Volume CLXIV: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Rewriting HIS Story, Part II

Hello every One, and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King You for being here. I have just recently confirmed that the Birth Certificate is the Title of a Story named after an individual but Magically Spelled in all capital Letters. The Idea is that each of Us Will accept the Title of the Story that is Given to Us and begin to Play that Character’s Part on the world Stage – the individual never has a chance to tell their own Story, or introduce their own Character.

It’s difficult for Me to tell now how confusing that might sound to someone introduced to this subject Matter for the first time. We’ve all heard the expression, “What’s Your Story?”, right?

Well, that’s what Our name is, it is Our unique Calling under God, the Title of Our Story. If someone changes the name of the main character and One were to end up taking that Character’s place on the world stage, who is directing the production? And if it’s the Story of One’s Life, who’s directing the Action of the Character? Who is the puppeteer?

It’s all very clever isn’t it? The Good News is that nobody is ever going to try and tell You that the registration of One’s birth is a claim of right upon One’s Life because it isn’t. It is deliberately Spelled in all capital Letters with intention so as to be a reasonable ‘likeness’ to the title of the individual’s Story, yet distinctly different. Not one Man on earth (of either sex) was ever compelled to look at their NAME on a card and say, “yep, that’s Me.”

We identify with it, so it identifies with Us.

The reason I’m so excited about this is because it is News for Me, and it is Good News – not just for Me but for every One! I have ‘hypothesized’ and speculated that the registration of Live Birth has nothing to do with the individual for a long time, but have never had any conclusive evidence or proof. Now I do.

A Letter I received last week from the senior advisor to the Deputy Registrar General clearly states that the birth registration is a record of an event – an event is not an individual, nor is it proof of an individual or his or her Life and existence now. One can argue that it ‘represents’ a Life at the time of its Creation but the Character that is Created from that record shows no further Signs of Life for roughly eighteen years (in Canada, or age of majority elsewhere). It certainly doesn’t prove that an individual is Living and walking around today.

This is how We become Characters in HIS STORY, each of Us Playing a Part in the timeline of HIS STORY. The second coming of Christ is when One chooses to Give Life to their Story by Writing their Self into the Script with their True Calling as Given them by God.

The other ironic detail for Me is that although I had always believed it could not possibly be any kind of contractual obligation or ‘birthright’ to prove a Man exists (because that would be a contract of bondage by definition and far too incriminating on its face), I wasn’t sure what exactly it is the government claims to ‘own’ with respect to that event. I did not expect that what the government does register, is the Title of a STORY!

It all just makes the fact that I Called My Cestui Que Vie the beginning of My Story that much more perfect because that’s exactly what it is – the end of HIS STORY and the beginning of My Story.

I’m not going to include the Letter from Ontario’s Deputy Registrar General’s Office again, though I Will provide a link to the complaint I filed with Service Ontario that led to the final Letter. The other detail I find interesting in the correspondence that is not included in the last Letter, is that the Registrar General’s Office does not hold any property rights to any of the information contained in the Birth Certificate. I find that interesting because there really isn’t any reason they would not be able to claim ownership of the information because it is a Creative work of fiction. That is also one of the ‘Common’ presumptions that come with playing that part on the world stage – it is presumed We are using someone else’s property and therefor subject to particular rules and restrictions for use of that property. According to My most recent correspondences with Service Ontario, this is also not True; the government does not claim ownership rights over the name expressed in all capital letters, either.

That part surprised Me to learn, though it really shouldn’t have. It goes Hand in Hand with the believe that We are each Willing participants in the Play. None of Us Quest-Ion the use of Our name expressed in all capital Letters, and if One is not as King, One cannot receive. None are obliged to apply for a Birth Certificate, few of Us are as King where the requirement exists or why it needs to be done. Not one of Us who does receive a Birth Certificate, looks at the name of the Character and says, “No, that’s not Me!”.

It’s been an interesting week because I received the Letter from the Registrar’s Office last week and on ‘Lucky’ Wednesday of this week, I received an email from My social services representative addressed to ‘King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God’. First time in over four years Orsi has addressed Me by My proper legal and lawful name. The email was to tell Me she was moving on and introduce the new government service representative who Will be replacing her, Tatiana Lindstrom.

All very interesting because default judgment was awarded against Orsolya and others at Ontario Works on April 22nd of last month and this is the first email of any kind I’ve received since. I also forwarded the application ‘under duress’ to Canada’s Acting Registrar General to let him know the application is only being made under threat of economic, social and mental duress. As the ‘Acting’ Registrar General for Canada, I figured I should make an individual responsible and accountable for deciding whether or not the Office Wishes to compel a Man to use the record of an event (Birth Certificate) to ‘identify’ his ‘Self’/Life against his Will, so the application was left in the care of ‘Honourable’ Francois-Philippe Champagne, Member of Parliament and Acting Registrar General.

I sent a final Letter to Francois-Philippe Champagne on ‘Lucky’ Wednesday of last week and he Will have received it by now. All emails were also ‘cc’d to Orsolya at Ontario Works, so at this point it would be unreasonable for Me to presume there has not been some kind of correspondence between the two offices regarding this Matter. At the same time, My correspondences with Service Ontario were taking place in the background and have firmly established that the Registrar “does not register or hold authority of People”.

Translation? I am a People. So if People are not registered, then I can’t be required to provide proof of registration to identify My Self as a People. How relevant are My Letters to the recent email from Orsi? I really have no Idea.

Not only have I heard no other Word from Ontario Works or the Member of Parliament, I’ve also not heard anything further from Housing Services and My last correspondence with them was the 30th of April. They sent a package addressed to ‘VONDEHN, Sean’ and I sent it back ‘wrong person’. Although they insisted this is My ‘legal name’, I asserted that legal name is defined ‘legally’ as a degradation of status, a person having no rights to citizenship or property, and if they address Me by that ‘legal name’, I Will accept under duress and charge $10,000.00 for defamation of Character. It is the fourteenth today, more than enough time for them to have returned the package and I’m curious to see if it Will be addressed to a legal person, or a People.

So I’m not sure what is going on but My intuition tells Me something is going on. It’s a little too quiet in My microcosm, but I’m not complaining. I really would like to get this last chapter wrapped up, so I’m still hoping the ‘Honourable’ Member of Parliament Will come through for Me. The parenthesis are because the Style of ‘Honourable’ has yet to be earned.

Love and Blessings,

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