Volume CLXIV: The Super Natural Son Day Re-View; The Royal Subjects

Hello every One, thank King You (or Queen You if preferred) for joining Me for the Super Natural Son Day Re-View. I have been suggesting We are all Kings and Queens in God’s Kingdom, the whole ‘E’ Trinity of Mind, Body and Soul, for a little more than ten years now. Over the last couple of weeks, We have discovered that We are each the subject Matter of a Story, and the Story is Titled after the individual. Each of these Titles are registered with the Crown and We are the Royal subjects of those Titles.

It’s very interesting, isn’t it? Honestly, don’t You Wish You knew all this before You went to apply for a birth certificate? Doesn’t it seem as though someone should be clearly explaining why this is done and what it all means? Or do You suppose it’s because nobody knows? That’s generally what I figure to be the case.

Now I still have some hypothesis to work out with respect to what it is One is supposed to do with the birth certificate, but it is official that the registration of One’s birth is not any kind of claim upon an individual’s Life (birthright), or their name. In fact, that’s probably why it is Spelled in all capital letters because it is not intended to represent the individual. It is the title of a Story with no claim of right upon any of the information contained in the document (according to the Office of Ontario’s Registrar General). The individual is the Royal Subject, the Sovereign People.

Again, this is really Good News because it does support My belief that We really are all Kings and Queens, but “few of Us have claimed Our Kingdom”.

The fact that the registration of birth does not represent ownership of an individual or a superior claim upon an individual’s name, really is a big deal – even though it shouldn’t be. It is preposterous to suggest that a piece of paper ever could hold authority over a Man’s Life yet We allow People to go hungry or homeless because they don’t have enough of it, so I wasn’t going to rule out any possibilities.

The reason I placed the Word after in italics when I referenced the Order of events that occur to Create the Title of One’s Story, is because the individual comes first, the name is Given as the child’s first Gift, their unique ‘Calling’ under God. It Truly is Sacred. No One should be using it but the individual it was Given to, and no lesser Gift should be accepted in its place.

We are meant to claim Our Kingdom, but it is not One’s Life or Kingdom that is registered with One’s government by the live birth record, it is the Title of a STORY that has been mis-Spelled. We need to correct the Title of Our Story so that We can Live as Royal Subjects in the United Kingdom of God.

In the coming week We are expecting a snail mail Letter from Tatiana Lindstrom, a renewal package from Housing Services, and We’re Giving the Member of Parliament and acting Registrar General, Francois-Philippe Champagne, one more week to respond to My Last Letter. Over the coming week We Will also review the International Covenant on Civil and Political Freedoms to see what the next course of Action is One should take in the event elected officials prove to be dis-Honourable and fail to provide any remedy.

I hope You are all well and have enjoyed a fabulous, sunshine filled week!

Love and Blessings,

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