Volume CLXIV: The Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition; V for Vendetta, Part VIII

Hello every One and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition and My Interpret a Sean of V for Vendetta, thank King You for being here. Last week V had just paid a visit to the ‘Voice of London’ and left his calling card on the scene, a scarlet rose. I’m not going to get too deep into the symbolism of the rose but because this is a Spiritual and Magical Interpret-a-Sean, it is worth pointing out that anytime One sees a red rose, it represents the apple of knowledge from the Garden of Eden, and the loss of innocence. Nothing in the film is a coincidence, so it was worth pointing out before We continue.

We’ve learned Evey is V’s hostage until at least November 5th of the following year, and Evey has decided to make the best of the situation. V cooks breakfast just like mum used to do, and also quotes Shakespeare her mum once read to Evey as a child. V appears to be a rather surprisingly sophisticated and hospitable host.

I figure because this is a Spiritual interpret-a-Sean, I should also point out the Significance of V’s role here. In all other scenarios in the film, V appears to be absolutely ruthless, powerful and virtually heartless. Here, V shows tenderness and compassion and is literally playing the role of Mother to Evey while she is in his care. This is to demonstrate the balance of the Divine masculine and feminine Characteristics of V which are the root strength of his True Character, the perfect union of two Energies. This is also the ‘Original marriage as it occurs in nature’ that Crowley discusses in the description of one of Our tarot cards from the last read. It represents both the authority of God, and the Love of God; “the Power and the Glory”.

“For I am, the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory.”

My Cestui Que Vie Trust

Hopefully, it helps to understand some of these other terms We use, too. Above, ‘the Kingdom’ is the Spirit it Self, the original ‘Oneness’ of Kingdom. Our [individual] One-ness, is the perfect Union of Divine Masculine and Feminine Energies, which represent the Authority of God and the Love of God, respectively. The Spiritual child Issued, is You.

Getting back to Our film, the detectives have just been notified that the Voice of London is dead. One of the investigators arrives at the scene of the crime and is tall King with another of the network broadcast executives who tells the inspector to keep it quiet. They can’t let the People know the Voice of London was killed in his own home by V because they already reported that V has been apprehended. “We’ll say it was a heart attack or something.”

So now the two inspectors are under even more pressure because the public can’t know there is still an ongoing search for V and the inspectors have been Trusted to get the situation ‘under control’.

How is this like what We see going on today? Well, I could embed a Tweet from Catherine McKenna promising Canadians that the AstraZeneca vaccine is perfectly safe while Ontario has just announced it will be discontinuing first round AstraZeneca vaccines due to ‘rare’ blood clot risk. The People are being used as guinea pigs, the vaccines were not fully tested and were only approved under emergency circumstances which is why they have to keep a state of emergency going to keep the administration of vaccines both legal and ‘in demand’. So the lie gets bigger to cover the little lies of the past.

Before the inspector leaves the crime scene, We discover that V used Evey’s security access card to enter the building when he killed the Voice of London. Now Evey is officially an accomplice and vigilante, too.

The following scene shows Evey waking up to what sounds like trouble. When she goes to investigate, she finds V sparring with an armored statue like he’s fighting for his Life. V seems unfazed by Evey’s intrusion, ignores his shadow boxing and directs Evey’s attention to the television where ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ is playing, “Ah, My favourite film!”

This is on My ‘to do’ list this month. Every time I see this movie I tell My Self I must watch it just to see what sort of message that particular reference is all about. At the moment, I can’t say except that it Will not be a coincidence and Will be relative to the theme.

We jump back to the inspectors who have just received the report from forensics and V has left absolutely no trace, not even on the rose. No hair, fibers, or fingerprints anywhere, ‘the man is like a ghost’. We also learn some new information from the other inspector about V’s victim, the Voice of London.

“Did You know Lewis Prothero was one of the richest men in the country before he became the Voice of London?”


Legal ones. Major stockholder in Viadoxic pharmaceuticals.”

The other officer mentions something about it being the second instance of St. Mary’s and Viadoxic pharmaceuticals in a single week, “You think it’s a coincidence?”.

“When You’ve been at this as long as I’ve been, You stop believing in coincidence.”

Well, the next scene jumps back the Shadow Gallery where Evey and V are watching the final scene of ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’. V asks Evey if she enjoyed the film and she says that she did, though she feels a little sorry for Mercedes. V asks Evey why.

“Because he cared more about revenge than he did about her.”

V acknowledges Evey’s comment in a Way that suggests he might be in agreement but has no regrets. And We get a sense the reference was made for V to Give an opportunity for reconsideration. (V seems to assert that revenge is more important than Love…).

Alright, that’s all for this week, thank King You for joining Me, I’ll be back next week with another.

Love and Blessings,

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