it all begins where People begin to get foggy.

I have suggested that what happens at the hospital is that an event takes place at the time an individual enters the world. I have described the ‘event’ to be the Creation of an artificial person which begins with the Record of Live Birth. The Record of Live Birth tells a Story, the Story is Given a Title and the title of the Story looks a lot like Your name, except it Will be YOUR NAME. The artificial person Creates a new Character that can only Play a Part in their STORY, or HIS-STORY (because it is always fixed in time by the birth date of the Title of the Story’s Registration).

Now the Common belief is that the registration proves that a Living Man entered the world. It doesn’t. This was in fact confirmed by Canada’s senior advisor to the Deputy Registrar General in the last Letter. The Registrar, “does not register or hold authority of People.”

It’s that simple. It is not proof of Life, it is proof of an event. The Life is the proof of Life and that is Key for every One to comprehend. The name looks a lot like the individual’s name but is yet distinctly different; this is not a coincidence. You are meant to Create Your own Title Deed to Your Story (as I have done with My Cestui Que Vie) and Write the Purpose of Your Life beneath it. This proves You Live and have a unique Calling that has been ‘Officially’ expressed on paper. So long as You hold it, You are holding a new position of Office – both legally and lawfully.

The reason the path Edward is on is so deceiving is because it can seem so convincing and real. Edward talks about the Life annuities fund and having an audit done to assess the Value of his Life in years which he Will exchange for silver and place in a Trust. I have asked for a full forensic audit of the account Created in My name, too – so what’s the difference?

What Edward doesn’t yet comprehend is that he is the Value! That is just Canada’s corporate interest in Edward’s Life. Edward is the source of all of it and rather than be as King for it in exchange for the registered record of Live Birth, he should be as King to Honour all debts borrowed in ‘HIS’ name. Purchasing silver with the fictional currency makes the owner of the fictional currency the owner of the goods. It Will only be purchased with debt the rest of Canada’s People Will pay back and does not affect the politicians at all because the individual has agreed that Canada can determine his Value. A King does not let others determine the Value of His Kingdom, a King Prints the Coin of His Realm.

But Edward also opened the Letter of Reply I received from the Registrar’s Office while We were on the call. I thought he’d already seen it. He knows what the Style of a name means, and he notices that the entire Letter is Writ in proper, Common Law English. He also notices that province is (Magically) Spelled with a small ‘p’ (not the corporation, the Common Law), and that it is addressed to King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God. That’s really when the attack begins, I suppose.

Edward begins to criticize the Letter and tells Me that it’s irrelevant because Christine is speaking for the Office of the Registrar General and that the Living can’t mix with the dead. I point out that I understand that but a dead office needs to be held accountable by an individual acting as an agent or officer, and that officer is communicating with Me in proper, Common Law English and by the proper Style and Spelling of My name (and We are always in a Common Law Jurisdiction). We all have Lawful names. It is Our proper name Spelled the proper Way, the Way We were taught in grade school (or most of Us, I hope). This is also an individual representing that office who Will know the legal terms and definition of the Words she’s using and how they are Spelled. Christine uses her proper, English name and clearly states the position of Office she represents as senior advisor to the Deputy Registrar General.

To be honest, I think it was a little too much for Edward to absorb because he immediately begins to attack the King thing and I’m very clear about why I use it to distinguish between Me and the artificial legal entity created in My name. I also use it because it is the position each of Us hold in a Common Law jurisdiction when Our name is expressed in its natural Style and Spelling anyway. I do it because it seems most Canadians have forgot that We are a Sovereign People in Our natural state, and that the Sovereign is the head of state in any Constitutional Democratic Monarchy.

When I tell Edward that it’s not a bad thing that Christine represents an Office of the Canadian government, it’s a Good thing because she is speaking for the Office of the Registrar General, I sincerely believe Edward became a little overwhelmed. I legitimately believe he began to lash out because he was a little jealous maybe? The registrar’s office is the same office (different branch) that receives court documents – One files with a registrar of the court. One registrar’s office Will not dispute another registrar’s office.

At any rate, what I’m getting at here is that I asserted that this is an official statement the Registrar’s Office knows Will be Published here, clearly stating that the Registrar does not register or hold authority of People. I am a People.

The cliffhanger for today is that the Record of Live Birth is a record of an event and that event is very important because it does tell a Story. It does re-Present the beginning of a Man’s Life on the earth, but that Story is never told. We accept the ‘ID’-entity and begin to tell the dead man’s tale.

Oh, and I do encourage You to listen to the podcast with Edward despite his deep criticisms of My perspective and the personal insults, I’m reasonably pleased with how well I kept My cruel. I can be rather vicious with My Words if I choose to be and I more or less choose not to engage (too much). I assert the points he tries to prevent Me from making but I don’t think I stoop to the name calling level. It was a Good lesson for Me, hoping You can learn from it, too.

Love and Blessings,


    1. This is why it is said that the kingdom of God is within you.
      You become more aware of life and detached from the outcome but open to receive all that comes from the divine flow of life knowingly seeing the greater picture and all the best possibilities from the infinite …

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