Volume CLXVI: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; The Sound of Silence

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlock’s ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition, thank King You for joining Me. The ‘Lucky’ of My Wednesday today is that I have nothing new to share as I have still not received any mail, and We only have three business days left in the month of May.

Why is this ‘Lucky’? Well, Housing Services had sent Me a package that arrived on April 27th of last month addressed to ‘VONDEHN, Sean’. The package was returned to sender because ‘VONDEHN, Sean’ is defined as a legal entity with no rights to citizenship or family in Canadian law. After returning the package to sender, I followed up by emailing Housing Services to explain why the package had been returned.

I didn’t really anticipate it would be much of an issue. I figured they might roll their eyes thing King I am making mountains out of mole hills, but I did not anticipate there would be any protest to addressing Me by My proper name. Much to My surprise, they not only protested, but insisted that ‘VONDEHN, Sean’ is My legal name, even after I had shown them how that legal entity is defined by Canadian law!

As infuriating as something like this can be, I have learned that it is easier to just agree to comply ‘under duress’, without prejudice, and advise My adversaries of the consequences for defaming My Character and attempting to coerce Me into accepting a legal status that deprives Me of My inherent rights. I advised Sana Abou-Arraj that if they insist on addressing Me as ‘VONDEHN, Sean’, I Will presume their intent is to Willfully insult My Character in an attempt to diminish My legal status, and Will be charging Housing Services $10,000.00 per offence.

It was after I sent that email that Christine, Sana’s supervisor, told Me that if I do not accept the package as it addressed, My housing subsidy Will be revoked. This blew Me away because it demonstrates what is known as ‘Mens Rae’, or ‘guilty Mind’ because I’ve expressed what that title represents in Canadian law, how insulting I find it, and am now being threatened with economic duress for failing to ‘accept’ this degradation of legal status and insult to My Character. Once again, I advised Christine that is fine, I Will accept under duress and without prejudice, though it Will cost her $10,000.00 for the offence to My Character. I have not received the renewal package yet.

This is interesting for a couple of reasons. The first is that I reviewed all the documents I have Signed with Housing Services, and not once is My name expressed in all capital letters on any of My contracts with them. Although I initially preferred to presume it is just some kind of computer error that automatically prints the name as it was presented on the package, the same package sent to Me last year was addressed to ‘Sean von Dehn’, hand Writ. If they were able to do it last year, they are able to do it this year.

The fact they have not returned the package to Me, leads Me to believe this was literally a willful attempt to entrap Me, to ‘trick’ Me into accepting a degradation of legal status. Telling them I Will accept the package under duress and ‘without prejudice’ means that I Will do so without waiving any of My inherent rights. Translation – doesn’t matter how they address Me, it Will not reduce My legal status and they Will be liable to Me for financial compensation for their attempt to deceive Me, diminish My legal standing and insult to My Character.

I advised them in the email that the renewal form is redundant because I have already informed them there has been no change to My income or housing ‘composition’ in the email which is legal and lawful service of delivery during covid.

Because I haven’t received the package yet, I’m not sure what is going on but so far, no news is Good news because it suggests that maybe they have reconsidered their position. These service representatives of government don’t like to admit when they are wrong. My belief, is that they have not returned the package because they know it Will cost them $10,000.00 and a lawsuit if they address the package the same Way, and they don’t Wish to send the package to Me addressed properly because that would assert that I am correct and they had no right to do so in the first place. They don’t Wish to place that feather in My cap, so to speak.

So that’s part of the reason this Wednesday feels ‘Lucky’. The other reason this Wednesday feels lucky is because I finally received a reply to My Shoppers complaint and they are as King of Me to contact their legal department. Once again, that’s not My duty and responsibility. They’ve been placed on Notice of Criminal and Civil liability and the onus is now on them to provide a legal and lawful excuse for their actions which they have thus far failed to provide. They also failed to provide a fax or email contact for their legal department, as if they are expecting Me to print off all of this paperwork and send it registered mail to their legal department? No, that is not happening.

I responded only to remind them they have already been placed on Notice, they have been informed of how much it Will cost them if I am harassed by their manager on future visits to their store, I have still not been provided with the manager’s name, and the complaint and Notice of Civil and Criminal Liability was also sent to the store responsible for the crimes against Me with proof of service by Way of email. If they fail to forward this complaint to their legal department, that is further negligence on their part.

Alright, so that’s the legal stuff in My microcosm for now. Canada’s Registrar General and Ontario Works also remain silent. I’m going to wait until the end of the month to follow up with Francois-Philippe Champagne, at which time I Will place him on Notice for his criminal negligence in the abdication of his civil duties and responsibilities to Canada’s People.

Before I Sign off, I Wish to leave You with one of the best informational videos I have come across in a long time. The individual is tall King about the Unites States of America and how the citizenship contract works in the U.S., but the principles are the same everywhere and this individual does an exceptional job of summarizing all of it in a one hour video (which is pretty impressive).

I hope You are all having a Wonderful Wednesday, and that Wednesday’s are becoming Lucky for You, too! Remember, We make Our Luck!

Love and Blessings,

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