Volume CLXVI: Thursday’s Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; V is for Victory!

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, thank King You for joining Me. I Truly have a Thoroughly Thrilling Edition for You this Thursday as I have just recently won a small legal Matter I have not even mentioned here yet! I have also been invited to become part of a new, international online community of educators on a platform that Will be free from censorship or government oversight of any kind! I have also received another reply from Shoppers Drug Mart’s customer service in response to My Notice of Criminal and Civil Liability, and last but not least, I have still received no further Word from Ontario Works or Housing Services, and I Will be tall King about why that is beginning to feel more and more like a Victory as time moves on. Thank King You so much for being here, I think I have an excellent read for You today.

First, let Me tell You My little untold Story. At the beginning of the month, I ordered an art product as Part of My commitment to continue war King on My Art Exhibit-Sean. I ordered the product online and after completing the purchase, received a message specifically indicating not to come to the store to pick up My product until I have received email confirmation it is ready for pickup.

I was doing My usual monthly groceries and other essential shopping and I had an early start on the day. It takes Me a few trips to get all My groceries and other essentials so I was checking My emails periodically to see if My product was ready for pickup. Just before 9:00 AM, I received confirmation that My purchase was ready for pickup and made My Way to the store on My next trip out.

When I arrived at the store, the door was locked, though I could see two staff members war King inside, so I knocked on the glass door. I was completely ignored, so I knocked again, this time considerably louder. This time the staff looked over at Me and without giving any kind of acknowledgment, looked away and continued war King on whatever they were doing. It was SO rude. I knocked again, knowing it was loud enough for them to hear, this time they continued war King, ignoring My knocks at the door completely. I knocked one last time, this time the staff disappeared into the back, I thought maybe they were going to come and open the door. I waited five more minutes before leaving, furious that I had wasted My time and that I did not have the product I was hoping to have to ‘inspire’ Me to get back to My artwork.

I contacted customer service and filed a complaint, told them I was furious and that I Wish to have My money refunded to Me immediately. About a week later, I received a reply from the owner of the business who tells Me that he reviewed the email confirming My order was ready for pickup, but tells Me I arrived at his store two hours before they open and that the overnight staff are not allowed to answer the door for security reasons. If I had picked up My purchase during regular business hours, this would not have happened, and they Will hold My purchase if I would like to come back during regular business hours.

This infuriated Me because I was pretty sure the email said My purchase was ready for pickup. I reviewed the email again to see if there was any mention of their business hours, or if I had misinterpreted the email. I hadn’t. The email was very clear, “Your order is now ready for pickup”, no store hours listed in the email, and it seemed reasonable to Me that the business would be open at 9:00 (that’s regular business hours for most).

It really bothered Me that the owner was taking no accountability and trying to blame Me for their error. I told him that I have no Way of knowing their business hours if they do not state them in the email, and the email specifically states that the order is ready NOW (at 8:53 AM). I told him I felt his response was very unprofessional and that it is evident why his staff have such poor customer service skills. I told him I Wish to have My money refunded, and I feel that I am entitled to the product in Honour for damages for wasting My time.

I received an email stating that My money had been refunded to Me. I responded to ask how the manager intends to compensate Me for My time. No reply was received for roughly two weeks. I finally followed up with another email and told the owner that My time is valuable to Me and his error cost Me time. If he does not respond to Me to tell Me how he plans to compensate Me for My time, I Will presume he does not value My time, and I Will determine how much My time and frustration is worth to Me, and file an official claim for damages against his business. I also told him that I had suggested offering Me the product in Honour for damages, and felt that was very fair (it was a $10 product). If he does not feel My time and energy is worth $10, I Will be even more insulted, and take that into consideration when I file My claim for damages. This afternoon I finally received a reply that was appropriate, stating that the owner agrees My offer is reasonable, and I can pick up My product anytime. 😀

Really, I wasn’t going to share the whole thread because as much as I would have had a legitimate claim against this business, I had no intention on following through for $10.00. I was just furious that any business would even consider damaging their reputation for such a trivial amount. Anyway, time is money and if someone wastes Your time, You are entitled to compensation. I Will be picking up My product tomorrow and I’m not going to mention the business name, which is the greatest Gift I can Give the owner to show My appreciation for acknowledging his error.

The other notable event of the day was a follow up on the Notice of Criminal and Civil Liability Issued to Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation. Customer service contacted Me and asked Me to forward My complaint to their legal department, giving a physical address in Toronto with no fax number or email. Really? They expect ME to contact their legal department? No. They’ve already been placed on Notice, it is their duty and responsibility to forward this to their legal department for an appropriate response. My presumption is that this was some kind of tactic to buy themselves time. I responded to tell them that if they Wish to provide a legal and lawful excuse for their actions, they need to forward this complaint to their legal department, not Me.

I’m also quickly going to touch on the fact that I have not heard any more Word from Housing Services or Ontario Works, and I’m not entirely sure what to make of that, though I sincerely believe ‘cc’ing My response to their threats to the Registrar General and city mayor has made a difference, as they Will be implicated as conspirators. I also happened to notice that the last email sent to Me by Christine Amaro was addressed, ‘Dear Sir’, which is the proper Way to address a Man operating in full capacity of the law in a Common Law jurisdiction.

I’m going to be tall King about that more as time moves on, but I’m beginning to feel as though the ‘little details’ People may think are extreme and unnecessary, are actually saving My ass. I have more reason than ever to think that sending the package addressed to ‘VONDEHN, Sean’ was in fact intentional, and that they are trying to get around the King thing but ‘tricking’ Me into accepting a lesser legal status. More on that in future Posts, but I am feeling very grateful that I have been as meticulous and cautious as I have been, and stress that it is necessary.

And finally, I have been invited to join a very special private group for educators that sounds a lot like the social media network Dave Rubin, Viva Frei and Robert Barnes are all members of called ‘Locals.com‘. I’ll have more details related to that shortly, as I have a Zoom meeting with one of the website creators this coming Tuesday to get Me all set up on the new platform. So that is VERY exciting for Me, and I look forward to sharing more details about that as they develop.

I’m also very pleased with My new podcast relaunch and encourage anyone who is interested in becoming the Hero of their own Story to check it out, as I am providing step by step instructions on how to Create a lawful identity, and how to assert that new legal position in the real world.

Thanks SO much for being here! Without You, all of this would be pointless.

Love and Blessings,

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