Volume CLXVI: The Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition; Happy V Day!!!

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition, thank King You for joining Me. I do have an especially Motivated Edition for You this Monday because I am really excited about everything that’s going on in My microcosm and the potential it has for Man’s Macrocosm.

The first thing I Wish to share with You is the first official episode of Season 2 of My Kingdom of God Podcast. I’m really motivated about producing My new podcast platform because I have this very strong feeling that this is a big Part of God’s Plan for Me. It would be difficult to explain why I feel this Way because so many of the Signs are so subtle that only I Will recognize them as Signs. WordPress promoting Anchor for podcasts was the first really big Sign because it would greet Me every day when I sat down to Write a Blog Post and the promotion started within a month after I felt I should start a new podcast.

The other ‘big’ Sign was My decision to adventure around Ottawa with some old Friends I ran into outside My apartment Saturday afternoon. The two ‘big’ commitments I made to My Self this year were to start a new podcast as one of My main promotional tools for this Blog and the legal stuff I’m doing, and to continue working on My ‘Kingdom of Heaven Found A Sean’ Art Exhibit-Sean. My Friend kept introducing Me to everyone as the ‘amazing artist’ and telling Me that I should be painting more – no coincidences. Then one of the new Friends I was introduced to kept telling Me how ‘nice’ My Voice is. I’ve never had anyone tell Me I have a beautiful [speaking] voice. I’m a pretty Good singer so I’ve had plenty of compliments on My singing, but never on My natural ‘speaking’ voice. The trick is to know there are no coincidences and that We are the Living expression of God. Their Voice is God’s Voice made physical through My Friends.

I returned home on Saturday night full of inspiration that carried over into Sunday and the Creation of the first episode for Season 2 of My new podcast. I don’t know why I felt it would be necessary to have a co-host for the show to be any Good, but I have since abandoned that Idea because it wasn’t serving Me and was only keeping Me from starting a project I was otherwise very passionate about getting under Way. I sincerely believe it is some of the best content I have produced anywhere so far, it’s only the first episode of Season 2, and I have enough information archived to Keep the Show going, never Mind all the exciting things I have going on in My microcosm now.

Today is also two weeks since I was threatened by a manager of Shoppers Drug Mart for not wearing a mask and was more than a little disappointed to have not received a reply to My complaint before the end of Friday. I am not going to allow a manager’s threats to intimidate Me from visiting a store I frequent for essentials, so it was necessary for Me to place them on Notice of criminal liability and set some things straight. I have advised Shoppers that the manager’s actions were criminal, have caused Me undue emotional and psychological duress, and to ensure My own safety in their store (because they have failed to respond to My complaint and ensure My safety in their store in future), I have advised them that if I am harassed for not wearing a mask, the charge Will be $10,000.00. If I am asked to leave the store before I am able to acquire the essentials I require, the charge Will be $100,000.00, and I am charging them $1,000,000.00 for the harm that was done to Me on My last visit for endangering My life by breaching safety protocols of the Emergency Orders and exposing Me to a potentially lethal virus by violating the social distancing protocols and physically assaulting Me.

So that is going to be very interesting because I Will have a lot of Fun filing that law suit and I have a feeling it might be Good for marketing purposes. The corporate fine for breaching Covid safety protocols in a public situation is a maximum fine of $10,000.000.00, so I don’t even feel that as King for $1,000,000.00 is unreasonable. If what they say about covid is true, then they literally placed My life at risk and placed Me in harm’s Way.

I told My Mum about the incident in an email and shared the Notice of Criminal Liability Issued to them – I’ll tell You this, My Mum is not impressed! In fact, I’ll Give You a quote:

“I am shocked by the ignorance and unjustified behaviour of the Shoppers employee.   I appreciate that everyone is struggling with the effects of this pandemic but it is no excuse for insulting and threatening anyone – regardless of the situation.   I am so relieved you kept your cool as deep down I am sure you know that it would have reflected negatively on you even though he was at fault.   I look forward to hearing how your claim progresses.”


And I think plenty of other People Will be interested to know how that claim progresses, too. I am Giving Shoppers until the 22nd of June to respond to My claim before default Judgement Will be awarded against them, and that is One lawsuit I Will not waste any time filing into the courts for criminal prosecution the moment they do go into default. 😀

I also Wished to touch on that again because despite how much the incident ruined the mojo of My day and disturbed My peace, this is an example of making lemonade from lemons. It really was a very infuriating circumstance, but it may very well work to My advantage down the road.

Before I Sign off today, I Wish to Wish You all a wonderful Victoria Day celebration for those who observe it today. Because We like to know what these ceremonious days are commemorating, here is the ‘meaning’ of Victoria Day as defined by Google:

Victoria Day is a federal Canadian public holiday celebrated on the last Monday preceding May 25. Initially in honour of Queen Victoria’s birthday, it has since been celebrated as the official birthday of Canada’s sovereign. It is informally considered to be the beginning of the summer season in Canada.


So Her Grace, Glory and Majesty, Elizabeth II’s real name day is in April 21, but Canada celebrates the Queen’s name day today. The Idea behind the Queen having two birthdays is twofold. Initially, the Idea started when a King’s birthday fell in months of the year when it would be too cold to celebrate, so it was publicly celebrated in the summer. Allegedly, the Queen’s favourite season is summer (I don’t know and I’m not sourcing, I had a Friend who was a big fan of the Royal family and knew all kinds of tidbits of information about them, this was something he shared with Me and I Trust he is telling the Truth), so Her Majesty celebrates her name day today, and the rest of the world celebrates with her.

It might be a Good time to remind Canada’s elected officials that the Victoria Day celebration should be a reminder for them that Her Majesty is still very much Canada’s head of state, and they are failing to Honour her reputation and promise to protect the Sovereignty of Canada’s People.

Happy Name Day, Your Grace!!! I Wish You many, many, more, and the warmest of Blessings.

“Long Live the Queen. God Save the Queen!!!”

Love and Blessings,

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