Volume CLXV: The Super Natural Son Day Review; Adventures in Ottawa

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Sunday Review of the Good News Journal, thank King all of Your Royal Souls for joining Me in God’s Kingdom, I am Truly Honoured to have You. I also have an exciting Issue for You today that Will be a little different from the usual Son Day Edition.

I like to start with the not so Good News so I can cheer People up with the Good News later. The worst News in My microcosm today is that I missed My first Blog Post in 35 days yesterday which was a little disappointing because I was on such a Good roll! Would I take it back if I could? Not a chance!

It was only 3:30 in the afternoon or so when I left My apartment yesterday to pick up a few essential items. At the end of My drive was a lady I recognized from My days at the shelter. The shelter is all men but during the day People are ‘expelled’ from the shelters until usually around dinnertime (every facility is different but that has been the ‘norm’ in My experiences). It was kind of funny because I walk pretty quiet and she didn’t hear Me coming until I was right beside her. She was also busy trying to adjust or fix something on her bicycle, so she just kind of saw My shadow, turned without really looking, as King of Me if I could hold her bike for a moment. I cheerfully reply that I Will and wait to see if she recognizes Me.

Once she’s done tinkering with her bike, she thanks Me, I reply cheerfully, “My pleasure!” and begin to take My leave.

“Hey, wait a minute! I know You! Come back here, I know I know You!”

Well, I ‘just happened’ to be wearing My painting jeans which are very obviously painting jeans, so I turn back and see if she can put it together.

“Oh My God! It’s the Artist!!! Woah, dude, You never had that beard before!”

Now I forget I have it sometimes but it absolutely changes My appearance, so I couldn’t help but forgive for not immediately recognizing Me – not to mention it’s probably been over a year since I ran into her. I always say ‘hi’ to People I know but I haven’t seen her since I grew out ‘the beard’. Kind of a weird novelty for Me because I truly believed I would not ever be able to grow a full beard. I could not even grow a moustache for ridiculous, ‘movember’ when I was 35 (really only ridiculous for jaded dudes who can’t grow facial hair – it’s like a lady not being able to have a child or something…).

Part of Me Wishes I could tell You her name and that of the three of her Friends I would later be introduced to but I wasn’t thing King to ask. After realizing who I was, I was introduced to another friend who had been sitting on the front porch out of My line of sight, and was immediately invited to join them for the afternoon. Reflexively, I declined the offer and said I was just on My way out to pick up a couple of essential items and enjoy some sunshine.

She insisted that I should at least come for a little while and just run My errands when I’m ready to leave, I don’t have to hang out any longer than I Wish. I’m glad that she did because I immediately began to wonder why I had initially declined – My errand would literally take Me less than ten minutes and I’d be back home (in plenty of time to Write a Post for yesterday), but I would not have had half the story to share with You in My Good News Journal today.

Within about ten minutes of walking toward My Friend’s apartment, We were joined by two additional Friends I had never met. One of the reasons the whole scenario was so beneficial for Me, is that I’ve formally and consciously decided I am going to finish My Art Exhibit-Sean, though I’ve been seriously lacking the motivation to paint. I tell My readers that I believe all things are the Voice of the Universe when We learn there are no coincidences. I don’t even know if My Friend knew My name! To her, I’m ‘the Artist’.

And as critical as I am of My work, My Friend was introducing Me to all of her Friends as this ‘amazing, super talented artist’, or something similar. It’s hard to take compliments One feels they don’t deserve; the experience inspired Me to earn the praises I am already receiving.

Even more beautiful and surprising (even for Me), is that I had some of the most engaging, intelligent, and insightful conversations in well over two years. One of the individuals I was tall King to in particular is ridiculously knowledgeable with respect to the entire socio-economic legal system. Perhaps even more surprising, every single one of the individuals I was hanging out with yesterday has been diagnosed with serious enough mental health issues that they are on permanent disability. The only reason I am pointing this out, is to emphasize how not disabled they are, and how often they are underestimated for their brilliance by society. It legitimately made Me wonder how many People who are subject to abject poverty and living on the fringes of society are secretly ‘idiot savants’, ‘brilliant idiots’.

Two of the individuals were very knowledgeable about virtually everything that’s going on in the world with respect to the economy, government corruption, nonsense laws, fake news, planned pandemic, and toxic solutions… Which are only solutions for a government that Wishes to extend a pandemic for as long as possible so they can maintain an emergency Health Act that Gives government the freedom to create laws without any opposition. It is worth pointing out that these lawmaking abilities are NOT unrestrained and must Honour the Canadian Charter and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Freedoms ratified (Signed into law and legally binding) by Canada in 1976. If they do not adhere to these doctrines, they are NOT legally binding and any lawyer losing any cases violating Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms is not worth their weight in salt.

So I missed My first day Publishing a Blog Post in thirty-five days. I Will absolutely Write at least two entries today (in fact, I already have if One includes the Notice of Criminal and Civil Liability Issued to Shoppers Drug Mart earlier this morning).

The funniest (or maybe the most notable) element to My whole day yesterday, was that the longer I was away from My apartment, the better I felt – and that’s not in any Way, shape or form intended to understate how much I Love My apartment! It’s just that I have not had any real, face to face communication with People in over two years! I was starved for conversation and Good company. I’m not even sure when I touched some One last before yesterday.

Yesterday I enjoyed three hugs. One of those hugs came after a deep conversation and huge outpour of emotions that resulted in the individual promising to reach out to his family. He has continually been pushing away because he thinks they judge him, despite the fact they have told him they don’t, and that he is welcome to return home anytime. It was the most moving part of My day and despite My Spiritual nature, I’m not really a ‘hugs’ kind of guy. For Me, hugs are generally reserved for close Friends which I would roughly estimate to be between four and five People in My microcosm, none of whom live in Ottawa. At the same time, watching this Man break down and surrender his ego… It helped Me to understand why Our nameless Hero in Fight Club enjoyed the therapy group with Bob so much. I felt a Man let go of something difficult and painful, and replace it with hope and promise.

Honestly, if You had a day like that, would You trade it just to Keep Your Writing record happy? What’s that all about, anyway? It’s just another form of ego. This is probably also the best example I Will ever have as to why it can be difficult for Me to stick to commitments. I’m not going to miss out on genuine Life experiences to maintain a commitment that costs Me an opportunity to experience something new and share some authentic, genuine, and unusual content.

Really, it was a BIG ‘two thumbs up’ with respect to all the other Ideas I’ve been mulling over in My Mind. The Universe certainly Wishes to see Me complete My Art Exhibit-Sean and get some paperwork started to Present to Canada’s Courts so We can see just how corrupt or just they are. Will I have the opportunity to commend Canada’s Justice system, or Will I be reporting on Canada’s corrupt just is system?

Time Will tell, it is the revealer of all Mysteries. Very soon I’m going to be poking the pupil (student) of that big eyeball atop the pyramid of the U.S. $1.00 bill.

I don’t know about My adversaries in Law, but I can tell You the Universe is very pleased with My efforts so far and Wishes to see how far I can go. We’re going to start small with some minor suits for experience points, practice, and to level up My Character. First Will be My claim against Shoppers Drug Mart for uttering threats intended to intimidate and prevent Me from accessing an essential service and discriminating against Me for My health care needs in violation of Canada’s Charter. I am as King for $1,000,000.00 in compensation for that incident (go big or go home). I’m also going to file criminal prosecution against Merovitz Potechin LLP and the National Bank of Canada, and I’m hoping to get that suit at the very least Writ and ready to go, potentially filed before the end of June. Shoppers I Will file for criminal prosecution when they default on the 22nd of June, and I Will also file My civil claim for that Matter on the same day (if that is possible – not sure if I can have the same party in two courts simultaneously. I may have to wait for the Crown to award judgement in My favour before I am deemed eligible for compensation, though I believe the Way I am going about things allows Me to perform Magical Spells others Will not be able to Cast. I also already know how the judgement Will go, which is why I think it Will be kind of pointless to suggest I can’t execute both filings at the same time).

Finally, before I Sign off today, it is very possible that the relaunch of My Pod’s Casting of Magic Will really take off. Beginning today, I Will publish a new Podcast daily! I know, right? I go from having a hard time filling up one show a week to producing a Show daily? Well, let’s just say that My intuition is strong and as Luke Skywalker might say, “The Force is Strong in this young Jedi Knight.”

(I’m actually the Prince of Wands, but My chariot just got supercharged.)

Love and Blessings,

Post Script – I just reread this Post and I’m satisfied with it, though it is somewhat disappointing that I cannot articulate what ‘God’ is. God was with Me all day yesterday. Now, if You think that sounds strange, I don’t blame You because ‘God’ is always with Us (even if You don’t believe in God – I sincerely believe You would if it had been defined for You more accurately). It is a feeling but it isn’t subtle. It started the moment I declined the offer to hang out – I felt the Universe (God) was disappointed with My decision before it was echoed by My Friend. After My Friend encouraged Me, I didn’t resist further because of that feeling and My awareness of it. And really, I don’t ‘hear voices’ or anything like that (except My own thoughts when I’m sorting stuff out in My Mind), but the thought process that was inspired by the feeling I just spoke of propagated a line of thought something like, “what’s wrong? You have a nice apartment now, You got other things on Your Mind, You ‘too Good’ to hang with this ‘riff raff’ now?”. Yeah… God don’t beat around the bush when He’s being honest with You. He’s got some ‘tough’ Love, but He Will never, ever let You down. On that, I Give You My Word.

I’m a little scared to make the announcement, but I’m going to be may King My Way to center stage soon. I don’t know how soon, but I can feel it, so hang in there.

Okay, now I think I did this Post ‘Justice’.

Stay cool all You hotties, and know Your Value, never compromise Your integrity.

Love and Blessings,

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