Volume CLXIV: The Magical Monday Motivate Sean Edition; Shoppers Drug Mart Manager Threatens Me

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Motivate Sean Edition, thank King You for being here. I wasn’t initially going to use the event from today’s adventures as the Title of this Post but it is a Good Story and totally relevant to what a lot of People are experiencing right now.

In all parts of the world times are especially tough but Canadians really are experiencing a dramatic culture shock and are subject to draconian rules and regulations some parts of the world are now comparing to North Korea. Keep in Mind, unlike North Korea, this is all new to the People of Canada who believe they live in a free and democratic society with some of the best social protections, system of government, and rights the world has to offer. Virtually overnight all that was gone and virtually everyone complied with giving up their rights for a couple of weeks to ‘curb the spread’. Now We are into year two, Canadians are still locked down and there does not appear to be any end in sight – certainly not for those who do not Wish for a vaccine they don’t need.

That may all sound a bit long-winded but I’m trying to preface the tension in Canadian society right now. I don’t wear a mask. I never have, I never Will. I totally support those who feel safer wearing One and encourage every One to do what feels right for them. I Will not allow others to dictate how I Will dress My Character.

So far, it hasn’t really been much of a problem. In fact, earlier this month I was going to comment on how refreshing it feels to be able to go to the grocery store and the few other places I do shop at without being harassed about a mask anymore because they recognize Me. In general, I get a lot less weird looks now than I usually do and People for the most part have seemed upbeat and in Good Spirits recently.

Shoppers is one of the places I frequently shop at, I’m typically there two or three times a month. I get My toiletries there and they have a small grocer section I like to check out from time to time because they often sell eggs and other dairy cheaper than the main grocer (I go through a LOT of eggs – 8 or more dozen a month). It’s one of the places where most of the staff know Me enough to know I don’t wear a mask. The manager on shift today was one of them.

When I first enter the store there is a lady working at the cosmetics desk who greets Me and tells Me masks are required. I nod, tell her I know, and that I have a medical exemption.

“We’re not allowing medical exemptions anymore, new store policy.”

At this point I haven’t even slowed My strut, I just laugh and tell her that store policy isn’t the law and they are not legally allowed to refuse Me service for a medical condition. She tells Me she’s going to have to contact the manager but it basically calling after Me as I’m making My Way to the deodorant section to see what’s on sale. ‘Old Spice’ is nice, on sale for $2.99, and I’m on My Way to the register to cash out.

Everyone else in the store is totally friendly. I think girl at the cash might have asked Me about the mask, too but when I said I have a medical exemption, she just smiled and cashed Me out. As the clerk is handing Me the product and the receipt, another staff member taps Me on the shoulder. I have the stick of deodorant and the receipt in My Hand at this point, and this lady taps Me on the shoulder with a mask in her hand telling Me I need to put it on.

At this point, I can’t help but look at her and laugh. Once again, I tell the lady I have a medical exemption (the exemption is autonomy over My own health care, by the Way). She tells Me, “well You’re not allowed in the store, then.”

This is bad customer service on so many levels. At this point, let’s just say they do actually have the right to make whatever store policies they Wish, regardless what the laws of Ottawa, Ontario or Canada have to say. Is it really worth stopping a Man who was just about to turn and walk out of the store, to tell him he must put a mask on to walk the last ten feet to the door? Not to mention the corridor I would be walking down was completely empty. Allegedly, they Wish to see Me wear a mask because they believe I may be some kind of danger to them if I am not wearing one. Would common sense not dictate to just stay away until I am out of the store? That’s how You know this has nothing to do with safety.

On the other side of an aisle to My left, ‘the manager’ cuts in. He’s loud, obnoxious, and clearly trying to make a scene. (Virtue signaling with a hint of ‘alpha male, I’m the manager complex’).

“If You are not going to wear that mask, I want You out of My store right now!”, he yells at Me.

The most ironic part, is that if he or the lady with the mask had never come over, I’d already be gone. Now I’m going to linger just to let him know that I can.

“You don’t have any legal right to kick Me out of Your store for having a medical condition that prevents Me from wearing a mask, You are not allowed to discriminate for a medical condition.”

“No, Shoppers Drug Mart is a private corporation, We can choose to do business with whoever We please, We don’t have to do business with anyone.”

I laugh, “Uh, no. You are not a ‘private’ business. If You were a private business, You would not be mandated by the government and allowed to open to provide Your essential service to the public. If You were a private business, You would be closed.”

I turn around to leave, he yells after Me never to come back. I turn around once more and tell him I Will come back any time it is essential for Me to do so. Then I turn to leave and he calls after Me again.

“You want a piece of Me?!”

I stop for a moment. Did he really just say that? I look back at the clerk asking the same question but only with My expression. Her eyes widen and she Gives Me a nod. I turn back to the manager. “Excuse Me, what did You say?”

This time, louder, even more clear for everyone to hear and using his hands to call Me on (from the opposite side of a four foot inventory isle of protection), “DO YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME!!!”

“Uh, no. I just wanted to make sure I heard You perfectly clear. So now You are threatening Me, or what exactly do You mean by ‘do You want a piece of Me’?”.

This time he must be feeling really confident because he says, ‘Come get some, find out.”

I just kind of laugh, shake My head, look around at the rest of the staff. I told him instead I’d be filing a complaint, and I left the store.

I was furious. I’m not going to lie, might be one of My personal pet peeves, but I cannot stand bullies and cowards. This man is both. It also touches on a topic Jordan Peterson talks about in one of his lectures regarding the male ego (in particular). The dominant Characteristic of Man that made Us master of the beasts is Our Mind. The manager here Wished to strut his management power as the ‘boss’. When I told him that he can’t claim to be a private business while simultaneously being mandated as an essential service, he had no ‘intellectual’ ammo left to dominate his position. He was causing a scene to showcase his manliness, and I just humiliated him in front of everyone watching (and there were a handful or so). Jordan Peterson says the first instinct of Man (males in particular in this case) is physical confrontation after losing the battle of wits. It’s ‘standard’ alpha male behaviour.

I was proud of My Self for leaving when I did. There were a lot more things I knew I wanted to say but convinced My Self that leaving now was kind of like leaving the poker table when One is up about as much as One can be. I’ve just clearly been threatened with physical violence by a store manager in front of plenty of witnesses while I was already in the process of leaving the store.

After I got home and had some time to relax and let the adrenalin leave My bloodstream, I decided I wanted the manager’s name before I file My complaint and can probably get it from the lady at the cosmetics desk without having to fully enter the store. I decided to go back to get it.

The lady at the front was very kind and friendly, just as she was the first time. I tell her I need the manager’s name and she tells Me she’ll call him to the kiosk. She does. When he comes around the corner, it is immediately worth My trip back. He looks petrified.

“Hi. Don’t worry, I’m not staying long. I just need Your name for My complaint.”

Almost zombie-like, he shakes his head. “No, You’re not getting it.”

And this is where it all started to feel like a bit of a sitcom that was pre-recorded or something. The lady behind the kiosk is clearly amused by the situation, her reaction is as surprised as My own.

“Really? So You’re going threaten Me with violence to leave Your store but You’re not going to tell Me Your name? Any Man with integrity would not be afraid to Give his name, he would stand behind his Words. But that’s fine, I’ll just add it to the complaint.”

“I don’t care, just get out of My store right now!”

Again, he yells this as I’m already through one set of automated doors and about to exit the other. I know he’s only yelling this loud enough that everyone can hear because he wants everyone on the streets and in his store to think the reason I’m walking out is because he’s yelling at Me to do so… So I turn around and go back one more time.

This time I walk right up to him, good and loud so the girl at the kiosk can hear Me clearly, too. “Before I go, I want to know what You meant by, ‘do You want a piece of Me?’ Tell Me, and be clear – what did You mean by that?”

His voice lowers to a ‘normal’ volume level. “I just wanted You out of My store.”

“Really? So it wasn’t intended to be a threat?”

He shakes his head.

“Good. It sounded like a threat. If You had said that to Me outside of Your store, I wouldn’t have asked what the Words meant, I would have knocked You out. I don’t take kindly to threats.”

Again, I turn around to leave, he calls after Me, “Yeah, right, You Wish!”

Now at this point, I know I shouldn’t go back again, I really do. But I told You, I have a ‘thing’ about cowards – especially a coward trying to be a cowboy. It’s easy to make some ‘tough guy’ remark as a last statement when One thinks they Will never ever see someone again, or always be in the safety of One’s store, or behind a candy rack. I know for a fact this Man would never talk to Me the Way that he did outside of his store. So I go back one last time.

This time I stand close enough he might be able to claim I am invading his space. “You said, “You want a piece of Me?” I Wish to know what You mean because now I’m sure it was intended as a threat.”

(He says nothing).

“Really. Let Me know. Because if You mean what You say, all You have to do is tell Me what time You are done work and I Will make sure to come back and get some. How does that sound?”

He goes back into frantic mode and runs behind the cosmetic kiosk like I just pulled a gun, yelling dramatically, “That’s it, now I’m calling the police!!!”, and picks up the phone.

I just look over at the lady at the kiosk who is clearly trying to stifle a laugh under her mask as the manager fumbles with the phone in front of her. I nod My head and take My leave, this time for Good.

I Will still be filing a complaint, though. I’ll share that with You when I get it done, too because if Shoppers is trying to do this in one store, Good chance they are trying to do it in all stores. I’m going to file a complaint and let them know if I am ever harassed or threatened in their store again, it Will be $10,000.00 for every incidence of harassment regarding My medical condition and $100,000.00 minimum if I am asked to leave the store or assaulted in any Way. The Notice Will be Given with My complaint.

This stuff is important, People. The physical intimidation stuff is more for the dudes out there because We deal with this nonsense more often, this is how I deal with it. The rest of it is for every One because autonomy over Your health care is an inherent right, probably one of the most sacred because the body is the Temple of Man. They cannot trespass upon an inherent right without there being a criminal consequence. Know Your rights, Know thy Self.

Love and Blessings,


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