Volume CLXV: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; Canadian Politics or Poly Ticks?

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition, thank King You for joining Me. I have something of a mixed bag of ‘tricks’ for You today for this ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition because I still have a lot on My Mind, and there are also a lot of other interesting things going on in Man’s macrocosm, too. So today I’m going to be sharing My thoughts on a number of different topics, as well as a video or two to Keep You entertained.

Firstly, I sincerely hope it is as warm and beautiful where You are as it is [finally] here in Ottawa, Canada. Hit 30 degrees Celsius today for what I am thing King is the first time this year. Remember, vitamin D and sunshine are great ways to Keep safe from covid. UV rays kill viruses and bacteria, too, so get out there! (There’s Me being a hypocrite, but only because I have not been outside as much as I feel I should be and don’t Wish to see any One else make the same mistake – it’s well intentioned hypocrisy.)

My first point of interest today is this Wonder-full treat.

Getting the dealership ready for Me 😉

This was interesting for Me because for those that don’t know, I Will have a Porsche one day – that’s the trophy. Otherwise, there is absolutely nothing responsible or intelligent about this decision, it is outright treason against the Canadian People. The government of Canada has a fiduciary obligation exclusively to Canada’s People. They are not a bank, they are not there to fund private, ‘for profit’ business, much less a luxury car dealership. No offense, but as much as I love Porsche’s automobiles, I really don’t think they are struggling financially. And this is what Canada doesn’t get – this isn’t a ‘government grant’, this is a bribe. I couldn’t tell You what for, maybe Porsche made some private promises to Trudeau if he made sure they got the grant, I don’t know. But there is absolutely no reason any car dealership should have its business costs paid for by Canada’s People unless Porsche is intending to share all their annual profits with Canada’s People. That’s the only Way privatizing Hydro is legal, is if all profits go back to the People of Canada. Any private corporation ‘profiting’ from the essential needs and resources of Canada’s People without returning those profits to the People is effectively a sophisticated form of extortion. Every ‘private’ multi-billion dollar corporation is removing their profits from Canada’s overall economy, causing further income disparity than the interest rate and service charges on the money being borrowed from private, for profit corporations in the first place. Banks are just a monopoly on all the world’s natural resources, Man’s most sophisticated form of criminal extortion made legal (but not yet lawful and still treasonous to any sovereign nation’s People).

So that was kind of entertaining for Me to read, it’s an even bigger scandal than paying for Loblaws refrigeration system, a corporation that profit billions the same year and manages to do so by overcharging Canada’s People for the food they need to feed themselves. See what’s going on, People? Those resources belong to Canada, not Loblaws. Loblaws is a distribution center and should not be earning profits because the government has a duty to responsibly distribute the economic resources of a nation to it’s People, not charge them a service fee for doing so, it is what they are elected for and paid to do.

Once People begin to truly understand how a Sovereign nation truly operates, We Will wonder how We ever managed to allow things to become so corrupt. The People are the source of the wealth of any nation and the sooner the People figure that out, the faster We get this world fixed and the poly-ticks of government out of office – they are like the dinosaurs, they have overstayed their welcome and purpose.

I also Wish to share the following video with You. I’ve shared some Viva Frei and Robert Barnes stuff before, I really enjoy videos with the two of them together because they are both super interesting People and (for Me), it’s been kind of nice to watch Viva’s ‘evolution’ because I have been watching his channel on and off since his earliest days. I managed to find his first video one day and decided to like and follow and now he’s a virtual celebrity!

He’s also becoming more comfortable talking about government corruption. Initially, his first video he talked about how corrupt the legal game is and why he decided to get out and start ‘You-tubing’ as a full time profession. That takes guts and confidence, that’s for sure (and he probably had some money to invest but although it may increase the chances of success, it also increases the risk if it doesn’t pan out).

The reason I’m sharing this video in particular is because it really isn’t about law (though it is a subject always touched on). It was an introduction for Me to another interesting Character I Will be checking out more often, ‘Rageaholic’. If You are interested in checking out his channel, click the link (recommended, very interesting mix of stuff there).

I’m also sharing it because I found it entertaining and felt the time flew by because I was so interested in everything they were tall King about. All People on the call are very courteous, considerate speakers, who rarely cut each other off and always allow the speaker to finish their thoughts before interrupting. The style of the interview is so casual and conversational that I felt like I was in the room with them. Maybe I’ve just been locked up for too long. Or is it ‘locked down’? I think it’s lock down. Yeah, We’re going with ‘cooped up’ and ‘locked down’.

If You do watch the video, the other (small) detail that inspired Me to share it with You was that Ben Shapiro’s name comes up, and I just can’t help wondering what People whom I do admire (at least intellectually) think of the Man. I figure I can’t be the only One who sees through Ben Shapiro but I couldn’t help laughing out loud when I heard these men share their opinion of him.

“I read his book. It’s garbage, by the Way” – Robert Barnes (on Ben Shapiro’s book – though he doesn’t specify which one and there are now two, so I recommend staying clear of both. Plenty of garbage on the streets One can pick up for free.)

Well, still a lot more I Wished to share with You all today because My microcosm is still very quiet. Although I do not plan on Writing any more ‘formal’ Letters to any of Canada’s elected officials, if I haven’t heard Word from Canada’s Registrar General by Friday of this week, I Will be following up by issuing a notice of criminal liability to Francois-Philippe Champagne for breach of Trust, extortion and fraud.

I was hoping to touch on the foundation for those charges today, too but I Will have to leave that for the Thursday Thing King Edition where I Will be sharing some of My thoughts moving forward. What I can tell You is that this is not the same as other Letters that I have Writ because there is actually a legal obligation included with the Letter. Either the Registrar processes the application knowing he is committing fraud, or he refuses to do so and advises Ontario Works that their threats are criminal. Right now, I’m not sure he has the competence or Honour to do either, as the crimes of Canada’s government seem to escalate every day, and it appears they are all guilty of treason in One Way or another.

Love and Blessings,

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