Volume CLXV: The Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition; V for Vendetta, Part IX

Hello every One, and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for joining Me. Last week Evey and V were just watching the end of ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’, and I’m going to pick up right where We left off.

When V presses ‘stop’ on the remote, the evening news is on, tall King about the recent death of Prothero, the ‘Voice of London’. Evey is shocked to hear the news and mentions to V that she was unable to find her key card and identification, does he know anything about it. V asks Evey if she would prefer a lie, or the Truth.

Evey very quickly puts two and two together and is outraged with V. “Did You kill Prothero?”

Without hesitation or remorse, “yes.”

“Oh, God!”

“You seem upset?”

“Upset! You just told Me You killed Louis Prothero!”

“I might have killed the Fingermen that tried to attack You but I heard no objection there.”


“Violence can be used for Good.”

V goes on to explain to Evey that what happened to Prothero was Justice (‘just-is’)… Evey is not impressed, almost in disbelief, “And do You intend to kill more People?”

With the same, even tone, “Yes.”

The scene ends and We jump back to the inspectors who are investigation Prothero’s background. They recently discovered he was a major stockholder in a pharmaceutical company and when looking into his military records, discover he was very active and well decorated officer – but he ends up supervising a detention center named ‘Lark Hill’. It could potentially connect V to Prothero and or Evey, perhaps even provide motive, so they continue to investigate.

When inquiring with the major in charge at the time Prothero was supervising the facility, they are abruptly ‘shut down’ and the Major explains that, “times were chaotic back then… We all did what We could. And that’s all I have to say about that.”

Any other records related to the facility have either been deleted, altered, or omitted. We are beginning to sense a conspiracy is afoot.

Back at the Shadow Gallery, Evey appears as though she’s rehearsing for a scene as she clasps a piece of paper in her hands, psyching her Self out for something. As the camera pans over her shoulder, We see she is holding Gordon’s number, the Man she was about to meet the night she first met V. She leaves the scrap of paper on the bed and approaches V.

It seems as though Evey is trying to make an apology and gain V’s Trust. She interrupts V reading a book. Evey starts out very genuine and sincere, telling V he would have loved her Father – he was a Writer. “He used to say that Artists use lies to tell the Truth while politicians use them to cover it up.”

“A man after My own heart.”

She tells V her father used to write the best stories – until her brother died. She talks about how he was admitted at St. Mary’s and after his death, her parents became very politically motivated, began protesting their government.

Well, if I don’t get this published, I won’t get My trophy. So I’m sorry it’s short but at least I got another edition done. I’ll connect the dots (or what I can) with Evey and the lost brother next week.

Love and Blessings,

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