Volume CLXIV: The Sensei-Sean All Saturday Edition; The Registration of Royal Subjects

Hello every One, and welcome to the Sensei-Sean all Saturday Edition, thank King You joining Me. As today’s Title Will suggest, I Will be tall King about how the Registration of birth records Create ‘Royal subjects’ which are short stories titled after the subject Matter of the event that took place. We ‘identify’ with the subject Matter of the Storyline and become the subject of the Story Our Self.

I’m still sort of celebrating a bit because I have just recently confirmed with Canada’s Registrar General’s Office that the record of Live birth registered by One’s parents is not proof of Life of the individual, nor is it a claim of right (‘birthright’) upon an individual; it is simply a record of an event. That event tells the story of an individual entering the world and Gives the event a title named after the individual, but Magically Spelled in all capital Letters. The record itself has absolutely nothing to do with the individual inherently. It is a literary work of fiction.

I also really like this discovery because I am always tall King about Living a Purpose full Life and being the Hero of Our own Story. I symbolically felt like I was beginning to Write My own Story for the first time after Creating My Cestui Que Vie because I was determined to ensure that all literary works of fiction Created in My name be destroyed, and that every ‘Deed’ or event after that publication would ‘officially’ (office-I-ally) tell the Story of My True Character. Well, it turns out that it isn’t just a Good metaphor, it happens to be precisely what is going on in the world, legally speaking.

I also Love it because there are never any coincidences in My Universe and ‘of course’ it would just happen to prove True that regardless what Our opinion may be, We are literally the subject Matter of the STORY We are Writing. Royal ‘subjects’ are just stories about the People, ‘HISTORY’ (His Story) of the People – not ownership of People, or even People themselves!

“The RGO does not register or hold authority of People.”

Registrar General’s Office

There is officially no requirement to use a Birth Certificate to identify One’s Self, as the Birth Certificate does not provide proof of identity, it only provides proof that an event took place. When We apply for a Birth Certificate, We are as King to add to that STORY. It is only one potential Idea for One’s Life. That event does not prove that We are Living now.

To ‘legally’ and lawfully exist, a Man must be Living. It seems obvious enough but because the law deals with contracts and paper, there must be something to ‘evidence’ this fact on paper. In Law, there was a ‘certificate of Life’, or ‘proof of Life’ known as a ‘Cestui Que Vie’ that would serve this purpose. The Cestui Que Vie would be connected to the Living Man in an identifiable Way such as a unique Signature or Seal (often a thumbprint). The purpose was that only the Living Man and True bearer of the Cestui Que Vie would be able to use it.

One of the purposes of the Cestui Que Vie was to leave it in Trust while One was travelling at sea so that they could reclaim their lands and property upon return. The Trustee would take care of the land in the absence of the landowner and if the landowner never returned, it would pass to the next of kin like any estate. Essentially, the Cestui Que Vie was a title deed to a [Living] Man’s estate.

The record of Live Birth is a very similar concept. An event takes place, a Life enters the world, but there is no further evidence of Life for many years (usually eighteen in Canada). As King for proof of that record does not prove One is Living now, but the Record of Live Birth does ‘act’ or perform the very same function as the Cestui Que Vie of yesteryear.

Now Imagine that One is the sailor who has returned from sea and the sailor has a certificate to Show that his Cestui Que Vie was placed in Trust. Does it makes sense that the Man would return from sea and use the certificate that shows the Deed to his lands is in Trust to reclaim them, or would the Man use the title Deed to his Lands itself?

I hope that was an obvious enough comparison but the Man would produce the Deed to his or her lands, not a certificate showing one has a deed to the land somewhere in Trust.

An event takes place (birth) but it is frozen in time and no more action takes place until the individual comes forward and asks for proof of that event to identify their Life. The name is Spelled in all capital Letters because it is not known whether the individual is Living or not. Just like the Cestui Que Vie, although it is considered legal ‘proof of life’ (CQV, not birth registration), it is absolutely worthless on its own. No document can ever prove Life, only the individual can do that. The Cestui Que Vie only had [real] Value in the Hand of the Living Man it identified.

Again, it probably sounds like I’m suggesting the birth registration is some kind of claim of right upon One’s Life but I’m really not. It is a record of an event. We know the event represents a Life entering the world, but the event is not proof of that Life, the individual is the proof of Life.

What I’m really getting at here is that what We commonly believe to be True, is True. The record of Live Birth does represent a Life entering the world but it is not proof of Life or a title deed to One’s estate, it is literally just the Title of a Story with the individual’s name on it in capital Letters. That name is different enough from the One Given Us by God that We do not need to answer to it or pay any attention to it – We choose to.

The reason the Title of today’s Post is, ‘The Registration of Royal Subjects’ is to emphasize that there is no property claim or authority claim of ‘People’ registered with Canada. The Registrar does not even claim ownership of any information contained in the records, including the ‘title’ or SUBJECT MATTER of the STORY. The Birth Certificate is a powerful, negotiable instrument, however because it does provide proof of an obligation.

The Good News is that the obligation has nothing to do with the Royal Subject and everything to do with those Trusted to care for Her Majesty’s Royal Subjects. Why does the government Wish for an individual to apply for a birth certificate to use as a foundation document for other forms of identification? Because the government does not do anything for the People it is not obliged to do.

The government is required to Keep these records for Her Majesty so that Her Majesty knows how many People have been ‘Trusted’ with Canada’s government. The certificate may not prove a Man Lives, but it proves that an event took place, a Life entered the world, and a duty of care was established because the Queen has a Duty to Care for the People as God’s representative on earth.

Every other contract Man enters into with government after the Birth Certificate is obtained, is to ‘satisfy’ the obligations the government has to the People under the Queen (Crown). The obligations the government has are not to their statutory creations but to the Living Man (of either sex). These obligations exist prior to their statutory Creation and it is only when We accept their STORY that the obligations are ‘satisfied’ because We are presumed to be satisfied with unsatisfactory conditions and a competitive, CAPITALIST system.

Love and Blessings,

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