Volume CLXVI: The Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition; V for Vendetta, Part X

Hello every One, welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition, thank King You for joining Me. I’m going to get right back into it. 🙂

Last week Evey discovered that V had used her identification card to access Prothero’s apartment and kill him, further implicating herself as a conspirator to V’s most recent murder. Initially horrified to learn the Truth of V and his plans to kill even more People, Evey decides to try to win V’s favour by telling him the fate of her family; a brother who died at a young age from a deadly virus at St. Mary’s hospital, and her parents who were killed for protesting the rise of Chancellor Sutler. She apologized to V for not being stronger like her parents, and says she Wishes she could to something to help him.

Moments before this scene, We saw Evey preparing for this presentation, coveting the address of Gordon, the Friend she was on her Way to meet at the beginning of the film, and We know she is attempting to win V’s Trust so she can escape the Shadow Gallery.

Meanwhile, the detectives are still war King to uncover the Truth about Prothero and his connection to Viadox pharmaceuticals. They visit one of the detention facilities and request their records. The digital records have all been ‘lost or deleted’ but they are provided with a hardcopy.

Evey wipes off a mirror in V’s Shadow Gallery to reveal the Words, “Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici.”

“By the Power of Truth, I while Living, have conquered the Universe.”


“Personal motto?”, Evey queries.

“From Faust.”

“That’s about trying to cheat the devil, isn’t it?”

“It is. And speaking of the devil, I was wondering if Your offer to help is still standing?”

“Of course.”

The detectives have learned that the detention facility had an ‘unusual amount of doctors’. They also notice that a priest was also employed by the facility, receiving a monthly paycheck of over 200,000.00 pounds! After the facility closes, the priest is promoted to bishop, and the scene cuts to show the bishop negotiating some companionship.

“The agency has sent a new girl and I’m afraid she’s a little older than usual.”

The bishop seems deeply concerned to hear this, “She’s not too old, I Trust?”

“That is for Your grace to decide.”

This relates to the pedophile and child trafficking rings that are alleged to be run by the most elite and influential of the world’s People. In recent news in Our own macrocosm related to this topic, it was presumed that Jeffrey Epstein (who didn’t kill himself) was going to expose the entire underground child trafficking racket perpetuated by the world’s most elite and powerful People. Now You know why there was so much outrage when Jeffrey didn’t kill himself, and why he didn’t kill himself.

Evey in Character for the bishop

The actor playing the bishop in this scene does a fabulous job of creeping Us out. Evey is hoping to use the opportunity to gain some favour with the authorities by warning the bishop that V is coming for him and to get out. The bishop believes it’s a game, ignoring Evey’s warning and continues to make unwelcome, aggressive advances toward Evey.

Evey has to fight off the bishop to stop his advances, just as V breaks in the door (to the bishop’s astonishment). “You weren’t lying!!”

Evey looks back and V, “I’m sorry,” and runs out the door V just broke in.

The bishop is running for a gun to take care of the situation and manages to fire off a single round before V grabs the bishop’s wrist with such force, it sounds like it breaks.

“Oh, God, have mercy!”

“Oh, no. Not today, bishop.”

We see that Evey has made her way out of the church before We cut back to the murdered bishop lying on his back with a scarlet Carson rose on his chest, just like Prothero – V’s ‘calling card’.

There are no coincidences and in this film in particular, the bishop looking to V and as King of God for mercy is intentional. It is to demonstrate that V is Acting as the Hand of God, despite his Acts of violence. This is something of a difficult concept to articulate but simplified as much as I can, every One must pay their karmic dues. V knows and comprehends that what he does to others Will also be done to him, and he ‘Trusts’ that he Will only get away with as much as God Wishes for him to fulfill his purpose. If it were not God’s Will that V should kill the bishop, then God Will interfere and V Will be apprehended. (That’s the best I can do to simplify the ‘Spiritual’ aspect of V’s violence.) V ‘Trusts’ this is what he was meant to do with the super Powers he was Gifted with by God, using his darkness for Good.

The fingermen show up and the detective addresses one of the men as Mr. Creedy. We sense that Creedy is a very high ranking member of government, as the detective inquires as to why he would be on the scene of this murder. Creedy tells the detective that several high profile members have been assassinated recently and this Matter requires more than the detectives ordinary attention. The detective tells Creedy that it’s very hard to get to the bottom of anything because Creedy is detaining all of his witnesses, and most of the other information is sealed.

Creedy tells the inspector that the efficiency of the terrorist has led some to believe that he has an informant war King for him on the inside, and We understand it to be a veiled threat.

“Are You suggesting I’m under investigation?”

Creedy advised the detective that he should put all of his time and energy into apprehending the terrorist immediately and forget about anything that may have happened in the past.

“You mean like Lark Hill?” (the detention facility).

“Major Winslow is a Good Friend of the High Chancellor. His loyalty is not in question.”

“But mine is?”

“Your mother was Irish, wasn’t she? Terrible what America did to Ireland, wasn’t it?

“I’ve been a party member for over 27 years.”

“If I were You inspector, I would find the terrorist. And I would find him soon.”

The next scene cuts to Evey arriving at Gordon’s house, safe and sound, and that’s a perfect place to pause.

Thank You all so much for joining Me, I hope You enjoyed this Tell a Vision Edition, more to come next week.

Love and Blessings,

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